Pregnant and Rejected.

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After Victor left everything got really ugly, really fast. But truth be told, I don’t remember much of it. I woke up in a hospital, bandages covering different parts of my body and absolutely no idea how I got there. Hunter had to fill me in on everything.

After Victor had left, rage consumed Hunter and I and our wolves took over, trying to protect their pup. Due to them taking over, our human selves kind of got pushed back and caused our memories to waiver. From what the pack told Hunter, between the two of us most of the hunters were mutilated, limbs removed, blood everywhere, that sort of thing, we even burned down the place. The only way to stop us from further mutilating the bodies was to sedate us. Hunter awoke before me and got filled in on everything, but none of this changed one fact, Hannah was gone. It took us both a couple weeks to recover from the wounds that were inflicted on us due to the silver in them.

I didn’t talk much after waking up, Hunter didn’t really leave my side either. His beta had to take care of the pack due to the state he was in. Once I was discharged I just stayed home, away from the pack. Finding myself sitting in Hannah’s room just crying more than I should have. Hunter took care of me, along with my parents. They were usually almost always at the house, forcing me to eat, shower, and sleep.

Hunter and I both knew there was no hope to find her. The pack hadn’t given up, but we sort of did. We had hope, but no determination. Becky, Andrew, Caitlyn, Ben, and Josh all tried to help, but nothing could bring back our baby. Josh ended up getting together with Jessica, they actually are already married with a pup on the way.

Actually, I haven’t even said that its been 5 years already without Hannah. The first couple were hard, a lot of grieving and denial. By the third year, I had completely let Hunter back into my life, we finished the mating and got married. It was all so hard knowing she was out there, but out of reach. By the fourth year, we had another child together, which brought us some joy to our miserable lives. Hunter was proud to have a son, but we both knew he would never replace Hannah. We named him Colton Michael, he is a spitting image of his father already except with my hair color. Looking into his eyes is like looking into Hannah’s, it always hits me a little hard when he does it.

Hunter actually moved into the house since we had so much space here and neither of us could handle living with the pack anymore, giving us sad looks and always apologizing. We’ve grown to love each other over the years and he has become my rock. Sure, you are all probably like oh they don’t even care, they have another kid, they lived happily ever after. But we didn’t, we feel the pain everyday of our lives and it is never going away, her room is exactly how she left it and I find myself in there often.

But present day, Hunter is back being head alpha of the joined packs, I’m 6 months pregnant with another pup and back to my hospital duties. A lot has changed since I first met Hunter, and there are so many things I wish I could change, but in reality I can’t. And somehow I deal with it and make it through. Because that is what you have to do. Deal with it. But I know, someday I will see Hannah again.

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