Pregnant and Rejected.

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Chapter 11

The reception quickly starts and food is being served. A waiter walks by and I quickly stop him. “What can I get for you ma’am?” I smile knowing exactly what I want. “Could you by any chance find me a bottle of vodka? Also a wine glass would be nice.” He gives me a curious look before running off quickly to find my drink.

“Are you sure about this, Nik?” Josh says lacing his fingers with mine.I grab my clutch and take my keys out.

“I plan not to remember the last few moments for a couple days, take care of Hannah for the night. I just can’t handle all of this. The waiter returns and I gladly except the vodka bottle and take a big swig of it. I’ve never been one for alcohol, but right now is an exception. By the time everyone is done eating and the next event is going on I drank half the bottle and am starting to feel tipsy.

“Okay everyone! It is time for the bride and groom to throw the bouquet and to get down and dirty for the other!” the caterer calls and I start zoning out as I stand up taking another swing and go to stand in the center, swaying slightly. I don’t exactly remember what happens next, but I sure know that a stupid bouquet hits me in the face the next moment. I catch it instinctively and look around to see everyone cheering and a very happy looking Josh holding a pink sting kind of thing.

I’m led to a chair in the front and I just look at Josh. Josh just smiles and comes next to me. Somewhere in the crowd I hear a growl, but the alcohol is making me forget it as soon as it happened. Before I know it someone touches my leg and I look down. Mmm. I’ve never seen Josh so yummy before. His dirty blonde hair spiked yet curled perfectly. His hazel eyes shining with so much love and happiness and before I know it his hands are under my dress pulling something up my leg.

I don’t know what my drunken mind thought it was, but it sure as hell wasn’t that it was a show and not a sexual movement. Then yet again I’m not exactly sure how I ended up in a spare room in the alpha house either. So….But I do know that I am about to do everything my dirty mind can think of to this sexy man in front of me. I rip his dress jacket off and throw it to the side before smashing my lips to his. At first just pure lust, but becomes one of passion, lust, and love, but I don’t believe the love is from me.

He picks me up lays me on the bed, me finally realizing he unzipped the dress and let it fall to the floor before picking me up. Now only in my black lacy bra and underwear, my drunken mind doesn’t think of the consequences and just goes with what follows. I’m sure even with a drunk mind you could figure that out.

I awake the next morning in an unfamiliar room. I go to sit up, but finally realize that strong arms are around me. I look over to the man sleeping naked next to my naked body. I quickly look to his face and gasp. Josh. No! Please tell me we didn’t. I mean I don’t mind, but Hannah and what will happen to our relationship now? Will it become one of romance??

Is it really what I want? I look down at Josh’s sleeping face. His dirty blond hair messy, but sexy. His arms tighten their hold as I try to sit up making his arms bulge showing off his muscles. I never knew Josh was this…hot? I reach my hand up to his face and start stroking it trying to wake him up. “If this is how you are going to wake me up from now on I really don’t mind,” Josh mumbles opening his eyes and looking up to me.

I smile and try to sit up once again, finally realizing my bladder is about to explode. He just chuckles as I rush out of bed and into the door that leads to the bathroom. I walk back out and see Josh pulling his boxers on. Damn. He has a nice ass. I chuckle as I walk over and slap the now covered ass. He looks down at me before bursting out in laughter. “Did you really just slap my ass?” he says with a smile on his face. I grab my clothes on the ground and start folding them, knowing Becky was a good girl and put clothes in here for us. Also I see that Josh isn’t putting on his clothes from last night either, so you got the hint. I set my dress on a hanger from the closet and lay it on the bed. I finally spot my clothes Becky brought me sitting on the dresser with a note.

Dear Nikki,

Hannah is with your parents for the night. As soon as you wake up they want you to go to their house and talk. Bring Josh if you want. I would have been mad at you from ditching me not even half way through the reception, but I know you better than that. That argument was totally bad and I know you never drink so I let it slip. Maybe Josh will be the one to make this better. Hope you had a nice night.;)



P.S. Soooo tell me how he is if you remember!

I laugh and crumble up the paper before throwing it to the side. I hear a laugh and turn around. “Are you going to get dressed or may I have another round? Since this show is pretty good.” Josh smirks purposely checking me out as he sits at the end of the now tidied bed. I just laugh and get dressed. I’ve had a kid and I’m a wolf. Nude doesn’t bother me much anymore.

After I’m dressed Josh walks over and intertwine his hand with mine. Becky will have our clothes sent to the dry cleaners and I will pick them up tomorrow. We leave them on the bed and walk out the door. But before leaving I find my clutch on the ground and bring it with me. “Josh, where are my keys?” I ask and he pulls them out of his pocket. I smile, he always was the more responsible one.

We walk hand and hand out of the house and to my jeep parked in the driveway. Josh drives us quickly over to my parent’s house and park it in the driveway. We walk up and before we even reach the door my mother comes running out hugging the both of us. I laugh as she holds me at arm length. “You have grown up so much! Hannah is just an angel, you raised her well. Come on in we need to talk and Hannah is waiting for you.”

As I walk into my old home, the comfort and smell of my parents invade my senses. Home sweet home. I missed it, I really did. I smile as I see my father sitting in his usual recliner. “Daddy!” I yell as my father stands and I walk over quickly and hug him. “I missed you,” I say into his chest since he is a lot taller than me. Most male weres are actually. I was always a daddy’s girl growing up.

“My little girl is all grown up. I’m so proud of you,” my father says smiling down at me.

“Mommy!” a voice says before I feel arms wrap around my thighs. I look down to see Hannah smiling up at me and I bend down and pick her up. “I sweetheart, did you have fun at grandma and grandpas?” I ask kissing her forehead while she nods quickly.

“I stayed in your room momma! I’m a big girl now!” Hannah says smiling, making my smile widen. I set her down as she runs over to Josh tackling him. I smile again. Maybe this all could work out finally. I see my parents are sitting down again which I take as my queue.

“Honey, we need to talk about last night,” my mom says placing her petite hand in my father’s large one. I wish I had the easy mating they did.

After an hour my story is finally complete. My parents just stare at me for a moment before my mother is running over hugging me. “Oh my poor baby, you have been through so much and all by yourself! Why didn’t you tell us? We would have done everything we could to help.” She says tears pooling in her eyes.

“I didn’t want to bring dishonor to you. You’re a powerful enforcer and I didn’t want to taint your title,” I say looking down sadly. My father pulls my chin up and looks into my eyes.

“You were always one to put others before you and that is exactly why you are the best daughter a man could have.” I smile and hug him again.

I really did miss this. I missed it a lot.

“Yes mom, I will see you every Sunday at the house from now on for family dinners. Okay yes, Wednesdays are the days you babysit Hannah. Yes, now I have to go. It is close to Hannah’s bed time. I love you, night mom. Goodnight dad,” I quickly hug my parents and walk to the jeep. Josh carrying Hannah to the car and locking her into her car seat.

Josh takes my free hand as we drive home and the ride is peaceful. “Would you like to go on a date tomorrow night? How does that sound?” I look over to Josh after turning the car off. His eyes show worry and his body is rigid. I smile and lean over and kiss him on the lips. A smile lights up his face as he gets the hint before pulling me back in for another kiss. My hand reaches up instantly and lays on his cheek.

“Ew, momma I don’t want see that! You are sharing your cooties with each other!” Hannah says giggling. We break apart and I quickly get out and grab Hannah. She runs into the house, Josh and I laughing behind her. Our hands intertwine instantly and we walk into the house together. “I have Hannah. Go grab something to eat and I will meet you in your room for maybe a little fooling around?” Josh says giving me the puppy dog look.

“Well, I do need a shower,” I say a smile slowly slipping onto my face. He smiles widely and wraps me into a bear hug, kissing me passionately quickly. He releases and runs up stairs grabbing Hannah’s sippy and Hannah on the way. Hannah’s face priceless, but I’m not objecting.

I quickly make and eat a sandwich before walking upstairs. I stop and kiss Hannah goodnight before heading to my room only to find my bathroom light on and steam coming from under the door. I slowly walk over and open the door. I head water running and look over. Of course my bathroom is huge and I don’t see anyone. I walk further in and look around the corner, past the empty shower.

“Josh?” I ask aloud as I turn the corner to see Josh in my grand Jacuzzi tub with two wine glasses in his hand. Naked. A purr leaves my throat as I look across his sculpted chest. “I see you found my secret stash of wine in the closet.” He smirks before lifting one higher. I smile and walk over, shedding clothing as I do. Once I get to the tub I’m completely naked.

Josh lets out a small growl as I step into the warm tub. I take my wine glass and hold it up. “To us,” I say and he nods in agreement before lightly tapping his glass to mine. I gulp the whole glass down and proceed with the nights events.

Just maybe, I could get out of this cliché story. Maybe I could make my own. Starting tonight.

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