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Chapter 5 - Andrew POV

My brother was right about the aeroplane getting there for us quickly. I think the pilot broke the sound barrier. When we arrived at the airport we went up to the desk and said how a private plane was due to come for us they looked at us with a lot of respect. The airport was luckily used to private planes and had its own runway for them, they knew we were either rock stars or royalty or actors with are looks I think they thought actors. Rich beyond compare whatever we were Kayla, had a lot of suitcases 2 were just full of stuff for Ally and so they helped us to the private plane. We were met by 4 guards they checked through our bags just to make sure we were not sneaking any weapons in. they knew who we were and were very apologetic about it. It was just needed to protect Ally. Kayla and I were soon of on our way to the court then onto the palace. Again the pilot broke the sound barrier we looked at one of the guards “uh what did she do?” I asked not sure why they were rushing to get us there. He stayed quiet I understood Ally's annoyance of the fact they wouldn’t reply.

When we arrived we were taken straight up to the palace. When we got in we got shown to my brother’s office. “Hey Marco” I said walking in behind the guards. My brother was bent over loads of letters looking tired. well that was an understatement Marco looked exhausted. “Hello Andrew hello Princess Kayla.” Marco said with a smile. he looked at the 4 runners that followed us in the room with Kayla's bags. Marco looked at Kayla’s bags with slight interest “moving in?” he asked her interested. I saw the ghost of a smile on my brothers lips. he had used to be fun before Elizabeth died and sometimes I saw my brother in this serious man. other times I wondered when we became strangers. “Of course not there all for Ally” Kayla said with a smile. "mine are still in the car." Kayla informed him. Marco did have a smile on his lips for that. “Did you bring her everything in the shop?” Marco slightly teased Kayla. “Well” Kayla said with a smile. “Only most of the shop” I said smiling at Kayla, she had gone a bit over the top. but she amazed me she really did care about Ally. the more time I spent with Kayla, the more I started to love her. I loved her, I realised. “Where is Ally?” Kayla asked interested. we hadn't seen Ally since Christmas it was now the beginning of May. “Still in her lessons of the day” he replied smiling. “Okay can someone take these bags to her room please” Kayla asked indicating the bags. Marco spoke to the runners and they disappeared with the bags. “Still bossy?” I asked Marco with a smile. Ally had called Marco bossy more than I could count in the first few days of knowing him. “Sometimes I wonder Andrew if you get your humour from her or she gets it from you.” Marco said with a smile. he seemed as if a huge weight had been taken of his shoulders. “Oh we just both like annoying you” I teased my brother. “What time do Ally’s lessons finish?" Kayla asked not paying much attention to us. “About 20 minutes she will goes to one of the study’s after” Marco said as if this was an everyday event and I
realised it was. He knew exactly where she would be at every minute of the day. “I’ll go there leave you two to chat” Kayla said with a smile. she was looking forward to seeing Ally. “okay” I told her with a smile. Marco arranged for someone to take her he couldn’t have us walking around the castle ourselves for one thing we would get lost, for another they needed to know where we were to keep Ally and us safe. the palace was huge. they needed to know where everyone was at every moment. “Bye Kayla see you in a minute” I said kissing Kayla goodbye when the runner arrived to take her. Once she was gone Marco looked at me “I still don’t know how you two are so unformal and how you managed to start living together before marriage.” Marco said shaking his head “just lucky I guess” I said with a smile. Not actually sure how we had managed that ourselves. but we weren't kicking a gift horse in the mouth. “Well I’m here now. Fast. Why am I here? I thought you said she needed some time alone with her parents.” I asked my brother, sitting in a chair opposite his desk. he looked at me like he didn't know what to do. he replied “I am not I’m” I gave him a joking glare. “no wonder Ally’s going nuts” I said. He went to tell me off but sighed. He explained what happened the other night at dinner, then her climbing out the windows. he explained how lonely he was starting to think Ally was. He explained all the threats currently and how Ally had mentioned she needed friends. Her parents had decided it was safer to have me and Kayla come. We were considered respectable friends for Ally and they didn’t think it was safe for Ally to make new friends currently. In one way I was happy her parents consider us good friends of Ally’s. In another I was shocked they considered us respectable, when our own parents were really annoyed at us living together. Though they were happy we were in a relationship. We could never win and we both knew it. It was strange Ally’s parents weren’t willing to let her make new friends. Surely they should be encouraging her to learn more about her own people. my brother explained somethings but keeping some private. I had a feeling he was trying to work out how much to tell me. All I cared about was Ally's happiness and safety currently. After a while of my brother talking, we went to where Ally was, so I could see her. “DREW” Ally shouted as soon as I went into the room. I took in the room. it was all so stiff. even Ally looked like she wasn't at home. she was polished and not her normal self. She run up and hugged me. She was in a beautiful dress though her hair was up in a normal Ally style plait. she looked like she was trying to be her but couldn't be. I hugged her back realising that she had lost weight even though she was already tiny. this couldn't be good for her. Good thing Kayla had brought all that junk she needed to gain weight. I looked at Kayla who was sat on the sofa. she smiled at me looking at Ally and I saw the worry. After Ally let me go she went over and in a very un-princess like move she throw herself back on the sofa next to Kayla. “How are you both?” she asked giving Kayla a hug. “Good” we both said. “Did you get a dog?” Ally asked hopeful. We had all planned to get a dog once the house was ready but now it didn’t seem right. “The house isn’t ready yet” Kayla said smiling. That was true to be honest the house still looked like a bomb site, the more we did the more we found that needed to be done. Marco watched our conversations possibly wondering what a dog had to do with anything. “Oh I got you loads of presents” Kayla said suddenly. Ally smiled “really? You shouldn’t of you 2 are the best present ever.” Well I got you loads of stuff” Kayla informed her with a smile. I smiled and told Ally “she brought you most the shop.” Kayla and Ally both laughed. Ally had done more shopping trips with Kayla in the short time they knew each other. than I think Ally had done in her whole life prior to Kayla. I felt the same way. I had been shopping with Kayla more than I had my whole life! My brother smiled watching Ally laugh, I realised it was possibly the most he had seen her smile. because I could see how depressed Ally had been. I could see it in her features. in her body language. I could feel it. After we had settled into talking, Marco sent someone to get the cases from Kayla and Ally sat on the floor to open it. Ally needed us here, she needed someone.

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