Pregnant and Rejected.

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Chapter 19

It’s been exactly 3 weeks since the hunters took Hannah. We have yet to even find a trace of her or the hunters. Hunter has been sending out search party after search party. The first week we went out every night with a search party and didn’t come back until dawn of the next day. Hunter’s beta Nick finally convinced us that we are needed here to help pin point a location.

So thats exactly what we have been doing the past two weeks. I gave up on the whole making him pay and earn me back because seriously, he is the only thing keeping me together. We never leave each others side for more then a couple minutes. Without him, my rock, I break down as the pain hits me of losing my child. I know Hunter feels it to. We never do anything more then stay in the same room.

When one of us knows the other is having a hard time we will hold hands or hug because really, neither of us can even think about anything else.

Our wounds finally healed after the first week, I actually ended up ripping mine open again on our last search we went on. Hunter forbid me to go on another until it was fully healed. Not like either of us were going to go on another anyways.

“Nikki? Hello, are you in there?” My vision snaps back into focus as I see a hand going back and forth in front of my face. It’s Becky. When she heard what happened her and Ben came back immediately and has been making sure Hunter and I stay healthy. Caitlyn and Andrew have been around, but they have been out searching as much as possible since we cannot be.

“Nikki, I brought you dinner. Its on the table, go eat.” Becky says before walking over to Ben. They walk out hand in hand as I just stare. “Nik, come eat.” A gruff voice says and I turn to see Hunter sitting down at his desk eating. I nod and slowly walk over. Grabbing the plate and sitting down in the chair at the front of his desk.

“Where could they be? We have searched the forest around us head to toe. They couldn’t possibly have gone far. We have wolves watching every inch of the border, even on the towns.” I say weakly as I just pick at the food in front of me.

Thats when it hit me. The only place we haven’t looked is in the towns, but they are huge. We could never find them. This entire time we thought they would be in the woods, but we never even stopped to realize that they are humans.

I stand up dropping my food to the floor. “Nik, what the hell?” Hunter says as I walk quickly to the table in the middle of the room and grab the map to the city. The city closest to the carnival to be exact. “Nikki, what are you looking at the city for?”

“Look! Theres the carnival,” I say circling it with the red marker. “And this is where we were before we were found.” Circling that as well. There humans Hunt! Their humans! They must be living in the city.” I circle the place where they attacked us about 2 months ago. I sit there and stare at the map. The three circles all surrounding one place. The town of Brookefield.

Where my parents live. My parents chose to live along the humans only because after retiring from the beta position my father took a job as head doctor at the hospital there. He had the training before hand, but I haven’t even heard from them in a while. My stomach drops and a sickening feeling consumes me.

What if they have my parents too? “Hunt, we have to go see my parents.” I say as I circle the town about 3 times.

“Why Nik? I don’t think now is the time for me to meet your parents.” I whirl around and glare at him.

“Look at the damn map Hunt! All the attacks lad to this one town, the one town where my parents live!” As Hunter stares at the map, it finally sinks in. He quickly walks over to his desk and grabs his keys.

“I’ll tell the pack to round up while we go check on your parents.” he says as we walk out the door. I see pack members all rushing around, anxious to get to the next heir of their alphas.

We quickly drive to the town before pulling up in front of my parents house. Both of their cars are home, thats definitely isn’t good. They are never home at this time. I quickly run u the stairs and turn the knob. Its unlocked. Okay, maybe they just had the day off.

As I open the door, I freeze at the sight in front of me. Hunter gives me a confused look before coming up behind me, freezing as well.

My parents house is a complete mess, furniture upside down, everythings broken. Like a struggle happened. I slowly start walking inside. “Mom? Dad?” I call out weakly. Thats when I hear it. Faint breathing. I quickly bolt forward following the sound into the kitchen. Blood is everywhere. Dishes thrown everywhere, but that doesn’t scare me.

The huge clump in the middle of the floor does. I rush over and kneel down next to him. My father, laying in his own pile of blood. Barely breathing. “Daddy? What happened? Where are you hurt?” As I look across his body I see a arrow protruding from his leg and from there knife marks all over his body. Unhealing. “Hunters,” he breathes out before he falls into unconciousness.

“Hunter, look for my mother and get me the first aid kit in the upstairs bathroom,“I yell as I hear him step into the room. He quickly leaves and I grab the paper towels from the floor.

Hunter comes back in and hands me the first aid kit. I quickly open it grabbing the supplies I need. I find the worst wound in his back, a knife puncture right through to his stomach. He was lucky it didn’t hit any organs. It just barely missed his kidney.

I grab the alcohol and start cleaning the wound as quickly as possible. My father stirring in his sleep. I know by the time I’m done he will be in a coma to let his body heal. I start stitching the wound closed as Hunter kneels down next to me and starts cleaning the rest of the minor wounds. I give him a a small smile, knowing as alpha he knows what he is doing.

As I finish stitching up the wound and wrappng gauze around it, I move to the arrow. The arrow luckily didn’t go in very far. I quickly pull it out and start cleaning it. Afterwards I wrap it up, as it not being serious enough for stitches. I quickly wrap up anything else that needs to be before looking at Hunter. He nods once before mindlinking a car to come pick him up to bring him to my home’s hospital.

I stand up and start looking through the house. My mother no where in sight. But one thing catches my eye. Next to the upside down couch there is a piece of shirt. A nametag on it to be exact. My parents must ave ripped their shirt.

It says, ‘P. Morgan.’

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