Fragile Heart

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Hated by family. Cursed by fate. Still fighting for a happy ending. "I run. I don't know what I'm running from, except that I can't let it touch me. No matter how fast I run, it'll always be faster.." Kat's always been hated by her stepfamily, and it only grows worse when she gets cursed. Haunted by nightmares of being chased by something evil, when she finds love, she feels it's too good to be true. As each turn her life takes is for the worst, she begins to realize there may be something darker than just bad luck out to get her. A fairytale retelling.

Fantasy / Romance
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Part 1- A Kind Girl

I run. I don’t know what I’m running from, except that I can’t let it touch me. But I also know that no matter how fast I run, it’ll always be faster. And yet I still run, because if it catches me, I know death will shortly follow.

I awakened breathing fast and hard. The only thing that kept me calm was the feeling of Isi’s fingers running through my hair and his soothing voice comforting me. The usual playful sparkle in his eye was gone and the wrinkles on his face from him smiling too much weren’t there. There was only a very troubled and worried expression.

“Isi, what’s wrong?” I looked into his eyes with genuine concern. I wrapped my tiny hand around his little pinky and held onto it.

“You were screaming again. If your nightmares continue, I’ll have to ask Dr….”

“No, Isi! Please! They… they were chasing me. Actually I think it’s an it. I knew I had to run away from it so it couldn’t catch me. I’ll stop having nightmares, just don’t take me to the doctor!” I began to cry, causing Isi to lift me from under my covers and onto his lap. He rocked me back and forth, singing the song my Aiti used to sing to me before she died.

“There’s much we do not know

Yet still we think we’re smart

What goes on down below

Takes away from someone’s heart

Don’t ever come to them

For they will come to you

And there will be consequences

For those who break this rule

Sleep will help you find them

You’ll be happy when you’re there

Just relax on roaring waves

And you’ll be taken into care”

I fell asleep before I knew it, nightmare-free.

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