Pregnant and Rejected.

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Chapter 13

“But Josh!” I beg as we walk out to the jeep. “No buts Nik. We have to go to this. As much as neither of us want to, we have to. You know the joining of packs takes every member of both packs present.” I sigh and get in the drivers side. Josh buckles Hannah in quickly and gets in himself.

“I hope you don’t like those clothes your wearing,” Josh says laughing. See, when you switch packs or join you shift into your wolf. Clique howling together kind of thing. Of course Hannah can’t shift until she is 16, but her alpha genes will probably make her shift early. So we never know when she will.

The drive is way too short for my liking. Before I knew it I was pulling into the new pack house. The 5 story pack house that is probably as big as 2 mansions combined. The only thing I like about it is its surrounded by woods and my home is only down the street.

I park quickly in the driveway which is a huge circle around a fountain may I add. Perfect for a gathering. I get out and grab Hannah. She clings onto my hand scared. She has been hesitant to ask about Hunter all week, but Josh let it slip today that he will be here. She is just nervous now.

We walk into the house and straight through to the back where the rest of the pack is. I would have just gone around, but there are very tall fences blocking the backyard from the view of humans. As I enter with Hannah clinging onto my hand and Josh behind me every stops and stares. The elders with shame, mothers with awe, mateless with open mouths, and my mate smiling from the front of everyone. I guess we were the last ones they were waiting for. Hannah giggles at seeing her father and looks at me. I shake my head and she frowns. He eyes starting to water. I bend down and pick her up quickly looking over at Hunter. He quickly mouths ‘bring her here.’

I slowly walk through the crowd, Josh trailing behind, but got pulled to the side at one point. As I approach Hunter, I feel the electricity in the air heighten, my fingers tingling to just reach out and touch him, I see his face brighten and his shoulders relax as I walk forward. Hannah smiles brightly as I stop in front of Hunter.

“Hi,” Hunter says hesitantly his fingers twitching every couple seconds. He just has a tight black shirt on and a pair of basketball shorts on showing off his excellent body. His hair spiked slightly and his eyes. The eyes that I could just get lost in forever. My perfect match. My goddess’ choice for me.

“Daddy,” Hannah says reaching her arms out for him, but just as he reaches for he. “Alpha! I have news from the goddess!” Alex, Hunter’s beta says running out of the house.

I quickly turn around only to bump into him. As I fall to the ground I turn my body so Hannah would land on me, but the impact never came. Instead tingles spread through my body and a growl goes through the air. I look up to see Hunter glaring at Alex as he picks me up and sets me on my feet effortlessly.

“Watch it Alex,” Hunter growls and Alex is quick to apologize to Hannah and I. Hunter pulls me to his side to make sure Hannah and I are safe. I bite my tongue knowing if I disrespect him in from of the pack I will be punished due to no one knowing we are mates. Well I think no one knows. I’m not sure.

“Now, what is it you have heard from the goddess?” Hunter says looking to Alex. See not a lot of people see the goddess. And the only time they do is to deliver a message or to help with a hard situation. In this case, to deliver a message.

“She gave me a message. Oh, she was so beautiful, Hunter. But her message just seemed off. It was like a poem-” Hunter cuts off Alex saying, “Just tells us already,” he says as the elders surround us. The 2 packs trying to hear.

She said, “ To the one who is confused, your path is foreseen. You will lose something, and you will gain another. The times will be tough, He will pick up the pieces. But never forget I am looking over you. Fate can never change. I know best.”

I feel the tears fall down my face. I know who that is for, but why did she not just come to me instead of through the pack. Through the pack....She wanted the pack to know! She wants everyone to know her destined match is Hunter and I. That I’m there alpha female. I’m there alpha female...and I failed them.

“Okay, we will deal with this later everyone. Right now we need to move on with the ceremony. Everyone kneel facing I.” Hunter says moving so he is in front of everyone. I set Hannah down next to me as Josh comes to stand beside me. I take a knee as I wait for the next words. Hannah just stands there looking at everyone as does the rest of the children. “Our two packs, the Midnight Pack and the Shadow Creak Pack will be joined.Will alpha Williams please come and help us tie our packs together.

My alpha comes forward his mark of alpha gleaming in the sun on his arm as he walks out. I forgot about those. Hunter is always hiding his. Its a blue wolf rimmed in gold inside a black and gold intertwined circle. Its beautiful. The alpha female has that on their neck when they are marked, while the male’s mark when marked is simply a wolf with the initial’s of their mate. When he stands down from alpha the alpha females mark will turn into that of the males only rimmed in gold as does the males, while the one on the arm disappears. Yeah, I know complicated. The goddess just loves making everything complicated.

I push away thinking about the goddess because that only leads to what she said. I look up at Hunter to see him looking at me. Giving me a look that says he can’t handle seeing me kneel before him. Of course the alpha females do not have to kneel for the alpha because they are an alpha. Thats why Alpha Female Williams is standing to the right of Alpha Williams.

“We are one and we are together. Everyone who agree’s with this combining say I,” Alpha Williams says and a chorus of I’s are heard through the crowd. “Okay, I Alpha Williams step down and hand my pack, the Shadow Creek Pack to Alpha Hunter Remington. Do you accept?”

A smile lights up Hunter’s face and he speaks, “I, Hunter Remington accept your offer and will join the Midnight Moon pack with the Shadow Creek pack and create the Shadow Moon Pack.” Both Hunter and Alpha or John smirk at their name choice.

After the words are spoken I feel my bond to my own pack disappear only to be replaced by the new combined packs bond. My wolf comes forth and forces the shift. I don’t try to struggle knowing its inevitable. Hannah gasps beside me during my shift. The fur growing, my face elongating, and standing on 4 feet or should I say paws. I shake out my fur as I stand up. Hannah hugs my neck, but only manages to grab my leg. Werewolves are bigger than the average wolf and Hannah is not even 3 foot.

She loves my wolf form. I turn to see Josh’s dirty blonde coat. But before I could take a step towards him Hunter comes over and rubs his pure black coat up against my golden one. A small growl leaves my mouth as I step back, but as soon as I hear a small whimper do I turn around to see Hannah on the ground. I must have hit her. I nudge her with my nose and she slowly gets up.

She always goes for runs with me so I kneel down. She stops crying quickly and gets on knotting her hands into my fur. She has always been good at hanging on. It’s what she has done since she was born. I turn back to josh to see a wolfish grin on his wolf face. I see Hunter giving me a look of pure longing. He walks over anyways and nudges Hannah making her giggle. She reaches a hand out to pet his head so he bends down just for her to reach since Hunter is a lot taller than me and I’m tall for a femme wolf.

Hunter lets out a powerful, proud howl, which is followed by everyone else’s and faintly I head Hannah trying to howl along, but she just comes out as a squeak. After the howl Hunter motions for Hannah and I to start running, giving me a be careful eye. I ignore him and take off, Hunter right behind me. If no one knows we are mates they do now because only alpha female wolfs are allowed to ever run in front o an alpha. Hunter runs by one side with Josh flanks the other, but slightly back because that would be disrespectful to the alpha.

Hannah laughs as we pick up speed and clutches on tighter. But just as I’m about to relax an arrow comes out of no where aimed at Hannah, but before I could even move Josh jumps out in front taking the arrow. A whimper leaving his mouth as he falls to the ground. Hunter stand protectively in front of me as I kneel down. Hannah quickly jumps down and I motion to one of the mother wolves. Hannah nods and runs over hopping on the mother wolf. The mothers and another fighter takes off back to the house to protect the other children and elders unable to shift. Hunter nudges me to go to, but I just growl. More arrows comes towards us and I quickly go out and dodge them running straight to the trees ahead of us. Hunter and the pack close behind. I’ve always been the fastest wolf in my pack, so its obvious that I can outrun and arrow. In a blink of an eye I have taken out a Hunter trying to shoot me with another arrow and am on to the next.

Hunter’s have threatened our kind for years, thinking that we kill them. When all we want is to be left alone. I quickly go and help a smaller wolf that isn’t paying attention and about to be shot. I take down the hunter, not caring if I killed someone because they don’t have a heart for our kind.

As I look around afterwards everyone is just standing around. All the hunter’s are dead. As long as they have bows we are okay, but as soon as they figure other stuff out we are going to have some trouble.

Hunter comes out from behind one of the trees, but he isn’t the one I’m looking at. It’s the limp dirty blonde wolf laying on the ground. Oh goddess.

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