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Chapter 9

Kayla and I had a really lovely girly night, neither of us slept much. We chatted about everything and anything she even caught me up on their house, telling me how she had started to watch cooking channels as she wants one time to at least try to cook. I promised her I would teach her how to make cakes, which is basically all I knew myself. “I wish it had happened” I told her, trying not to let on too much how much that life sounded my dream. I had found my family I had found a home. I was safe. Well surrounded by guards I take it I was safe. But I also felt like a prisoner or like I was a doll on display. “I wish it had to” she told me looking at me extremely worried. Then we went to sleep. My alarm woke us I was tempted to put it on snooze but pulled myself out of my bed. That I was sharing with Kayla. it was such a huge bed we didn’t even care. I started to get ready and said to a half asleep Kayla, “how do you think I can wear the jeans without getting in too much trouble?” “Under a long dress” she said laughing. “Okay” I said putting the jeans on under a long pretty dress. “Do I need to get up when I don’t have classes?” asked Kayla yawning. I laughed “I thought you had plans to go shopping and buy me more stuff?” I said joking, I wish I could come look at the mall in court. I wished I could even walk the castle grounds that I could see out my window. I had given up asking if I could do that to. I really was trapped. I would give anything to sit on a beach and have the wind sing to me. I would give anything to feel the ground under my feet. I really felt like a prisoner. All it would take would be getting out the castle once a day? Was that too much to ask for? Kayla laughed unaware of my actual thoughts now “that and visit our parents” Kayla said joking. “Come on time for breakfast you can watch the guards again.” I said laughing, trying to get rid of my own depressing thoughts. Throwing clothes at Kayla she sighed jokingly and got herself dressed. I turned in my jeans and dress “can you tell?” I asked worried. As much as I wanted to be me. I wanted my parents to like me. I wanted to please them. I wanted there praise. I had never wanted something so much. I just wanted to hear the Queen tell me she loved me. Then maybe I could start thinking of her as my mum. Kayla looked me up and down “nope” she said with a huge smile. So we went down for breakfast we were shocked Drew wasn’t there before us as we both thought we would have overslept. I was handed my coffee flavoured blood and were laughing about when Drew came in. breakfast was fun and joking and I was happy to see Joe would be doing my lessons with me today, though I thought he was on sleeps this week. “Hey Joe you today, not Marianna?” I asked him knowing he was one who actually answered me. “Yep I get to come etiquette lessons and learn to sit nicely” he said this made me laugh, as that was exactly what todays class was on. Both Kayla and Drew looked shocked. I gave them both a hug bye then went to my lessons wishing anything if I could go shopping with them. Today was a different lesson plan to the other day it started with 2 hour magic with blood in bags constantly. Then I had to meet a royal rather than the end of the day as he had a meeting with my parents. Then I was ready to scream already. The thought of spending my evening with Drew and Kayla is what pulled me through the rest of the day. During etiquette lesson Joe stood closest to me. The other guards all watching, waiting for today’s slip up. I think they were getting too used to me making a mess in this class.
They all possibly had their own jokes about it, behind my back. I didn’t blame them. “So does every princess get taught this or is it just me who gets tortured?” I asked him in English as my teacher went on and on in Greek and I tried not to cry. “Most royals learn it young once you get it the lessons will end” he said. Oh I didn’t realise that so I put a lot of effort into my lesson today in the attempt that I would pass it and it would end soon. My teacher seemed so happy at the end that I hoped it would end soon, at least the sitting lessons would. I didn’t make a single mistake the whole lesson and I didn’t answer back, which was a lot for me, hey I’m 16! Joe gave me a fake clap at the end. I went down after my lessons and found Kayla and Drew actually with my parents. “Hello” I said remembering to not say hi. Wondering how they had found time to see my friends but couldn’t find much time to see me. Then I noticed both Kayla’s and Drew’s parents. 3 kings 3 queens god help me.

Dinner went brilliant. I was proud of myself. I hoped my parents where as well. When I had first seen them all in the dining room I had been ready to run screaming, but Kayla’s smile had encouraged me. I had
watched her and done exactly as she did and remembering my lessons using the right knives and forks and cups. I even watched how she pushed her food around to get out of eating it, although she ate a lot more than I did. Conversation was quiet boring until they started talking about Kayla and Drew getting married. I saw them both look at each other wishing anything for the conversation to change, it made me want to laugh, but I knew better than to laugh at the table now, so I had to bite my bottom lip. It really did lighten the mood though and I really started to feel I could do this I really could. When we were back in my room that night I sat with Kayla on my bed, she had brought nail vanish and we were painting our toes. “So when are the 2 of you getting married?” I asked jokingly, “when your queen” she replied jokingly. “So never then?” I said sticking my tongue out, I didn’t want to be Queen. I didn’t even want to be a princess. I just wanted to belong. I just wanted people to love me. “Hey you will be Queen and you will be a brilliant one” Kayla said hugging me. “You have a lot more faith in me than I do” I told her smiling. “Ally you stayed innocent even being raised by a murder. You survived being alone and running around the whole alone from the age of 11 according to Marco, 13 according to you. You still manage to be you and kind to everyone you meet, you do not care who people are you just like them for them” Kayla said. My mouth kind of hung open, I still couldn’t think of my mum as a murderer, Nicky really had loved me. To me she was always going to be my mum, the thing is she could have done anything with me. The fact she had raised me to love humans and be scared stiff of my own kind, was kind of confusing to everyone. But that’s how I had to explain it to Marco. I loved Nicolette, I couldn’t be mad at her, maybe the fact she had kidnapped me. Maybe the fact she had kept me from my parents. Maybe the fact she had died. But I didn’t doubt that she loved me. This was the same lady who used to hold me as I cried. Used to wipe my skimmed knees. Taught me to ride a bike. Taught me to read. Taught me to write in 16 languages. Taught me so much and always told me she loved me. The fact she loved me I didn’t doubt for a minute. But I found it best not to say that to anyone. They kept telling me she was a monster. But I didn’t see it. She had made bad choices but she wasn’t a monster. “Kayla you can’t say I am kind to everyone I haven’t met everyone” I said half joking to lighten the mood and thoughts that were now going through my head, I wished I had a guitar and a note book. If I asked Kayla and Drew I’m sure the two of them would buy me one and sneak it in somehow. Or give it to a guard so they could check it wasn’t poisoned first I suppose. Kayla smiled at me “to everyone you have met then” she said. I smiled at her we were in some flannel pjs that Kayla had brought us. Mine where blue with puppy’s on Kayla’s pink with kittens, it felt brilliant not to be in silk nighties anymore. We were painting our toe nails eating cookies out of a packet, watching a chick flick on my portable DVD player. I felt normal and I wish this would last forever, unfortunately we both knew it couldn’t. “How long till you need to go home?” I asked for the first time not sure if I really wanted the answer. “We have people coming to fit the kitchen in a few days but we can cancel we might sell the house and move here.” She said. I looked at her shocked “would you both actually survive living that close to your parents?” I asked jokingly and serious at the same time. She laughed “of course we will we would just have to get married” “when I’m queen then” we both laughed. “Don’t cancel Kayla okay follow your dreams not me” I said she reluctantly nodded, understanding it was a command my first one I had actually ever given but I couldn’t make Kayla and Drew give up everything for me. We fell asleep watching the movie.

When I woke up the sun was still up so I knew it was early I looked at Kayla still asleep. I wanted to go talk to Drew and tell him he wasn’t moving here, something told me I needed to get out of here. I needed to get out this room. Even though I was happy I still felt like I was trapped. The wind wanted me to come play it was telling me to move anywhere but in this room. I had to tell Drew that he had to do his dreams first. I throw jeans and a t-shirt on thinking there was no way I would get in trouble for it at this time of morning, no one would be up who would talk to me at least. I rung Drew’s mobile he answered on the 2nd ring “hey” I said. “What’s wrong” he said as though suddenly jumping to attention with worry. “I’m fine I just want to talk can we meet in the lobby near your room.” I asked. “Okay when?” “In a minute I’m going to wake Kayla first.” I hung up I looked at Kayla and threw a pillow at her. “Wake up we got to go meet Drew” she grunted and rolled over, I throw another pillow at her for the first time thankful I had so many of them. She dragged her head up “what times it” she asked groggily “2pm” I said “Ally we only went sleep at 10am” Kayla wined.

For a minute I remembered my first opinion of Kayla in mine and Drew’s apartment in New York, but I shrugged it off Kayla wasn’t really winey she was just tired. But she dragged herself out of bed and got herself dressed. We went to the room I had told Drew to meet us in. my guards looked shattered and shocked to see us awake. I remembered this shift at this time would be classed as 2 in the morning. I said “sit” they both sat looking at me worriedly I never commanded anything but it was a tone I was actually being taught. “You 2 can’t give up everything for me if you do I won’t talk to you anymore” “what do you mean” asked Drew with confusion on his face. “You woke us up for this? you told me that earlier” said Kayla still half asleep. yeah I didn't get why I had to do it when I did but I did. Marco walked in the room he had obviously got dressed in a hurry having heard I was awake as his shirt wasn't fully done up, I hadn't seen him like that before. he was always put together but today he look shattered. “Its fine Marco” I told him he looked at the scene puzzled. I didn’t even really know why I was doing this to be honest. “What’s going on” Marco asked worriedly. “Ally’s just woke us up to yell at us” said Kayla stifling a yawn. “I’m not going to yell at you, I just needed to tell you. You can’t.” I said looking at them both. Marianna run in the room but just as she did the world seemed
to go nuts and there was an explosion coming from the direction of my bedroom.

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