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The King's Amulet

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King Andreas had created an amulet to take the power away from all the mages in the kingdom. However, one mage is upset about this....and with him, a whole lot of destruction arises. " I didn't want to kill her" '" Tyla NO!" " Leave her alone!" "She needs to die!" Then, a body fell to the ground with a loud thud. Everyone gasped then began screaming hysterically.

Fantasy / Action
Jenelle Washington
Age Rating:

A New Beginning

In the kingdom of Andromeda lives many mages and other magical beings from witches to werewolves.It was one of the most beautiful kingdoms in all of the lands. No other one could compare. All was well in the kingdom and everything felt right. This was until a group of mages decided to rebel and terrorize the kingdom. They would make the villagers do anything that their hearts desired. All of the human villagers trembled in fear even being in their presence. Noticing this King Andreaus decided to put a stop to the mages terror. The king found a mage that lived in a hut not too far from the village with an amulet which allowed King Andreaus to take the power away from all mages living in the kingdom. King Andreas then announced this to the kingdom the next day during a feast, ” Citizens of Andromeda! I have called you here to announce that I have seen and heard of what has been happening in the kingdom. I cannot fathom this any longer... Therefore, I hereby announce that with this amulet I have acquired I will take the powers of ALL mages living in the kingdom of Andromeda.” As soon as he finished all of the mages in the kingdom violently protested. Chairs were flipped, tables were turned upside-down, all of the decorations were torn, and there was even a flip-flop in the punch bowl.

King Andreas called upon his guards to stop what was going on before it got too far and someone was hurt. The guards rushed forward and tried their hardest to stop this outburst from continuing and hurting someone.The mages still fought and then the king had enough. He rose the amulet in the air and said,“Prendre leurs pouvoirs!” Suddenly, the amulet lifted into the air and a light blue mist surrounded everyone gathered in the town square. All at once, the mages slowly started to feel a lot less powerful than they did previously. The amulet slowly started to fall and dropped into the king's hands. ” I hope you all know...I did this for the safety of everyone. The only ones who are permitted to use magic are the royal guards and those who I feel should.” King Andreas walked away from the people of the kingdom and into his sleeping chambers. Although this new law made the villagers feel overjoyed most of the mages were not happy. Especially one particular mage named, Auron. Auron was upset that his power was taken away and would have done anything to get it back. Even if that anything meant killing the king.

As the king was sleeping in his chambers, his most trusted knight Sir Arthur was talking to his daughter. ” You insolent child.” He whispered venomously to his daughter Tyla. ” You had one job. All you had to do was clean the entire house before I had gotten back from the feast.” Tyla looked up at her father in fear. Ever since she was born her father had hated her. She doesn’t have a clue as to why but she assumes that her mother had left when she was a young child. Therefore, causing her father to hate her. Growing up, Tyla never really had a childhood. When she was just at the young age of 5 her father had forced her into becoming a maid, scrubbing and sweeping the entire palace floors. As years past, Tyla’s hate for her father had only grown. Especially at times where he would tell her that she was a good-for-nothing child since she was a girl. The next day was like any other, the villagers were standing all by there shops waiting to greet costumers, the werewolves were in their little groups in wolf-form play fighting, even the mages seemed to be a bit happier. Andreaus saw this and knew he made the right decision in taken the power away from the mages. The entire kingdom of Andromeda finally was all happy. All except one, the notorious ex-mage Auron.

On the outside, Auron was smiley and was acting very happy. On the inside, however, Auron was seething with rage and was formulating a plan to get his magic back. As the day turned to night Auron was getting ready to put his plan into action. Auron quickly sneaked past the guards unnoticed. As the king laid peacefully in his bed, Auron walked up to him and unsheathed his dagger, which was laying right in his coat pocket anxiously waiting to be used, and got into position to end King Andreas's life. However, the sliding sound of the dagger had awakened the king. King Andreas sat up on his bed and began to scream. Before anyone could hear his cries of help, Auron quickly used the dagger to pierce his heart. Blood of the king splattered all over the room and Auron smiled wickedly as he was bathed in the blood of the former king. Auron just kept watching with that cruel smile of his as the life faded in the king’s eyes. Auron chuckled and went to search for the amulet inside the King’s, once beautiful now bloody, chambers. Suddenly, Auron heard the footsteps of many men rushing up the steps. Auron was slightly panicked but kept on looking for the amulet. As if the gods were looking out for him, Auron saw a glimmer of light shine out of the king’s pillow, and quickly reached for it. Auron grabbed the amulet and quickly whispered, “Donne Moi le pouvoir.” All the power from all of the mages in the village was then inside of Auron. Auron felt like he could do anything in the world. Auron smirked to himself and quietly waited on the king’s chair for the guards to arrive. As the guards entered, Auron slowly stood up from the chair and smiled cockily at the guards. ” Hey, guys. What lovely weather we’re having right?” The guards looked at Auron then looked at the King’s bed and saw King Andreas's dead body laying there. All at once, the guards took out their swords and faced Auron. Auron just looked at them and then made to red fireballs appear in each hand. Auron threw the fireballs at the guards and all of them burned to death simultaneously. Auron walked out of the king’s chambers with the death of 10 people on his shoulders. As he walked out of the palace all of the villagers relaxing by the palace looked up at him in fear as they saw all the blood all over him. ” People of Andromeda! I have killed your precious king! Now I proclaim myself as your new King!” Fear struck everyone’s hearts as they realized what their new lives would entail

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