Pregnant and Rejected.

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Chapter 6

~~~3 years Later~~~

“Momma,” Hannah says sitting on top of my stomach, smiling a big smile with her little teeth. I look around and realize we fell asleep on the couch watching television last night. I smile down at my 3, almost 4 year old daughter.

See I was only supposed to stay for 3 years traveling, but Becky said my house wasn’t finished yet. Yeah, I know after 3 years it should be, but we had a bit of a rough in with rogues and a lot were injured. But all is good now, my house is finally finished and I already seen pictures and had the furniture I bought online sent straight over so when I get home I can have someone help me arrange it properly. So yes, it has been 3 years and 11 and half months since I have been gone. Becky has visited every holiday and Hannah already had her around her little finger since the day she set eyes on her.

The only thing I have ever had trouble with was her looks. She is a spitting image of her father. The same dark blue eyes look at me every day just as his did that night. Andrew wanted to visit, but he couldn’t let Caitlyn see Hannah. We all know as soon as she sees her she will know whose it is. We are currently in a hotel room in Italy. We have been almost everywhere except over towards China, we just never had time. We were in Spain for months previous this. I have so many pictures of Hannah in this places that I have already started putting them in a scrapbook and on my spare time I decorate it for when she is older.

“Momma, me hungry!” Hannah whines snapping me out of my thoughts. I smile down at my daughter and pick her up and carry her to the small attached kitchen. I quickly fill her sippy with apple juice and hand it to her before grabbing her some fruit salad I bought yesterday on the way home. I cut it quickly into small pieces before handing it to her in her high chair. For a child, I was surprised when she doesn’t make a mess and instead eats it. She loves fruit more than anything. I myself grab some fruit and miss it with some yogurt. The best breakfast someone could have I think. I quickly sit down and pull Hannah and her high chair closer. Hannah has quickly eaten half of her bowl. I laugh as she makes a face at me with some watermelon juice dripping down her chin. I laugh and wipe the juice away making her giggle.

“I done!” Hannah says happily holding her empty bowl. I take it and set it in mine. “Are you ready to go home, Hannah?” She giggles loudly and nods her head eagerly. She misses her godmother I guess. She has so many people to meet. I still have yet to figure out a story, but I guess I will go with it as it comes. Even with her father’s prominent features, you can see me in her. Very much actually. I quickly throw away the paper bowls and forks. I grab Hannah out of her high chair that was already in the room and set her on the floor. Over the years I have bought everything she needed as she needed it. I mean I was prepared before she was born, but as she grew out of her clothes I’d just buy more as we went sight-seeing.

I bathe and dress Hannah and set her on the couch with her pacifier and Scooby Doo on with the monitor next to her. I walk into my en suite and set the monitor on the counter. I hear her giggling through the monitor as she watches her favorite show. I’m so happy to have her as my daughter. She is everything I could have ever asked for.

I quickly take my clothes off and throw them in a bag to be washed when I return home. I haven’t changed much I guess. After having Hannah, I quickly dieted and walked a lot to sight see so I easily dropped the baby weight. Over the couple years I have become very fit after shifting into my wolf as much as possible. Hannah loved my wolf and couldn’t wait for hers. My hair is now half way down my back with ombre hair, which I absolutely adore. I couldn’t be happier.

Hunter’s P.O.V.

My life couldn’t get any worse. I mean ever since Nikki walked out of my life, I regretted it. But I thought I didn’t want a mate. I was still young and still wanted to be free. I didn’t want to settle down yet. I wanted her back more than anything. For the first year, I went on like normal. Sleeping around and doing my alpha duties.

But the second year started getting worse, even the pack sluts were finding their mates. Everywhere I looked I seen happy mates together. The pack was always asking when they would get a Luna finally. It started getting annoying and I started lashing out when people did do that. But I finally realized that it was being away from my mate. Our rejection was never official. First is the actually rejection, but then there is the ceremony where the bond is cut permanently. I completely forgot about it and then when I went to find her she was gone on a trip.

Finally, these past 2 years were absolutely terrible, I realized how much I already loved her the moment I saw her. I remembered our night together and wanted nothing more than take back my rejection. I regret making her cry like she did. I regret the pain I gave her. I tried to get her friends to tell me where she went, but they wouldn’t budge. They even kept poor Cait out of the loop. There was something wrong I could feel it. I knew the perfect time to see her though. Rebecca found her mate. He was one of my enforcers, but he decided to have the wedding at her territory in a month. She has to be. No buts about it. It’s her best friend. I learned that much.

But how will I win her back?

Nikki’s P.O.V.

The plane ride was peaceful. Hannah quickly fell asleep and only woke for a few moments at a time. Thank god, because she is afraid of heights. We found that out after going to the top of the Eiffel tower. She screamed her head off until her feet were put back on the ground. I laughed remembering the poor man’s face as we went back down the elevator.

She is my everything and I don’t know what I would do without her. The plane finally landed and I see Becky, Andres, Cait, and I’m going to guess Ben, Becky’s mate. Ben is tall, handsome, with hazel eyes and short, dirty blonde hair. I’m happy for her. I turn to Hannah to see her already trying to look out the window. The light blue sun dress she is wearing starting to ride up. Thank god I put the matching shorts on her underneath. “Aunt Becky!!” She squeals and hurries to grab her little purse she holds her stuff doggy in from Spain. She told me she wanted a real one and for her 6th birthday I planned on buying her a collie that looks just like it.

I take Hannah’s hand after grabbing my carry on and walking out of the plane and down the steps. Becky comes running over and picks Hannah up spinning around in circles. “I missed you so much you little munchkin!” Hannah laughs and kisses Becky’s cheek. Becky puts Hannah down and Hannah quickly comes to my side when she sees the oncoming people. Her natural curls bouncing around her head. “Drew!” I exclaim seeing my old friend again after so long. I hug my old friend tightly. “You haven’t changed much and this must be the famous Hannah.” He says bending down so he is Hannah’s height. Hannah hides behind my leg more. I bend down making sure my white sun dress doesn’t show anything. “Sweetie, this is Uncle Drew. You remember him right? We used to talk through the computer remember?” At that Hannah’s little brain finally remembers her Uncle Drew and hugs him, while Drew just laughs.

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