Pregnant and Rejected.

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Chapter 18

“Hunter, it’s going to be okay. Just keep your eyes open, for me please.” I say as I stroke his wolf’s head with one hand and put pressure on my stomach with the other.

I don’t know how long we have been here, but I do know we have both lost a lot of blood. Our wounds refuse to heal with the wolfsbane on them, nor can I take out the arrow in Hunter’s chest.

I feel the blood loss finally slowly shut down my body and I stop moving. My arms go limp on my side and I think. This is it. This is how I’m going to die, my daughter is with hunters doing who knows what, my mate is dying beside me, and I never even told him how I feel.

I know this is rash and everything, but I believe I care for him. Maybe not love just yet, but I can see myself forgiving him. Also I’m on the brink of death, so you can’t blame me.

“Hunter, I-I l-l-” and I’m cut off when I hear it. Pawshitting the ground. I weakly seat him, grabbing my knees for support.

“J-josh?” I say softly, not even a second afterwards wolves start barging into the clearing. One in particular carrying my medicine box. The wolf immediately shifts and runs over to me. “Nikki, what happen? Oh God your bleeding, really bad. Jess!” Josh says rambling, just like Josh to freak,out in a situation like this.

A small brown wolf come running over with clothes in its mouth. I realize all of the other wolves went back into the forest, probably to give us some privacy. The wolf shifts and quickly throws on a dress. Jessica.

“Okay, Nikki I’m going to need your help with Hunted, so I’ll patch you up first.” Jess says grabbing the box and kneeling down next to me setting down sweats, t-shirt, and shorts next to her.

“I need you to lie down so I can clean the wound.” I do as she says and take my hand off of my stomach. Its worse then I thought. I look over to see Hunter’s wolf looking at me and I reach over and run my hand through his fur.

I winse as I feel the alcohol on my wound,d. I grab his fur tighter and he moves his head slightly to touch his nose to my hand. I smile and Jess speaks up,“you need stitches Nikki, We don’t have time for numification so will you be okay without it?” I nod my head and look into Hunter’s eyes.

It feels like the whole world stops, nothing else matters anymore, just him and I. I can see the pain in his eyes, the love, and the worry as he watches Jess. Our eyes stay locked through the whole process.

As much as I wish our connection could drown out everything sadly it does not. A scream escapes my lips as she pokes the needle through my skin. I grab on to Hunter’s fur even tighter and he gives me a sincere look. Finally Jess finishes and wraps my stomach up with gauze. She hands me the sweats and shirt and I quickly put them on. I crawl over to Hunter and put my hand on his head.

“Hunter, you will need to shift as soon as we pull the arrow out. Do you understand me?” I say and he nods. I look to Jess and grab the arrow. She nods and I quickly pull the arrow out. Hunter howling as he begins his transition.

A pang goes off in my chest as I watch him wither in pain as he shifts. Hunter lies there a layer of sweat over his body. I lay the shorts over his lower section before looking at the wound in his chest. Its very deep and the skin is swollen around it.

Jess walks over and brings the pad with alcohol down on it as I grab his arms. He whispers in pain as his wounds stings from the alcohol. After cleaning it out, Jess uses tweezers to pull out the tip of the arrow. Once it’s out she starts patching him up. Stitches and a gauze that goes around his chest. I brush Hunters hair back from his face and lean down to kiss his forehead.

Hunter slowly sits up and pulls on the shorts. I put my arm around him before helping him stand up. Josh reenters the clearing with the rest of the men. “We need to send out search parties immediately. My daughter is missing and the Hunter’s have her. Now.” Hunter says in his alpha voice and the men start shifting and running off.

Hunter looks to me and puts his other arm around me. “We’ll find her Nik, I promise.” I sigh and lean into his side. I really hope we do.

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