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Chapter 3 - Andrew POV

My brother answered his phone “hello” he said sounding pissed off. “Hey Marco how’s it going?” I asked trying not to laugh, she really could wind him up it was impressive. She was bored and lonely he had said so the other day, I rung every few days to check up on everything. Mostly because I hadn’t heard from her myself and I knew she’d just tell me she was fine even if she was not. Even if she was hurt and couldn't deal she would lie and say she was fine. “Everything’s fine” my brother replied. “How’s Ally?” I asked interested, I needed to know. “Well today she told all her guards that smiling wouldn’t kill her, that bowing was not needed and they should just carry on standing like statues.” My brother said, trying not to sound frustrated. That really did make me laugh. “Are they still not talking to her I thought you told them to, you get that she's lonely right?” I asked. “I have told them loads of times but there training has always been on staying quiet and watching” Marco said sounding exhausted. It was hard for both of them I knew though Marco could get all the guards to talk to him, those that hadn’t been with him on his search for Ally still didn’t even know how to treat him let alone Ally. Although I have to admit to them he must be confusing. a prince that had decided to dedicate his whole life in keeping her safe. Safe but not happy. Unfortunately Ally was not used to people not talking, as she had never been raised a princess and to her it just felt like they wouldn’t talk to her. to her she was in a castle surrounded by silence. I would love to visit to show her she's not alone. but I knew at the moment it was more important for Ally to get to know her parents. Parents who had been denied the chance for 15 years of her 16 years of her life. As my brother said his byes I hung up walked into the living room and looked at Kayla who was sat on our sofa in the house we shared just off the beach in California. It was originally going to be the house for Ally and myself but that had all changed so now I and Kayla had our own 5 bedroom home which we only used 1 bedroom of. Kayla was watching a cooking channel which made me laugh our kitchen was just for decoration, it didn’t even have a cooker in yet. “Showing you how to not burn a pan?” I asked kissing her she laughed. “I thought we needed to at least try cooking at least once” she replied but by her expression I knew it was a joke. “How’s Ally?” she asked smiling knowing already that I would have talked to Marco about her. We all missed her, Luke had to go back to school but he would ring weekly for an update. Well he used to now not so much. I was not sure if their relationship was going to last. I knew deep down that was a good thing, as Luke was kind of a playboy and I knew my brothers point a few months ago asking me if I would be happy with Luke as my king was a big negative. Luke's parents were now more fans of the 2 of them dating, so of course Luke no longer was. After months without talking to her he thought she didn’t want to talk to him so was sulking and god knows what he was doing at school. “She’s fine just bored” I replied to Kayla sitting down next to her on the sofa kicking her legs off, but then grabbing her ankles and started massaging them. “They got her a tv yet?” Kayla asked interested. “no there’s no signal there at all remember.” I pointed out. “Yeah I know but DVDs would work” Kayla said shrugging like it wasn't an issue. I hadn’t thought of that and I don’t think anyone there had either. TV was just not a thing they were used to. “We should go buy her some DVDs she will like and send them.” I said thoughtful, thinking about the ones that I'm sure she would be allowed to watch. “a visit would be better, so she doesn't feel so abandoned” Kayla pointed out. “But she needs to get to know her parents” I said, it was a conversation we had talked about a lot. “Well maybe they need help to” Kayla said. I knew what she meant one of my other talks from Marco had said about how the King and Queen where treating her like a china doll and unfortunately were always busy. “we could go we haven’t been court in agers and we could stay at one of my parents’ houses and just pop in for tea." Kayla pointed out. "What do you think would be best ringing up and asking or just popping in unannounced?" I asked. "I doubt we would get an audience if we didn't ask, but I'm sure Marco would be up for us seeing her." Kayla said with a smile trying to encourage me.

Kayla and I went to the mall a few days later and brought a lot of DVDs for Ally anything we thought she would like we brought. We also brought her a portable DVD player. We also brought her a lot of junk food as Marco had said about how little Ally was eating. Shopping always took hours with Kayla as she couldn’t just buy what she needed she had to browse. It had taken me a while to get used to it but I was used to it mostly now. When she handed me some jeans and t-shirts I said “they won’t let her wear this stuff in the palace.” it was exactly what Ally would have brought herself though. “I know that. That’s why she will love it” Kayla replied with a smile. she had a point I knew she did. Ally had everything she ever knew and wanted taken from her. everything she was taken away. She was now being told how to act, what to wear, what she had to do. I needed to know she was okay. When we left the mall we had so many bags I wasn’t even sure how we would get all this stuff on an aeroplane without it being too heavy to take off.

I decided to ring my brother just to make sure are visit was fine before I booked the flight. I waited until I knew he would have woken up it was almost a week since we had last spoke, I hoped Ally was okay. “Hello Andrew I was about to ring you” my brother said sounding tired which either meant he had just got up or hadn’t been down yet. I tried to work out the time difference in my head. “Well thought I would let you know we are coming so we don’t completely surprise you” I replied wondering why Marco would be ringing me instead of me him. it was always me ringing him. My brother went silent for a few minutes I wondered if he was going to say we couldn’t come and then he said “planes already on the way for you.” “Oh” I said interested waiting to see the reason for it but my brother just seemed too tired to go into details. “It will be with you tomorrow, make sure you are ready, the details will be emailed to you” “a private plane for little old me” I said with a joke “please do not joke about currently Andrew I am not in the mood.” Marco replied then he hung up. What’s happened? I thought extremely worried.

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