Pregnant and Rejected.

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Chapter 2

“Hey!! Lets go dance,” Becky says pulling me from the kitchen where beer pong and drinking games were going on. I laughed, too drunk to care anymore. We reach the dance floor and start dancing, what we think is sexy but is probably making us look like complete fools. Yet boys are still attracted to us.

A guy comes up and starts grinding against my back. I smirk and start grinding against him. Not caring who it was, I was determined to just have a fun night. The guy whispers in my ear. His voice husky due to the alcohol, “my name is Aaron you wanna go upstairs and do a little getting to know each other?”

I stop dancing and grab Becky and walk over to the couch where the couple is sitting with a couple guys. I might be a partier, but I’ve never been one to sleep around, I have been waiting for my mate. My mother told me it was so much more worth while when she met dad then to give it up before hand. It’s more special, as she would say.

“So Nikki, anyone here caught your eye yet?” Andrew asks wiggling his eyebrows at me. Caitlyn smacks him. “Hey! What was that for?”

“We all know she is waiting for her mate unlike someone here..” She says shooting a glare at Andy. Becky grabs my hand, I

look over at her. “It’s okay to wait for your mate. Heck I’ve been waiting just as long as you. You won’t be a virgin forever, he will come along and sweep you off your feet before you even know it. Now stop pouting and let’s go get some more alcohol!” I smile at her before following, she has always been able to cheer me up. Maybe that’s why we have always been such good friends. I remember when we first met back in middle school.

“Hey you! You’re in my seat!” The bully of our class says stomping over to where I was sitting. I just moved here so I didn’t really know much, except to stay away from Rebecca Montgomery. From what I heard she is the head macho of the grade. We were only in 4th grade. Little me was sitting at the table in the back of the cafeteria to stay out of everyone’s attention. That plan didn’t work very well. But little me was just as stubborn back then as I am now. “I don’t see your name on it so its up to grabs.”

She shoots a glare at me before taking a marker out and writing her name on it. “There now it’s mine. Get out.”

“No,” is all I reply before opening the wrapper of my moms ham and cheese sandwich she packed me. “Is that a ham and cheese sandwich?” Rebecca yells sitting down next to me. I look over and nod my head seeing she her own lunch in hand.

“Wanna trade? My mom packed me a breakfast biscuit, egg, ham, and cheese sandwich. I just warmed it up even though my mom doesn’t understand that I don’t like them yet. I usually throw it away, but my moms best friend works here so if I don’t warm it up she gets suspicious.” She says starting to ramble. I think we would make good friends. “Sure, but one condition.” I replied smiling my toothy grin.

“What’s that?” She says knowingly smiling back with just as much of a toothy grin. “That we be best friends forever and ever!” I yell and we both squeal hugging. Everyone stopped and stared, but we didn’t care.

We had been friends ever since. Andy came along a couple months later moving here from Florida. We didn’t like him at first, he didn’t have a southern accent like we did since we were live in Georgia. Our young selves just wanted an excuse to pick on the new boy. We all became friends that way. We were always the group getting into trouble from the day we became friends to the day we graduated and even through college we stayed in touch.

“Hey, earth to Nikki!” Becky asks waving her hand in my face. I blink a couple time before focusing on her. We were in the kitchen now.

“Sorry, I zoned out. What were you saying?” I reply smiling.

“You do that a lot lately don’t you? As I was saying, do you want a mix or just straight?” I just give her the look and she smirks. “Straight it is,” she hands me the drink before holding it up, “cheers?”

“Cheers,” I say and we both down the liquid before slamming our drink back down.

A little while later I was conversing with one of my old friends from high school sine Becky had ditched me to go flirt with a hot guy from Caitlyn’s pack at little bit ago. “So, what have you been up to since high school?” Jake asks me.

I shrug, “nothing much almost finished with college. How about you? The last time I remembered you were taking a scholarship to play college football over in California?”

“Well after I graduated I took a job offer to play with the Miami dolphins and while down there I met Payton. She was trying out to be one of the cheerleaders and we have been together ever since. She was going to come, but her mother wanted her to visit them up in New York. ” I laugh knowing how mothers can be. Mine are just glad that we lived near my college since werewolf colleges are usually far away.

When I went to breath in, it hit me. Jake was starting to say something else, but I couldn’t hear him. All I could focus on was that scent. It smelt like mint, cinnamon, and woods. Weird I know but somehow it smelled good. Really good. “Sorry jake but I have to go.” I say ad walk away not even waiting for a bye.

Following the scent into the kitchen I find Caitlyn and Andrew conversing with a tall, very defined, from what I can see gorgeous back of a man. “Oh, Nikki come over here and meet my brother, Hunter,” she says smiling pulling me over. From seeing how he stiffens I can tell he knows what I just figure out. “Mate” my wolf yells in my head. Hunter is probably about 6′6 with a very built and defined body, dark shaggy hair that stops mid forehead, with the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen.

“Hunter, I want you to meet my mates best friend, Nikki. Nikki, I want you to meet my older brother, Hunter,” Caitlyn says smiling.

“Mate,” Hunter say just above a whisper and everyone freezes in shock. “Mine.”

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