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Chapter 7 - Marco POV

Well I thought to myself that was a much better dinner. I had watched Ally most of dinner her smile was real and not the fake one she had been using since her arrival here. Her parents seemed calmer as well, as if the extra people made it easier for them all. 'Give them a while' Elizabeth’s voice said in my head. Reminding me of when we were younger. I told her, I have given them months. I could hear her laughter in my head. Sometimes I wondered if this was a sign I was going crazy. Maybe it was my way of allowing her to get to know her sister through me or to keep the person who I had loved and lost close. Marianna walked in to my office room. I looked at her she would have just come of duty, she wasn't eating which surprised me. “Yes” I asked her as she sat on the chair opposite mine without being told to sit, she really didn't give one care who I was. She smiled at me as if she knew what she had done was wrong. I had given up caring. to me I wasn't royalty anymore. my life was Ally's safety. “that went better didn’t it” she said leaning back as if we were just catching up at the end of a day. Marianna was one of the most laid back guards I had ever had the pleasure to meet. It was a surprise for a girl to choose this way of life, especially lately. Marianna had been with my group since she left school and I think we had let her get away with too much. I had watched her grow into what I had to admit was an amazing friendly happy person. She seemed genuine. The Queen and King where shocked with her and it wasn’t just because of her pink highlights, but then no one told her to get rid of them. no one addressed her and disciplined her. Luckily for me she and Ally actually got on. in fact they really got on. I had caught them playing snap in her room the other day. I had caught them joking about and Marianna trying to teach Ally how to use fire in a hit. I wasn't encouraging the fighting skills but nor did I stop them. I just pretended I hadn't seen. She seemed to be trying to keep Ally calm here and keep her company. I could thank her for that alone. When Ally would flip out at me and the other guards, I knew she wouldn’t run away from Marianna not again. She had once but both girls had talked privately since then coming up with a private agreement that I didn’t know the details off. Not that I hadn’t asked Marianna for them a lot. “Yes much better” I said not showing any of my thoughts on my face. “That was a good idea bringing your brother and sister in law here.” She said I had to laugh, everyone else would use Prince Andrew‘s and Princess Kayla’s titles and they weren’t married yet. But she just treated them all like people. 'Like she doe's you Marco' Elizabeth’s voice said in my head again. Shut up I told her knowing that it was crazy talking to her in my head. Marianna looked at me worriedly. “Is there something you want” I asked her possibly more crossly than I should have been. She carried on looking at me worried like she was worried for me. the stress was getting to me. I needed to keep Ally safe and for that people needed to except her. “well you asked for me and Joe to come here? After my shift finished remember?” Marianna asked me worried. I tried to remember telling them both that. Joe coming in a few seconds later confirmed how much I had forgotten today. Joe was my age in fact before things had happened he was meant to be one of Princess Elizabeth’s guards. We had been at school together and I had always considered him a friend. With his ginger hair and brown eyes it had been easy for us to convince Ally’s friends in France that he was her dad, although he had told me I acted more like a worried dad than he did. A young dad but he still looked enough alike her for them not to even need compelling about it. He had not been on duty when we were attacked and sometimes I think he felt if he was there he could have saved her. he had been close to Nicolette. I think he was hurt he never saw the monster in her until it was to late. when I had started my mission he had been the first to volunteer to be with me, as my protection. to help bring Alysa home. both I think had been his driving force for the last few years. “I think the best way to go about it is no more sleep shifts for either of you” I said remembering what I wanted to address. “Marco?” Joe asked me confused. “I want one of you with her when she’s awake at all times” I said with a half-smile. Marianna had been sat in the chair helping herself to toffees I had on my desk. “Why?” Marianna asked chewing on the toffee. “Do you have to talk with food in your mouth?” I asked her forgetting what I was about to say. She thought about it “yes” she said answering my question, Joe was trying to look straight faced but he couldn’t help but smile slightly at the laid back guard. “You want one of us with her at all times she’s awake?” Joe said checking he had got what I said right. “Yes” I said nodding. They both went serious for a while and we talked about my plan and agreed on it.

As they were about to leave Marianna helped herself to another toffee and before she put it in her mouth said “oh I forgot to tell you.” “Tell me what?” I asked worriedly. “Nothing to bad just well Princess Alysa and Prince Luke are no longer a thing.” “Really?” I asked her wondering what happened was she okay. Worrying about her heart wasn’t my job worrying about her safety was I told myself. But I still found myself going to the lobby room I was told she was in to check on her. I hadn't liked her with him, she was too young. I saw the small baby when I looked at her. 'but she's not Marco.' Elizabeth's voice said in my head. 'She's not a baby anymore. you care about her, you always have. just love her for her Marco.' Elizabeths voice told me. I do, I told her I told me. 'I know you do.' her voice assured me.

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