Pregnant and Rejected.

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Chapter 4

A knock sounds on my door and I quickly jump off my bed. “Come in,” I say hesitantly, slowly sitting down at the edge of the bed. Gosh, I am so nervous. The door opens to reveal Becky with a small brown bag in her hand. She quickly shuts the door behind her and comes and sits down next to me.

It’s been 4 months since Andrew’s party. And 4 months since my mate rejected me. Hunter. I stop myself before I can even start to picture his handsome face and his- No! Stop! He doesn’t want you! He clearly stated that. “Are you sure about this Nikki? Could you really be? Yeah know….pregnant? I mean you are on the pill aren’t you?” Becky asks, her voice just above a whisper.

“Becky, I only get my period every 4 months and I’m 2 weeks late. The last time I had it was the week before the party. What else could be wrong? I’ve even gained weight. Becky, I’m scared,” I whisper and she envelopes me in a hug and I silently cry into her shoulder. “What if I am? What do I do? I’m so close to finishing college and being able to start my life. I’m only 24…Sure, I’m old enough to have and raise a child, but I don’t want to do it by myself.”

“Well, before we get all worked up go take the test and then we will go from there, but Nikki. Know that I will never leave you like he did. I’m always here for you no matter what, Andrew and Caitlyn as well. You know that, right?” Becky says and I nod my head, a smile appearing on my face as I look at my best friend. I take the test from Becky and walk into my bathroom. I quickly take the test and set it on the counter. I wash my hands and grab the test, walking back out to Becky. I set the test on the paper bag and Becky takes my hand as we wait.

The test beeps and we look down, scared as to what it will say. Pregnant. I gasp and tears start to fall from my eyes uncontrollably. Becky just holds me as I slowly crumble all over again. Just like the night after being rejected by him. “It’s okay Nikki, we will get through this. Okay? You graduate at the end of the month and then we will figure it out from there. Okay? Let’s get you an appointment to check on the baby and then we will figure everything out okay?” Becky says starting to repeat herself. She tends to do that when she is nervous.

“I’m glad I have you Beck, I don’t know where I would be without you.”

*Graduation morning*

“Becky! I’m getting bigger! Do you think anyone will notice? I’m so nervous for my appointment after this and graduating on top of that. I can’t believe I’m actually graduating. After so many years of college, I’m finally done. And I have a baby on the way already. I’m a single mother Becky! Do you think I will be a good mom? Especially since my little baby won’t even have a father to look up to. To play ball with or anything.” I start rambling and Becky just laughs at me.

“Nikki, you won’t even see your stomach once you put that dress on. Remember we picked it out just for that reason. The appointment will go fine and yes you will do just fine as being a mother. Nikki, I’ve watched you grow up into such an intelligent beautiful woman. And now, it is time to go get that degree and go on that vacation you were planning on for 3 years while everything settles down. When you come back your house and clinic will be finished, furnished, and then will you be able show everyone the precious little thing in your stomach to the rest of the pack. You deserve the vacation. Just make sure you send me post cards! And Andrew too! He misses you. You haven’t even seen him since you found out. He isn’t going to know just by looking at you. I mean come on your parents don’t even know yet so how will he? Well anyways go get ready, we leave in 30 minutes.” Becky says before going and putting her makeup on. I quickly strip my clothes and throw them in the hamper next to the sink. I catch a glimpse in the mirror of my round belly. 5 months. I’m 5 months in. I can’t believe it. I actually probably should have went to the doctor as soon as I found out, but I just never had time. And now I plan to take a 3 year world tour around the world. Only because I don’t want to have my precious here. Plus I was already planning the trip before I even met him that night 5 months ago. I shake off my thoughts and get in the warm, relaxing shower. Letting my tense muscles relax and the stress run off me with the water. When I’m done, I quickly dry and pull on my underwear. I look at the deep blue silk dress that is loose around the stomach and tight around the breasts. Also with straps that go around the neck. I put the dress on and realize Becky is right. Sure I only gained 20 pounds, but you can’t even see my stomach in this dress.

*2 Hours Later*

“Nichole Smith,” Dean, Mr. Henderson calls out and I walk over smiling widely. I shake his hand and pose for the picture before taking my degree and turning back to my seat. I’ve finally done it. I’ve graduated. I place my hand on my stomach. Now little one, will I be able to give you the life you deserve. And I promise to do the best as I can.

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