Pregnant and Rejected.

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Chapter 5

“Nikki! I’m going miss you so much!” Becky says as we stand outside my parent’s house next to my car. Tears fall from her eyes as she hugs me. “You know I want to be there when my goddaughter or godson is born. I know you didn’t want to know what the little munchkin was, but since I can’t be there. You have to send a picture and the gender as soon as possible. Okay?” I smile to Becky and hug her back. I will miss my friend dearly for the three years I’m away.

“Now you can’t leave without giving your other best friend a hug now can you?” a voice says behind me and I squeal in delight. After my appointment, I finally decided to tell Andrew, but he was to keep it secret from Caitlyn. I couldn’t even bare to see her due to the similar features. I felt bad when she asked if she could come see me off as well and I shot her down. Drew knew why since he asked who the father was and I finally told him it was my mates. He was excited until he realized that no man was by my side. At first he became angry and wanted to kill him for hurting me like that, but I told him it was for the best.

“Are you sure you don’t want to tell him you are having his child, Nik?” Andrew asks again knowing Cait would love to know she would be an aunt. I sighed. He has asked me this so many times, but I don’t want our child be the only reason why he sticks around. He already stated he didn’t want me. The only thing keeping me grounded anymore was the munchkin growing in my, oh so ever getting bigger tummy. I have gained exactly 30 pounds in the past 6 months of being pregnant. Only 3 months left to go. I plan to have her in Hawaii where I will be staying for 5 months and then after traveling with my little one until it is time to return. She or he will be at least 3 when we arrive back. I wanted him/her old enough to be able to walk when we return. I just hope my parents forgive me.

“Well my plane leaves in an hour so I best be going. Are you coming Andrew?” I ask looking to Andrew. I already said goodbye to my parents 2 months ago. They left on trip to Italy to see some old friends. I asked Andrew to come drop me off so he can bring my car back home for me. Becky quickly hugs me, saying her goodbyes. I smile and say, “Don’t worry, we will talk almost every day and I never said you can’t come visit after my little one is born. I just need some alone time before all of this. Before, life comes crashing down on me. Okay? Also don’t forget to keep your mouth closed. Ok?” Becky nods and I smile at her, before getting in the passenger side.

The car ride was peaceful, Andrew and I just sang along softly to the radio. Once we get to the airport, Drew finally speaks up. “Why are you doing this? Why are you closing us off when you need us the most?” I heard the hurt in his voice the moment he spoke. I didn’t want to, but I can’t put my family and friends to shame either. They know as well as I do, one night stands are looked down on in the werewolf communities. You are to save yourself for your mate and no one else. Everyone knows that. That is exactly why rejections are unheard of…until me.

“Drew, you know the rules of the werewolf community. I’m hoping if I stay away long enough I can make up some dumb story to be able to keep the pride in my family. My father is one of the strongest enforcers. He is after all 3rd in command. You know that. What would the alpha and everyone else do when they found out their only daughter got knocked up on a one night stand? Lots. That’s what they would do. We would become omegas. My father would crumble if that happened. He has worked hard to get where he is. I can’t ruin that.” I say opening my door and grabbing my carry on from the floor. I rub my back as I stand back up. All this weight is killing my back, even for a werewolf. The only thing during pregnancy’s, you can’t shift into your wolf. Your wolf won’t even let you because they love the pups more than you. That’s why on occasion a wolf will force a shift making the woman lose the child, but that is only when the wolf knows only harm will come to her and her human. I guess mine thought we would be okay or as soon as I found out my body would have shifted.

Yeah, sure at times it sucks because my wolf tends to nag me a lot, but it’s what I have to do in order to have my child. “Yes, I know that Nikki, but what if you talk to him. Explain what happened. You know he will most likely take you back. All werewolf men are very protective of their offspring. He will find out eventually that it is his. He will take it from you.” At that I turn around and growl at Drew, holding my stomach protectively. “He will not harm my child. He had the chance to have a family, but he blew it. Now stop talking and grab my bags, I have a flight to catch. And I swear to the moon goddess, if you let one word about my child and I to anyone other than Becky I will track you down and kill you. Got it?” I say, the words just coming out of my mouth freely. I have absolutely no idea why I just said that.

Andrew gives me a hurt filled look before doing as told, not speaking another word. I feel bad, but he could risk everything I have built for myself. We quickly go inside and I check in. My flight leaves in 10 minutes. I turn to Andrew who put my luggage o the belt. “Look, I’m sorry for what I said. I just can’t risk it, Drew. This is far beyond my child’s control. He doesn’t want me, he will only want him/her and I can’t give it up. Not for anything. Okay?” Andrew nods, coming over and hugging me.

“Make sure to call every night and send pictures of my godson or goddaughter. Okay?” Drew says his usual friendliness back up and being the friend I know. Also yes I made Becky and Andrew the god parents. “I will, take care Drew, talk to you soon. Bye.” I wave and exit through the door that leads to the plane.

I quickly am seated In the window seat I asked for in first class, so I’m by myself. In just a short 5 hours I will be in Hawaii. It is times to relax and enjoy my life before I go back. I put my hand on my stomach. “Don’t worry little one, our life will be easy for the next 3 years. Then it is time to take responsibility. I really can’t wait until I see you the first time. I love you little one. I promise to try to make up for your fathers absence, but know. If I could have, I would have provided you a father. Hopefully, I will be a good mother.” I softly hum to my child and for the first time, I feel my child kick. It is a weird yet beautiful feeling. “Good to know you are in their sweetie, doing okay.” I say and continue to hum. Yes, I am pregnant with my first child. Yes, I have been rejected. But however, I will be the mother you need. No matter what.

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