Pregnant and Rejected.

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Chapter 20

Its been 2 weeks since we discovered my father and the mysterious P. Morgan. My father has also made a full recovery and is staying at the pack house for now. We have contacted all the local packs and no one has heard a thing about Hannah or the Hunters. Hunter and I haven’t been able to find anything about this P. Morgan. We have tried to trace the material and looked all over the internet. Absolutely nothing.

Hunter has been angry all the time, everything just seems to irritate him and I can’t say I blame him, because truthfully I’m the same way. Every little thing just seems to make me snap, Hannah meant the world to me and the longer I go without her makes me want to scream at everybody.

“Alpha, I think we have to gi-” Hunter’s beta, Alex starts to say but Hunter shoots a quick glare to him that makes him shut his mouth, along with a growl from me. Everybody is giving up on her, everybody but us. My mother is also no where to be found either, she must be with Hannah. Hopefully she is watching over her, if they are still…alive.

In the middle of my thoughts, one of the pack trackers comes rushing in. “Sir, we have captured a hunter. He was watching the property and John just so happened to be out for a run. He’s in the interrogation room now.”

Hunter looks at me before walking out of the room, I follow him through the house and down into the basement where we keep prisoners. Entering the room I see the human seated in a chair with leather straps around his wrists and ankles. Around him are various tools that I don’t even want to know are you used for, but I think I already know.

“Where is my daughter?” Hunter demands cutting right to the chase. The hunter just shoots a glare at him. “Don’t make me ask again.” The hunter just sneers before spitting at him. Hunter, no longer having any patience, grabs there man around the neck and lifts the chair off the ground. “You tell me right now or my pack mates and I will be making your life hell and trust me, death is not an option. I will take you to the brink of death and then feed you my blood just to do it all over again. Do you understand?” Hunter growls while baring his teeth, his werwolf fangs coming out.

The hunter visibly gulps before speaking, “I’m not going to tell you anything.”

“Nikki, I don’t think you want to be in here for the next few hours. Why don’t you go take a group and go out and search the boarders?” Hunter speaks up and I quickly nod, not wanting to see what comes next. I walk over and touch his arm, sharing a quick look with my mate before exiting the room.

I quickly mind link 5 different people before exiting the house and shifting into my wolf form. The 5 people already out waiting for me. We quickly take off.

We arrive back 5 hours later, we went through the property twice making sure we didn’t miss anything, nothing out of the ordinary. As we enter the house, everything is chaotic. People are everywhere, preparing for something. I quickly make my way over to Hunter who is barking commands at everyone. “Hunter, what is going on?”

He looks at me, finally realizing I was here and grabs me up in a hug. He has barely touched me in the past 2 weeks. “We found her her, Nikki!” He says a huge smile lighting up his face. For the first time since I found out Hannah was missing a smile spread across my lips and I hug him back. Hunter sets me bad down and both of us hurry to get everyone ready.

“What did the hunter say?” I quickly add in between commands.

“Well after using some techniques he started talking, P. Morgan stands for Peter Morgan a fake name used by Victor Hines.” Hunter says looking at me, as the pieces start forming in my mind.

“Hine’s Manufacturing Company? The one who makes guns and what not?” I say, thinking about the building that I would pass all the time while going through the town to go visit my parents. Of course they would be there. Hunter nods and everyone starts going outside getting ready to go ambush them. “How will we be able to survive against them and all of their guns?”

“Well, with our 2 packs being collided makes our numbers grow immensely and the hunter told us about secret entrances from underground. They start at the edge of time, right next to our property actually.” Hunter says.

“So thats how they got on our property so easily.” Hunter nods and we walk outside, seeing the three groups.

“Hello everyone, you all know what we are here for. We are invading the hunters hideout and will be attempting to get back my daughter and Nikki’s mom. There are three different locations in which each group will be assigned to. Alex’s group will be going to the main building by cars and will enter from the south secret entrance. My group will be going through the north entrance of the building, and Nikki’s group will be entering through the secret entrance of the property. Remember they have silver bullets that won’t kill you directly, but paralyze you long enough to kill you. If this happens, howl and someone will know to come and help you. Am I clear?” Everybody nods. “Okay, move out.”

Hunter looks to me and kisses my forehead, “we’re going to get her.” I nod and we separate going different directions. I quickly nod to my group before we all shift and start running towards the end of our property. When we arrive we quickly take out the three hunters inside. We’re going to have to shift back to be able to enter the tunnels. Everybody nods and quickly shifts back putting on the clothes around their ankles. I do the same and we all drop down into the tunnel one by one. We just entered the tunnels. I say mind linking Hunter.

Okay, we are in position to ambush on both sides. Hunter says quickly replying. We make our way into the tunnel and quickly find the entrance that the hunter said was there.

Hunter, we’re in position. I say getting ready to open the hatch. Hannah is so close.

On three, 1…2……3! Hunter yells commanding to the whole pack. I open the hatch and we all start filing into the whole that leads into a small cement room, like a storage room. We quickly exit that room and enter to see wolves fighting hunters everywhere. “Remember our mission, is to save the hostages!’ My group only has about 10 people in it while the other ones both had about 50. “Split up and start searching the rooms.” They nod and split up into twos.

Jess stays with me and we nod in agreement. She offered to come due to her medical knowledge as well. We quickly run down a hall fighting off the stray hunters unaware of the ambush. We open tall the doors and find nothing but storage or break rooms. We picked up some guns so we don’t have to shift into a wolves. Killing as we go we finally reach the end of the hall. The door leads to another large room, but whats in this one makes my heart skip a beat. Hannah. I start to run at her, when a man walks out with a silver knife in hand in front of where they have her tied up to a chair. I stop in my tracks.

I notice my mother off to the side passed out on the floor, tied up. “Let go of my daughter.” I growl out. We found her, Victor is here as well.

Where? Ill be there as soon as possible, its quite bloody out here.

At the end of the hall.

“Ah, but I have plans for her though. It would be no fun if you just took her.” He says as 10 guys with guns come out from behind the shelves.

“Mommy?” Hannah says waking up and seeing me there.

“It’s okay sweetie, Mommy’s here. Everything will be okay” I say.

I feel my bones start to shift, but Victor quickly speaks up. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you, my guards will kill you in an instant.” My bones stop shifting as I start surveying the room. Its pretty empty except for shelves lined with boxes along with the 10 guards, Victor, Hannah and my mother. Theres nothing I can do.

“I have to big of plans for you to ruin it now, starting with this.” Victor says pulling out a syringe. He walks over and stinks it into Hannah’s arm making her cry out.

“Stop it!” I yell at him taking a step forward, a warning shot goes off just missing my shoulder.

“Have you ever heard of a witch?” Victor says pulling the syringe out after putting the green liquid into her. Hannah falling limp. “Well, we stumbled on a coven of them and forced them to make us a potion before slaughtering all of them.”

“What potion is that?” I ask worriedly hearing wolves running down the hall behind us.

“That my dear is a mixture of two potions, one being a memory loss and the other one forever taking away a werewolf’s ability to shift.” At those words I take a quick breathe. No.

“No! You can’t do that!” I yell at him. Hunter bargaining through the door behind us. I put my hand up.

“Well darling, I just did.” he says a smirk spreading across his face.

He just gave Hannah a potion that erases her memory and makes it so she can no longer shift.

Hunter lets out a growl and steps forward. Another shot sounding and this time piercing Jess’s leg. She lets out a groan before freezing.

“Why are you doing this?” Hunter demands and the man just chuckles.

“I already told your dear mate that I have big plans for her, plans that cannot be revealed anytime soon.”

“You will let her go or so help me god I will rip you limb from limb!” Hunter spits out, followed by a growl. The man begins to laugh as he signals one of the guards to untie Hannah and pick her up. As the man reaches to untie her a growl slips from my lips. The man looks up at me with a sneer.

Nikki, use the gun. Take out as many as possible! Hunter sounds in my mind and I finally remember that I have the gun still. Before thinking it through I pull it up and start shooting as many as possible. Hitting 5 and killing them, while shots sound across the room, one hitting me in the leg. As I fell my body start to become paralyzed I keep shooting until I can no longer move. I drop the gun out of my hands as I see 4 more hunters drop to the ground. Hunter and Jess is unmoving next to me. Victor begins laughing once again.

“Now you shouldn’t have done that, now this will be too easy. With you being paralyzed for the next 15 minutes I can easily escape with your daughter.” No! He can’t take her! I watch, tears running down my face as he picks up my unconscious daughter and nods to the guard. “Kill them, kill them all.” He then turns and start walking towards the door behind him. A helicopter sounding in the distance.

I’m never going to see my daughter again..

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