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Chapter 8 - Andrew POV

I looked at Ally worried. She had gone quiet since she had ended the phone call. Kayla and I had discussed Luke and her relationship a few times before, both of us not sure what would happen to it. Now looking at her face I knew it was over. Kayla threating to kill her brother had made her laugh, she told us both not to worry about it and she didn’t blame him. It was a typical Ally response. I didn’t actually know if I believed her. When the switch over happened Kayla and I watched in wonder, as they all stood in a corner and talked about her. I wondered how she kept calm at this but she did with only one eye roll. “Does that happen a lot?” asked Kayla looking at the guards. “A hell of a lot you get used to it” Ally said with a weak smile. “Well you have us now” I said, wondering how she really was coping, there was a reason I had ditched my guards as soon as I had left school. I couldn’t imagine how Ally was going to put up with them. “For how long?” she asked. I looked at her I could have promised her forever at that point in time, but I knew she wouldn’t let us.

“Until you’re ready” I said “they shouldn’t do it in front of you” said Kayla after Ally’s guards had finished change over and gone. “They have to they won’t leave me alone even for me to use the toilet” she said only half joking. Kayla looked at her questioningly. “I can use the toilet alone but the whole time I knew they are outside the door, if I even screamed at say a spider they would force their way in.” she said I looked at her and said “you’ve tested that theory?” “Of course I did my first week here” she said laughing. Even though we knew it wasn’t actually laughable materiel the idea of all the guards bursting a door for a spider did make us laugh. “How big was the spider” asked Kayla still laughing. “There wasn’t actually one” Ally said laughing. Kayla looked at Ally and said “Ally are you happy?” it was a question I wanted to ask but couldn’t bring myself to say Ally went quiet and looked at us both thoughtfully. “I don’t mind about Luke moving on it makes sense” she said. Kayla shock her head “I didn’t mean about Luke darling” Kayla said. Ally looked at us both “I found my family.” She said which still didn’t answer the happy question. I was about to tell her that when my brother came in the room, “hi” Ally said half smiling at my brother.

“Hello” my brother said as half a greeting and half correcting Ally’s hi. “Hello. Bonjour. Hola. Guten tag.” Said Ally with a smile. I knew she was trying to annoy Marco and wondered how often she achieved that goal. I could give her some lessons. Marco chose to say “excellent pronunciation” Ally smiled. “Are you okay?” he asked her actually shocking me. I had seen my brother a lot growing up not as much as I would have liked to, but I now understood why. He had to find her and I didn’t blame him, but he never showed as much emotion or worry towards me as he did Ally. but then I worried about her a lot as well and didn’t blame him for that either. “I take it you’ve heard?” she asked Marco he nodded at her “I’m fine” she told all of us. Marco went to reply but I cut him off, knowing better than to push her. I said “if you say I am and you have, Marco I am going to encourage Ally to say every slang word that exists.” we all laughed at my words. After about an hour Ally started yawning and the sun was up Kayla and I were tired we had no clue what was day and what was night anymore, so we decided to go on Ally’s schedule.

Ally looked at Marco “where’s everyone sleeping?” she asked tiredly as though she had just thought to ask it I think she suddenly had. “They have rooms near yours” said Marco to her with a smile. We had planned to stay at one of mums and dads homes here, but Marco had said we had rooms in the palace so we agreed both of us wanting to spend as much time with Ally as we could. “Kayla do you want to share with me?” Ally asked. Kayla said “of course I do” ignoring Marcos words about how we all had our own rooms set up. I went to bed myself after a quick conversation with my brother explaining what time breakfast would be ready. When I woke the next day I saw that I had a bit of time before breakfast would be served I also wondered if the girls would be awake yet. I got ready for the day in something I knew my parents would like so I hoped Ally’s would. When I went down the girls surprised me by already being there what also surprised me was the fact that Ally was still in a dress even though Kayla had brought her jeans. “You’re still in a dress?” I asked shocked. Both girls laughed “what’s so funny” I asked “I have the jeans on under” Ally said giving me a smile drinking her coffee blood.

We ate breakfast jokingly like we had never been apart when the guards swopped over we all tried to ignore it. “hey joe you today not Marianna?” said Ally smiling at one of the guards “yep I get to come etiquette lessons and
learn to sit nicely” he said this made both me and Kayla shocked, so far we hadn’t heard any of them talk to her. It was nice to know some did. She gave us both a hug and went to her lessons so we went to the court to visit people and go shopping.

Kayla and I really enjoyed being in the court It had been years since I had come here. Mostly because I enjoyed traveling the world before I needed to settle down. Now we had decided to settle down we wondered if moving here would be a good idea. “If we moved closer at least we would be closer to Ally” said Kayla whist we walked. I smiled at her. We could live anywhere we wanted to but once we had our seats we would need to travel here at least once a month, would moving here be the best for us all I wondered sometimes. It was an idea and we both knew it. After we had finished shopping we went and visited a few other visiting royals, they all said there hellos I saw a few friends I had been at school in total there was 2 princes 1 princess and 1 lord and 2 ladies. None of them knew Kayla and my part in finding princess Alysa and they were all abuzz with details of her. None of them had the pleasure of meeting her.

Though I knew a few of them actually had, but hadn’t linked her to the girl who was dating Prince Luke at Christmas. They had been told bits and pieces about her though from their parents. “She is apparently a spitting image of her sister” one of them said, Kayla smiled at him and said “does she?” Kayla managed to keep calm about it all none of these people would dream of hurting Ally they were all just too fascinated about her. Ally yes like her sister in a lot of ways wasn’t a spitting image, yes she had the same hair and eyes but she wasn’t the spitting image of Beth. She was tiny compared to Beth for a start. Although she possibly could grow still. She was only 16 after all I had to remind myself. Beth had been a supermodel type Amaris, whilst Ally was petite and tiny in every way. “My father said she will make the best queen as she will be completely impartial” said another.

This made me and Kayla look at each other that was actually really true except for Kayla and I, Ally didn’t know anyone else, she held no grudges against any family, she would also listen to everyone I realised. They all carried excitingly telling us about Princess Alysa. “well we have to go” Kayla said suddenly while I was talking to a lord about how I thought all royals should be made to do a few years away from family and guards.

In the human world to get to know it, how I thought all Amaris should. I looked at her wondering why but saw her looking at the clock, she wanted to be home before Ally finished her school day and we still hadn’t even gone seen our parents. “Oh yes look at the time we have to go see our parents, it was lovely talking to you all” I said and I followed Kayla. “Sorry” she said. Confused I asked “what for?” “Did you not hear lady Xanthe?” she asked I shrugged “no I was busy talking to lord Alfio. What did she say?” “She asked about us living together, when we planned to be married.” we both looked at each other we hadn’t talked about marriage but I did want to I just felt we were too young. “I do want to marry you Kayla” I said “no” she replied. “No? Make a guy feel loved” I said actually feeling hurt. “That’s not what I mean and you know it. We are just too young and not been together long enough” she said only half smiling at me but squeezing my hand. “I love you” I said squeezing her hand back “I love you too” she said. “hey and I will give you plenty of hints when it’s time to propose and I want diamonds” she said jokingly to lighten the mood. “You want diamonds I can get you diamonds” I said kissing her. After we finished the kiss she said “Your parents or mine first?” “Which ones will be happier to see us?” I asked her laughing “yours, so we will see mine first.” We went to her parents’ house. “You look lovely mother” said Kayla to Queen Alba. “Thankyou darling a lady has to look her best for dinner at the palace” said Queen Alba “you are having dinner at the palace?” I asked her. “Yes Prince Andrew we are, as you should find your parents are as well.” “Oh are we invited?” asked Kayla wondering what was going on. “Of course you are Queen Jennifer told me you are currently staying there. So we have all got invited for dinner. Princess Alysa is lovely is she not it is such a shame your brother and her relationship did not work out.” said Queen Alba to Kayla who just looked like she couldn’t believe her ears.

Soon we found ourselves sat in the dining room at the palace having dinner, with our parents and Ally’s. dinner went brilliant except maybe one conversation. Ally acted like she had been doing this all her life and her parents really did seem happy.

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