Pregnant and Rejected.

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Chapter 10

*3rd Person POV*

“Nikki!! Someone find me my maid of honor and my flower girl!” Becky yells to no one in particular. Everyone has been very busy the whole morning because of the missing in action best friend and daughter. Becky knows they will be here just its 4 hours until the wedding and she needs her best friend to get ready.

*Nikki’s POV*

“Josh, do you really think he will be there? I’m so nervous! What happens if he wants to break the bond completely? I don’t know what to do. Help would be nice by the way. Instead of making sure you look hot for this wedding,” I say putting my dress on the bed and throwing my hair up. My shorts and tank comfortable enough until we arrive. Which we are late because of Mr. I have to be perfect over here.

“You will be fine Nikki. You are going to be stunning. Who wouldn’t want you?” he says coming over finally and grabbing my dress. I go into Hannah’s room and find her not there. “Hannah?!” I yell and grab the dress and shoes sitting on her bed. That reminds me, I have to grab my shoes. I walk back over to my room to hear voices. Hannah’s to be exact.

“Josh, I have a question?” Hannah’s little voice comes and I hear Josh chuckles. “Now, what is your question sweetheart?” Josh replies probably picking up the 4 year old. “Can you be my daddy?”

Those 5 words break my heart all over again. I knew it. Something like this was going to happen. I am not enough for her. I will never be. Everyone needs a father figure and I don’t have anyone to give her.

“Now sweetie, you already have a daddy. You just haven’t met him yet. Okay?” Josh says and I hear Hannah sigh. I take this time to walk in.

“It’s time to go. Becky is already going to kill me for not being there on time to help her get ready. Our appointments are in 30 minutes. Hannah, can you grab my clutch and shoes sitting on the bed sweetie?” Hannah nods eagerly and does as told. I exit the room and hurry downstairs. I throw on a pair of Ugg slippers and open the door for Hannah and Josh. I lock the front door and go through the basement. I put Hannah’s dress in the back along with mine and get in the driver’s seat. Hannah and Josh get in and I open the door and back out. Well, I guess this is where I have to be brave.

*Hunters POV*

Today’s the day. The day, I win her back. The day, I finally see her face to face. Emily also says it’s the day my pride is thrown out the window, but I could care less as long as I get her back in my arms. I need my mate by my side and I need pups to take over the pack as I grow old. I already messed this all up once. I don’t intend to do it again.

I finish getting dressed in my all black tux and run some gel through my short hair. “Are you ready?” Emily says walking into the room followed by her mate, Jake. Nod and grab the keys and my wallet. We quickly meet up with Alex and Annie and exit the house to the garage.

The ride is short and we arrive 30 minutes before the ceremony. I take my seat at the very front due to the Alpha having to give consent. My father always has me at his side during Alpha duties. “You are late,” my father says his face expressionless. “I’m sorry. I was waiting for your daughter.” He just humphs and goes to the pedestal next to Sandy. Sandy is the packs marriage joiner. Due to us all being mates and werewolves. The ceremony is a little different. At the end everyone howls blah blah blah. The bond is then deepened further and forever together. Not like a human marriage. This one is permanent. There is no such thing as divorce in werewolf community.

The music for the bride begins shortly after Ben walks out and stands next to my father. Everyone stands and turns to the doors of the pack house. The pack house is always used and decorated for all marriages and parties. Just like the reception was set up in the main ballroom in the house. A little girl and boy come walking out. I recognize the little boy as Jeremy, Ben’s little brother, but the girl. I recognize, but yet I have never seen her in my entire life. She only has to be 4. Her brown hair long and curled down her back and her eyes. Her eyes are so familiar. A brilliant dark blue. I shake it off and smile as the two walk down with the rings and throwing petals on the ground.

The next are her bridesmaids. Caitlyn accompanied by Andrew and Chloe accompanied by Chase. The maid of honor and the best man exit the doors next. The girl more beautiful than anything I have seen before. Her hair ombre and curled with a half up half down up do. Her light blue eyes pop with the makeup she is wearing. The midnight blue dress she is wearing fits to her body perfectly. She is everything I could ever want. One hand is holding dark blue flowers and the other laced through the new pack member’s arm. Josh, I think his name was.

But, it is not the looks or the girl that makes me see red. It is the smell coming from the girl and the man that is holding onto her. Nikki. My mate is the one I was drooling over. I stop paying attention to anything else as my eyes connect with hers. She gives me a pained look before putting a fake smile on her beautiful face. She breaks eye contact as they pass where I’m sitting. I watch as she takes her place in line with the girls and avoid looking at me. Before I know it Rebecca is standing next to Ben and everyone is sitting down.

The whole ceremony is a blur as I watch Nikki’s reaction. She avoids looking at me at all costs. Oh, how I wish she would though.

*Nikki’s POV*

As soon as I exit the pack house next to Josh his scent hits me. My grip on Josh tightens and he gives my hand a light squeeze. I put on a fake smile as I walk down the aisle, but as soon as my eyes connect with his does it vanishes. He looks amazing in his tux and gelled hair. The black makes his dark blue eyes stand out and makes me want to run to him every step I take towards the front. But I quickly recover and the smile returns onto my face.

As I pass by him my fingers itch to just take the hand that is slightly out stretched which I am guessing is unconsciously out. We finally reach the end of the aisle and Josh gives me a reassuring squeeze before splitting ways. I walk to my spot and look to my best friend. I make sure I don’t look at him either. Becky comes out with her father, with an amazing smile plastered on her face. Instead of the fake smile a real one replaces it.

She finally is in position and the ceremony starts. I zone out trying not to look to Hunter, who is staring at me. I zone out during the ceremony just staring off into the distance, at one point Hannah came over and leaned against me her eyes drooping. But finally the ceremony ends and everyone howls. Cliché, I know. Actually, my life for the past 5 years have been cliché. Like some story I have read before. A girl finds her mate, he rejects her, and she falls pregnant. But I know my story isn’t just a book I have read before. It’s my life. And I know every turn I take in this life will be different. Starting with my mate. I don’t know what to do. I’m sure they all go back to them, but the pull is strong. I do want him. But there is a small part of me that wants the relationship I had with Josh again.

We dated for 4 years before he met his mate and left. I was devastated. It was like hunter rejecting me all over again. Was I really that repulsive to be with? But he lost his mate. She died, so does that mean we could be together again?

Becky walks by and I snap out of my thoughts. Josh comes over and smiles at me. His eyes flash with an emotion I don’t believe I have ever seen on any other guy. Love. Just maybe, I will try it out. I take his arm and we start walking down with Hannah between us. I swore I heard a small growl as I walked past hunter, but I chose to ignore it. He can’t ruin this moment.

We enter the ball room that was decorated for the wedding reception. We take our seats at the front table and our guests pile in. “Are you okay Nikki?” Josh asks taking my hand and setting it in my lap. I look up to him and smile. “As long as I have you I am,” I say and really hope he likes me back. He smiles and brilliant smile and brings his chair a little closer. “Well you won’t have to worry because I am never leaving your side again.”

“Momma?” Hannah says from the seat beside me. Josh and I whip our heads around trying to see if anyone heard her. Of course, everyone did. Damn it!

But one sticks out. A very angry one actually, Hunter. He is storming his way over towards the table my parents just walking in the door behind him. “Nikki, I have waited patiently for 2 years for you to come back to talk and this is what I found out?! That you had a child with another man? How the fuck could you do this? Your mine! No man has a right to touch you except me! Is it him? This asshole of a guy sitting next to you. I see how close you are, I’m not stupid.” He grabs ahold of Josh shirt and yanks him forward. I stand up quickly and grab ahold of Hunter’s arm.

“Let go of him! He has done nothing wrong you jerk!” I yell trying to pry his fingers off. Hunter lets go quickly and looks to me. If a look could kill, I would be dead right now.

“How could you? I love you Nikki! I made a mistake and you move on just like that?” Hunter says looking at me his face softening just a bit on the, I love you. He does love me. I saw it in his eyes.

“You don’t get it do you?” Josh says standing up and getting in Hunter’s face. Hunter looks pissed at this, but he doesn’t know that Josh came from an alpha bloodline as well. But his family was removed when his father died. Josh was only 3 at the time. The alpha power doesn’t bother him like Hunter believes it will.

“And you would know? You already took my mate!” Hunter yells while everyone gasps, even me. I have never heard him claim me as his mate. It was always the opposite. Josh face reddens and as soon as I notice it I know exactly what he is about to do. Before I could protest he blurts it out. “She is your god damn daughter! Can’t you tell? Her eyes, they are the same as yours!” Josh yells before pulling me closer and pointing to Hannah.

Hunter freezes and slowly looks over at the frozen girl. Realization dawns on his face and he slowly walks over to the girl. “What’s your name princess?” He asks leaning down a little bit. Hannah snaps out of it and runs to hide behind me and Josh. I kneel down and look at her. “Momma, I’m scared. Who is that man?” She asks hugging me tightly.

“Sweetie, that is your father.” I say looking at her. She gasps slightly and a smile lights up her face. “Josh you were right! I do have a daddy!” She says before running to hug him. Josh laughs and hugs her back. Hunter growls at this, but Josh just ignores him.

“How could you keep my own daughter from me Nikki?” Hunter says hurt clear in his voice. I glare at him.

“The same way you rejected me. Selfish. I know, but I had every right to. You rejected me therefore leaving MY daughter to me. I won’t keep her from you, but know the day she says she doesn’t want you anymore she will be ripped from you and you will never see her again. Do you understand?” I say glaring right at him. Hurt flashes through his face again before he quickly covers it up.

“Will you just give me another chance? I was young and stupid! You know that. Nikki, please?” Hunter says going to take my hand that I immediately move away.

“We will talk later. We have a ceremony to get to.” I say sitting back down and officially ending the conversation. Everyone follows my lead and does as told, afraid to say something. They all know I have alpha blood in me now that my mate is one.

Hannah looks at her father sadly and I nod. She runs over and jumps on him. His face immediately brightening and catches his daughter in his arms. Josh sits down next to me taking my hand and squeezes it, giving me a reassurance. Hunter lets go of Hannah and looks to her. “What’s your name sweetheart?” He asks and she smiles. “My names Hannah and I’m 4!” She giggles as a smile light ups his face. He must like the name.

He sets Hannah in her seat and looks to me. I nod, knowing he just wants to talk later. I look to Becky and she smiles sadly at me. She nods to the caterer and the reception begins.

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