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Chapter 6

“Wow you did buy the whole shop” I said to Kayla as I opened the suitcase it was full to the brim of DVDs and a few clothes. “Jeans!” I practically shouted in glee, as I pulled them out. Kayla and Drew both laughed. Marco had left and Marianna and the other guards had stood further back in the room, all watching us and the doors. “Open the other case” Kayla said with a huge smile, Kayla loved shopping. “Omg food real FOOD!” I shouted in glee the sight of the food filling me with more happiness than I ever thought it would have for food. it was like up until that point I had been starved. Even if I got 3 healthy meals a day. They both burst out laughing as I quickly opened a bag of Cheetos like I had never seen food before and offered them some. “No thanks” Kayla said looking at the bright orange snack, as if to say how do you eat that stuff. I smiled as I threw more in my mouth I then offered them around to all my guard’s. None moved, even Marianna which was a surprise in itself. She never would say no to food normally. “There’s something else” said Drew. “What?” I asked looking at him how could there be more than what they had already given me. He handed me a small box. A phone! Freedom? was this even allowed? “Thankyou” I said hugging him, getting Cheetos stains on his light blue shirt but he didn’t seem to care. he never did about his clothes. “It has already got mine and Kayla’s numbers programmed in.” Drew said with a smile. “What about Luke’s?” I asked. They both went a bit unconfutable when I asked so I just said “oh.” I kind of knew already. “You can call him I’ll give you his number” Kayla said handing me her phone, as if for me to take the number from that. “Does he want me to ring him? I did lie to him” i said worried, our whole relationship had been based on a lie. the lie that I was Ally, Drews half sister from France. “It’s not lying when you didn’t know yourself” Drew pointed out. “Except for the being Drew’s sister you both didn’t actually lie. you just both let us believe things that weren't true.” Kayla informed me. but she gave Drew a look when she said it. Had they got over it? “It’s just it’s been months” Drew said worried. “We haven’t heard from him in a few weeks” Kayla admitted. I realised they were both trying to spare my feelings. “So it’s over between us?” I asked worried, did I really want to ring him to be hurt? “We are not saying that” Kayla said quickly “we are just saying we don’t know how he feels” Drew told me as if he was worried about me. why was everyone talking to me like I was a toddler lately? trying to pacify me at the same time the answer was no. I looked at them both trying to work out what to do. I felt unsure and I wasn't so sure I could emotionally cope with a guy I really had liked dumbing me. But there was the thing. I liked Luke. I didn't love Luke. maybe one day I would be loved and have love. I wouldn't want a relationship like my parents here, that's for sure. Marianna broke her silence “for goodness sake if you don’t ring him I will” she told me from where she was leaning against the wall. I started laughing at this because I had a feeling she would. “okay I will do it.” I said taking a deep breath. the dinner bell rung “after dinner” I said literally being saved by the bell. Drew and Kayla smiled at me and we all walked to dinner. Guards leading the way and keeping me boxed in.

“Hello your majesty’s” said Kayla and Drew bowing and curtsying to my parents, the moment we were escorted into the dinning room. Once all the pleasantries were over, they went to their seats and I went to mine. the queen told us all to sit. no one sitting until she gave her permission. I still sat opposite Marco. my parents miles apart. When dinner was served and there wasn’t anything I would eat on it, I didn’t mind as much as I knew I had the junk in my room. I knew I had food that I liked. If only they had managed to bring me a pizza and they really would of been my life savers. Kayla watched me pick at my food and I noticed she was actually picking at hers placing it in a very strange way. i watched her interested. no wonder she was so skinny as well, she didn't seem to eat hardly any. but the food had been moved around to look like she had. This was a skill I needed! Dinner went fast no problems and I think my parents were happy to see me smile. they seemed more relaxed with the buffer of people. or maybe they didn't want to be seen pressuring me.

After dinner we went to the lobby again, saying goodbye to my parents. I pulled out the portable DVD player that they had brought me and shoved a DVD in that I had never seen. Kayla and Drew sat hugging each other on the sofa. I sat on the floor in front of them. I wished we could go back to the little family we were before. Yes I loved my parents but they didn’t know me or understand me, and well I didn’t understand them either. They had searched for me all this time and now they couldn’t find more than an hour a night to spend time with me and didn’t want to talk to me about anything but my lessons. I still had loads of questions. I didn't understand. tears run down my face silently as I tried to make sense of my new life. “Ally?” Drew said pushing me with his foot I realised he had said something and I hadn’t heard. “Yes?” I asked looking around at him and putting a smile on my face, if I keep smiling maybe eventually it will be a real smile. maybe one day I would be okay. “Popcorn?” Drew asked me holding the bowl out. “No thank you” I said “what are you thinking about? The films not that sad” Kayla asked worried. okay so my tears hadn't gone unnoticed. I knew she was right and I gave her a smile. “I’m not sure” I said. because I wasn't. I should be happy. I was home and safe. but it made no sense. I pulled out the phone they had given me and dialled Luke. He answered on the 5th ring. Well someone answered. “Hola teléfono del príncipe Luke’s. Él no puede venir al teléfono en el momento en que está en una lección.” Hi Prince Luke’s phone. He can’t come to phone at the moment he’s in a lesson. Said a girl’s voice she sounded roughly my age, well possibly closer to Luke’s age. she was speaking in Spanish. I looked at Kayla and Drew wondering if they could hear what I could. They had gone deafly silent. I decided to speak in Spanish and said to the girl “Hola sabes cuándo estará de regreso?” Hi do you know when he will be back? I asked her. “Pronto” she said. Then she asked me who was calling I didn’t know how to reply for a few heart beats and then I said. “Esta es su hermana quién es usted?” This is his sister who are you? “Soy su novia” she said which means
I am his girlfriend. I knew deep down she was telling me the truth. Luke never hid the fact he was a playboy from me. I just never thought it would hurt as much as it did. but I couldn't blame him, he hadn't heard from me in months. I hung up not knowing what to say or do for the best. “You okay whose sister are you now?” asked Kayla looking at me confused and worried. “Luke’s” I said wiping my eyes realising tears where dripping down my face “why are you Luke’s sister?” Kayla asked looking even more confused though she pulled me in a hug, falling onto the floor next to me. “Because I just talked to his girlfriend” I said. I couldn’t bring myself to actually cry. for one thing I had an audience. “I am going to kill him” Drew said looking at me worried. Kayla looked at both of us “what’s the plan sneak into the boarding school and punch him?” she asked interested. I laughed “that’s your brother” I reminded her “it’s okay I do not blame him” I said and I meant that. "its been months." I said weakly. They both looked at me worried “I mean it I really don’t.” I said. they still looked at me like they didn't believe me. "I really do understand its been months." I said again. “I will talk to him” said Kayla looking at me worriedly. “Don’t worry about it” I said and then to lighten the mood I throw a bit of popcorn at them both. they both kept looking at me worried, I payed more attention to the film blocking them both out. Faking it until I could do it again. the story of my life. But then I had never had butterflys with Luke. I had never truelly loved him. if this guy loved him and he loved her. I wasn't ever going to get in the way of that. I just wanted him happy. I just wanted everyone happy. I just wanted to be happy.

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