Pregnant and Rejected.

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Chapter 17

As I start to come to I realize two things, I’m in my wolf form, and that I have no idea where I am. I open my eyes to see a clearing and that I’m under a bush. I crawl out and stand to my full height.

Why am I here? Better yet, where am I? And then it hits me. All of the events that led up to this came flooding back. I walk around the clearing trying to sniff out any scents. I come across a humans trail, probably the hunters that were following us.

As I keep smelling I come off a familiar trail, Hunters. I take off in a dead Sprint and run for about an hour until a smell hits me. Blood. No no no. Please don’t be theirs.

I slowly walk towards the edge of the clearing and peer in. A man is there, standing over a pure black wolf Luongo. The ground with an hour in it. Before the man could make the final blow, I jump out of the bushes and leap onto him, bring him to the ground. See I never said my plan on not thinking and just jumping in was going to work.

Well it kinda worked, but now I have a dagger through my stomach. Without another thought I wrap my jaw around the man’s throats and bite down. I keep applying more pressure until I hear the familiar pop. I influence my jaw and bring my head up, to see a lifeless man in front of me.

Before I could even look around,my body takes a course of its own and flops over. I look around to see the wolf watching me. ‘Nik, I- I couldn’t save save h- her.’

I realize the wolf in front of me is none other then my own mate. He couldn’t save Hannah. My poor baby. The hunters have her. I look around to see her no where in sight. A howl builds up in my throat and releases itself without my consent. It is full of pain and sorrow.

I try to stand, but as soon as I getup I fall back into the pool of my own blood. The Hunter must have used Wolf bane on the knife so it won’t heal as fast.

I try to shift back, and howl in pain as the transition is hard with my wound. After withering in pain for what feels like,hours, I lay naked in my human form. I reach down and grab the knife in my stomach. My hands burning as soon as my hand touches it. Who invented wolfsbane anyway.

I grab it and pull it out as fast as I can before throwing it away from me. My hand searing in pain. I slowly crawl over to Hunter, trying to hold my stomach to stop the bleeding.

I once I reach Hunter I see the arrow is stuck right inches, just missing his heart. I know I can’t make him shift, nor could I pull it out without proper equipment. ′ If you can, hear me Josh, I need help. Grab my emergency medicine box out of hunters car since I figure that’s where you are at. We took off into the woods left of the car. Please hurry, Hannah’s missing.′ I lay down next to Hunter’s wolf and stroke his face. “It will be okay, hunter. We will find her. I say as a tear slips out of my eye at the thought of my daughter being in the hands of those terrible people.

**Josh ’s POV**

Jessica and I were at our favorite restaurant together just being happy to have each other. When I got Nikki’s message. Well the first one anyways that was about 3 hours ago and I haven’t heard anything from her since. The pack and I have been looking everywhere next to the carnival we even found a hunter in the park.

But we haven’t had any luck since we got her. We found Hunter ’s car, but no trace if them. Not even a scent, the hunters must have covered their tracks. I sniffing around the edge of the woods again when I hear it. A howl, a howl so filled with pain that it even brought the pack and I to our knees.

There’s only two wolves I know that can do that. An alpha or a Luna, and I know two missing one’s that need to be found. I’m about to shift into my wolf and Sprint of into the woods when I freeze.

′ If you can hear me Josh, I need help. Grab my emergency medicine box out of hunters car since I figure that’s where you are at. We took off into the woods left of the car. Please hurry, Hannah’s missing.′ Nikki.

I turn around and run to Hunter’s car at the other end of the carnival and break the window of the back seat. I grab Nikki’s medicine box She brings everywhere with her and turn around. She said off to the left.

It will be okay Nik, were on our way.

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