Pregnant and Rejected.

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Chapter 16

My eyes slowly open and I look around, what woke me up? I stand up and walk towards the bedroom door and that’s when I hear it again. Someone’s pounding on the front door. What would they be doing here so early in the morning?

I walk past Hannah’s room making sure she is still sleeping, but she is not in there. I rush downstairs to see Hannah at the door. “Hannah, how many times do I have to- ” I stop talking as I see who is at the door. Hunter.

Hannah has her hand latched with his large one. “What are you doing here at this time I. The morning?” I ask, crossing my arms annoyed.

“Nikki, it’s almost noon,” Hunter says with a laugh followed by a smirk. One of those smirks that make butterflies in my stomach appear like I was a teenager again. Wait, did he just say almost noon? I have a patient at 1!

“Well, I have stuff to do if you’d just get off my front porch. I hear laughing coming down the stairs and I turn around. Jessica and Josh are walking down stairs hand in hand, big smiles on both of their faces. I forgot I told them they could stay here until they found a place.

“Good morning Nikki, Hannah’s, and....Hunter?” Josh says his smile never leaving for a second. “We are going out for lunch, would you like to join?”

“No thanks Josh, we already have plans,” Hunter says before I could speak up. I look at him confused. Jessica and Josh wave goodbye and leave out the garage door.

“What do you mean we have plans?” I ask as Hannah comes over to lean on me probably hungry.

“I mean go get dressed, I’m taking you two out for lunch,” he says giving me a determined smile. “Oh, and by the way you aren’t busy. Your patients today will be handled by my pack doctor, but don’t worry their still your patients and its only for today. So you can’t be mad.”

It’s like he knew exactly what I was going to say. “Momma, can we go? Please, I’m starving!” I look down at my daughter trying her best to get me to go by giving me her puppy dog eyes. I just nod my head and she goes running up the stairs.

“So, are you going to or do you need help getting dressed?” Hunter asks with a smirk on his face. I just snort and walk towards the stairs. I throw my hair in a quick braid and put o. A pair of Jean shorts, t-shirt, and sneakers. As I walk past Hannahs room I peak in to see her just standing in front of her closet. “What do I wear on a special day like this?”

I frown a little and open her door a little more. She looks over and smiles. “Do you need help?” She nods her head and I go over and pick an outfit out. A pair of floral sandals,with a Jean skort, and a flowery shirt. I help her get dressed and put her hair into a easy French braid, knowing she will have it everywhere if not.

As we walk downstairs I overhear Hunter on the phone with someone. “No Paul I’m busy today, you know why I’m busy, tell my father. He will know what to do, now stop bothering me.” With that he hung up the phone and turned to see us coming down the stairs.

He smiled as we came up next to him. “Are you ready?” I nodded and Hannah ran over and grabbed his hand. We walked outside and into his sleek black mustang. I look at him. “Are you really going to put your daughter in that?”

“I happen to be an amazing driver so don’t you worry, there is a car seat in the back. I brought the two door for a reason.” He says as he opens the back door and lifts Hannah up into the car seat. I sigh and get in the passenger seat. Hunter not a second after me gets in the drivers seat.

“Where are we going?” I ask annoyed, I hate surprises. He just smirks that smirk I could slap right off his face and starts driving.

After about an hour of driving we pull into a parking lot. “I can’t believe you brought us here,” I say my mouth agape as I stare at the huge amusement park ahead of me.

“We’ll, I figured hannah would want to go,” Hunter says before getting out of the car. I follow suit to see Hunter already getting Hannah out. “Shall we?” He says holding his hand out for me to take. I ignore it and start walking, seeing the hurt look on his face makes me want to apologize. The scene from when he rejected me after a one night stand flashes through my mind. Hannah instead comes over and takes my hand in hers the other holding Hunter’s. We buy our tickets and head into the park.

“What do you two beautiful ladies want to do first?” Hunter says making Hannah giggle. “Daddy I’m no lady.”

You know if only she could understand what happen between us maybe she wouldn’t care so much for him. “Lets get some food, we haven’t ate yet,” I say and he nods starting to walk to the food section.

“What do you two want to eat?” Hunter asks as we come up to one of the food stands.

“Cotton candy!” Hannah screams and I scowl. I walk ahead and start ordering two hotdogs, fries, and two waters. Ii turn around and Hunter is handing Hannah some cotton candy. “Hannah you know better. You can have it after you eat regular food,” I say taking thy cotton candy and nodding Hunter to go get his food and pay. He gives me an apologetic look and goes up to the stand.

“But mommy I want it! Daddy even got it for me” Hannah yells and I sigh. Hunter should have known better. “You can eat it after you get some regular food.” She stomps her foot and marches over to Hunter. So what I’m the bad guy now?

I ignore her as I grab our food and head to a table. Hunter follows with a grumpy Hannah behind him. “Come eat your food Hannah,” I say setting her food down. Hannah loves hotdogs so I don’t know why she is so upset.

She shakes her head and sits down next to Hunter. “Then you feed her,” I say shoving the food towards him across the table. I hurry up and eat my food before getting up and throwing it away. Why am I in such a bad mood all of a sudden?

As I put my drink up to my mouth to take a last sip. I smell it, the sleeping drug. The hunters invented it a couple years ago and is very hard to smell out. I turn to see Hannah asleep on the table Hunter giving her a weird look. I run over and grab her, “come on we have yo get out of here before we pass out. The hunters are here.”

I take off in a dead Sprint my werewolf speed kicking in. I don’t even go towards the car, I immediately go straight for the forest sand keep running. Hunter right behind me, I feel the sleeping drug starting to kick in. Mybe I can burn it off if I shift. “Nikki! We need to shift its the only way to burn it off quicker!” Hunter yells.

I nod setting Hannah down and quickly shutting. Hunter sets Hannah on my back and shifts himself. I look behind me real quick only to see an arrow fly not a foot by my head. Without a second thought I take off dodging in and out of the trees.

We finally come to a clearing and I slow down. I can’t stay awake I slowly walk to the center and slip Hannah off my back gentle. I nudge her trying to wake her up. She finally starts to stir. ‘I need help Hunter and I have been drugged I’m sending Hannah off please find us we were at the carnival,’ I say through the pack link to Josh. Hannah finally opens her eyes. I nudge her up and she gives me a weird look. “Momma where are we? Why are you a wolf?” Hannah asks standing up. I push her towards the woods. She gives me a strange look. “I’m not leaving you.” I pushed again and Hunter comes to stand behind me. ‘Nikki, you have to keep moving.’

‘I can’t the drug is kicking in too fast, take Hannah and go get her as far as possible before you can’t run any longer. Your an alpha you can hold it off longer.’ I say laying down the sleep taking over my body.

‘I’m not leaving you!’ He nudges me again and I shake my head. ‘Hannah is more important then me, I’ll be okay. I promise.’

‘You better keep that promise! I’ll be back,’ he says bending down in front of Hannah, nudging her on. She gives me a look before getting on.

Hunter gives me one last look before he slowly starts walking away. “No, we can’t leave Momma! We can’t!” She screams looking back but before she could try getting off, Hunter takes off in a dead sprint.

‘Take care of our daughter,’ I say before I slowly crawl over to the forest edge and hide under a bush. I finally let the sleep take over my body, I slip into darkness.

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