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Chapter 20

We hung up the phone and I was teary but I didn’t say anything to Marco or any of the others. A few hours later Marianna and I disappeared upstairs to have a talk and to get me ready to go. It was our first time alone since the day we were attacked as everyone was being so much more careful than we had been in Germany. We hadn’t left the house ourselves in weeks. I was getting really good at Poker, although everyone really cheated. Don’t get me started on playing monopoly with them. As the safe house almost got burnt down. Only the new guards that we had got recently had left, then that was only for necessary tasks. We changed safe house regularly. “Are you okay?” Marianna asked me. “I am okay are you?” I asked her, I wasn’t sure on them leaving me. Now it had sunk in that they were I was frightened. “Well I never want to go back to a human prison that’s for sure” Marianna said with a half-smile. “Was it horrible?” I asked worried. “It wasn’t the fact I was in prison. It was the humans and the smell of blood all around me whilst I was starving hungry” Marianna said looking thoughtful. She started cutting my hair, what felt like yards but I knew was only a few inches. My hair would be completely different length and colour to what it had been before. I hadn’t had it cut in almost 2 years and she was cutting it just below my shoulders. When she was happy she asked me “do you want a fringe.” I thought about it for a few minutes thought about styles and shapes and everything that would suit my new hair colour and eye colour to be. “No that’s fine, just as long as I can still get it in my mouth” I said with a weak smile. “I’m tempted to give you a bob now you have said that.” she told me with a smile. “I would have to get a wig to chew then.” I teased her weakly. “I am going to miss you” Marianna said giving me a hug as she rubbed the dye on my head. “I thought you were coming?” I said questionably suddenly not so sure about this plan. The more it got explained to me the scared I was getting. I wanted to be a normal kid. I wanted to spend time with kids my own age. I needed to do this or I would always be afraid. “It’s not safe now people know the 3 of us wouldn’t leave you so were taking the other girl with us and you’re going with her guards.” Marianna told me sadly. The other girl was a guard herself who had arrived the other day her hair covered in a black wig they were going to make it look like she was me and I was her in the switch in case anyone was watching. “Will it be safe for her?” I asked extremely worried, pretending to be me was ridiculously dangerous when everyone wanted me dead. “Georgina is a guard. She’s dedicated her life to protect you she will risk the danger” Marianna said. “Like you?” I asked a weak smile on my face. “Yes Ally like me” she said dyeing my eyebrows. “Do you ever regret it?” I asked not sure how I thought about all these people willing to put their own life’s at risk just for me. “Never” she replied looking me dead in the eye “I will never regret any of this Ally, maybe the fact that even though we found you, we couldn’t keep you safe” she said looking extremely sad. “You found me you all found me” I said trying to put my thoughts to words.

As Marianna washed the dye out my hair and it run black down the drain. I started thinking this entire time people had been trying to find me. They had found Ally the scared teenager who was running. Then they had helped me find the princess inside of me, who was still extremely not ready. But now it was time for me to actually have to start finding myself. Whoever this
new girl I was going to be was. Whoever I wanted to be. Good bye Ally. Good bye for a while Princess Alysa Amaris. When I looked in the mirror, at my new shoulder length straight black hair. With my new brown eyes staring back at me in my new clothes. I looked nothing like the old me, hello Samira River Bae I said to my reflection.

As Marco, Marianna, Joe, Georgina and 4 more guards left I hugged them all goodbye. I held Marco tighter than I should off. I didn’t want him to actually leave me. He took me in with an encouraging smile. “Stay safe, only a few weeks before you start school.” he said encouragingly. He looked at Duncan, no Sean now. Duncan was dead. At least that’s what everyone had been told. He was apparently always going to be one of my guards, I was glad he was finally willing to talk to me. “Keep her safe. Keep her happy. Let her be a normal kid.” Marco told him. He nodded extremely politely. He was extremely polite. I was trying to break that to. He spoke a lot of French swear words. Hey he was fun. He just needed to lighten up the protective thing. We were getting to know each other. We were going to be playing twins for the next 2 years. So best
actually get on and starting talking to each other like normal people. These past few weeks with the others in the house, they had been slowly started me learning a few things. To be able to protect myself, I was going to be doing Guard lessons. Not that they were all positive on this. But I needed to be able to protect myself better. I was and always would be a target. I was the last heir to the throne. Unless my parents had another kid. Hey they can have another kid. Be my guest. I looked at my group of 6 guards worried as Marco and the others left. I looked at the guards who would be with me for the next 2 years. Duncan/Sean, Dyna, Cyrus, Matt, and I couldn’t remember the other 2’s name I would have to get them again. I don’t think they have actually talked to me yet. We were going to move to a new safe house for a few weeks. I was starting school on a brand new school year. I was starting my junior year. Which was actually funny, as it was both mine and Duncan/Sean’s 2nd time doing it. Although I did mine before I was old enough and he was now being forced to act younger again. The poor 19 year old had to pretend to be 17 years old again. I was ready for high school. I think. Maybe. I don’t know. Yeah. No. I sat and strummed on my new guitar. Looked at all my stuff ready to start school and tried not to panic. 2 years. I would get 2 years. I can do this. Everything was sorted apparently for me to start school. The contact with Marco was all sorted. I wasn’t loosing contact. I was going to be safe. Were they? I opened a note pad and started writing a song about my feelings. I decided to write in ancient Greek. As apparently it was the language as future queen, I needed to write in the most. I had a lot to learn to be a princess. I had a lot to learn to be a Queen. I had a lot to learn full stop. Time to learn. It is a good job I love to learn new things.

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