Pregnant and Rejected.

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Chapter 15

As I walk back downstairs I think about everything. It’s really down to 3 choices. Either take Josh away from his mate, go back to Hunter, or find some human. I could never take Josh away from his mate, I couldn’t the first time nor could I find a random human because he wouldn’t be able to handle a werewolf and her werewolf daughter. So literally, I’m stuck with my selfish, arrogant, egotistic, alpha mate. But I never said I would make it easy.

As I exit the back door Hannah comes running up to me, picking her up in the process. “Momma! How’s Josh?”

“He is..okay sweetie. But I don’t think Josh will be living with us anymore sweetheart.” A frown appears on her face. “So no more momma and Josh?” From the corner of my eye, Hunter’s head snaps up at hearing the words. I give Hannah a pained look and shake my head.

“Why don’t you go and play sweetheart?” I say setting her down and watch as she runs toward the other kids.

“I figure you heard everything that just went on,” I say as I sit down on the swing bench. He nods and leans against the wall facing me. “And you just expect me to just fall into your arms now? Since I don’t have anybody else to lean on anymore. Am I right?” He goes to open his mouth but I quickly go on, “Because don’t think I’m going to. You hurt me far more than you think. I am and only giving you one chance. Not because your my mate, but for Hannah. She deserves her father in her life. Do you understand?”

“I understand that Nikki. I will do anything to make you realize I have changed. I love you and Hannah more than anything and I promise I will make you love me again, I promise you will not regret it.” Hunter kneels down in front of me, taking my tiny hands tightly in both of his large ones. For an alpha, to do this in front of his pack is humiliating. Showing yourself to be lower then another will hurt a werewolf’s pride immensely. Because werewolves are very prideful creatures.

Before I could say anything back, screams erupt from upstairs. I leave Hunter there, open mouthed as I sprint into the house and up the stairs. I barge into Josh’s room, only to to see him sitting in his bed and Jessica looking at him, actually more like begging him to understand. Josh looks to me, sensing I’m there, reaching a hand out. I see a flash of pain crosses Jessica’s face and I wince. I slowly walk over to Josh’s bedside, not caring if he was naked or not.

“Nikki, what is going on? Why is this woman telling me she is my mate when I feel no pull or bond. My mate died. Shannon is dead.” Josh says pain evident in his eyes.

Sighing, I sit down next to him. His hand tightening in mine as I do, like he was scared I was going to disappear in mid-air. “Josh, listen to me. You have a second chance. A second chance at a mate just like I do. Hunter has changed. I can feel it. Jessica has as well. She is not who she used to be when I knew her. She says you are her mate and it is true. The reason why you don’t feel the bond is because you haven’t acknowledged the bond. You know how the bond works, the eye contact and then the first touch. Have you even done either?”

He looks at me sheepishly before trying to answer, but I cut him off. “No, you haven’t. Look at her, look her in the eyes. You know her words are the truth. I will be okay. You still have Hannah and I, but you have Jess now and I know you will be happy. Now look at her, for me and for yourself.”

I get up as his eyes slowly travel up to her eyes, I see the bond be created as they make their first eye contact. His hold on my hand releases automatically and it reaches out for her subconsciously. I step back as she takes my spot and smiles up at me. She mouths a quick thank you as I smile back at her. I take that as my cue to leave, slipping out of the room silently and walk downstairs. Tears starting to form in my eyes. I know its selfish of me, but I really thought that we were going to be together. He was the one that put me back together, he picked up the pieces and knew exactly how they fit back together. As I pass the mothers in the pack I hear them whispering, about me. I ignore it as I exit through the back door.

Only to be cut off by a blond barely wearing any clothing. “Stay away from Hunter.” I just stare at her. She has got to be kidding me. Before I could even think twice about it I burst out laughing. “Your kidding, right?” She gives me a strange look, before I just push by her and walk down the stairs. Showing her disrespect and that she is no threat to me.

She grabs ahold of my hand and I snarl, turning and crouching into a defensive position. I rip my arm out her hold as she gives me a scared look. Hannah comes running over and I move myself so I’m crouching in front of her. “Don’t ever touch me again. Do you hear me?!” I hiss out through my teeth as I see Hunter come walking over a confused expression on his face.

“Okay everyone calm down, whats going on here?” Hunter says sternly, placing himself between the two of us. “Oh, Hunter this girl tried attacking your future luna! I was so scared! You should punish her for what she has done,” the girl sneers grabbing ahold of Hunter’s arm. I snarl as her skins touches his. I might be pissed at him, but hey, still my mate.

He rips his arm out of her hold before looking at me. “What has she done now?” I look at him like he is crazy. She has done this before?

“Well, for one she told me that you were hers, and then as I walked by her grabbed ahold of me. You know an alpha does not tolerate unwanted touches from such a low ranking wolf such as this.” I sneer as Hannah presses herself to my hip and holds out her hand to Hunter. Hunter smiles down at her giving her, his hand before turning to face the girl.

“Amy, how many times do I need to tell you, you are NOT my mate. My mate is the one you just disrespected and if I find out you do this again, I will have you punished for stepping out of line. You will give an apology to your luna and you will go find your mate and stay with him. Do you understand?” Hunter says, alpha command lacing his voice.

Amy bows her head respectively and quickly says an apology to me before scurrying off. I look to Hunter to see he is already looking at me. “You haven’t said anything about me calling you my mate or my luna. Did you change your mind?” I look into his hopeful eyes and then down to my daughter with the same piercing blue eyes.

“You have one chance. If you ruin it, I’m gone and so is your daughter. Do you understand me?” I say standing up straight with my head held high. Before I could say anything else Hunter already stepped forward wrapping his arms around my waist and lifting me up. As he spins me around a small smile lights up my face, I make sure though before he can see my face, the smile is gone. I am not giving in that easily.

“You won’t regret this Nikki! I promise you won’t!” Hunter says before kissing me on the forehead. I enjoy the tingles that shoot through my body at the mere contact, the kiss gives me.

Maybe, just maybe I may get my happily ever after.

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