Pregnant and Rejected.

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Chapter 7

Ben comes over and puts an arm around Becky’s waist. A ping of jealousy goes through me before I quickly banish it. I have Hannah, I don’t need….him. “I’m Ben, its nice to finally meet you after all of the stories I heard from my little mate here,” ben says smiling lovingly down at his mate. I really wish I had that. I shake his hand smiling and look over to a frozen Caitlyn.

“Everything all right Cait?” Andrew asks putting Hannah down and walking over to her. He kisses her forehead before wrapping an arm around her shoulder. “Drew? Nikki? Becky? Who is this?” She asks looking down at Hannah, who is hugging my leg.

I just stare shocked at Caitlyn. She knows! She can tell the resemblance. She sees Hunter in her. What am I to do??! But thankfully, Becky has always been a good on the spot liar. “She is Nikki’s cousin. Hannah’s parents died in a fire over in Italy. That’s why Nikki was so late coming home. She was taking care of her until the adoption papers went through. It’s her surprise to everyone. I forgot to mention that…didn’t I?” Becky says giving a reassuring look at me before looking back to Caitlyn. Caitlyn nods. Thank god! She bought it.

“Well, let’s get you to that new house and help you get settled in. All your furniture arrived yesterday. The truck is sitting out front.” Andrew says and we all walk to the belt and grab mine and Hannah’s luggage. Hannah stops me while everyone grabs them. “Why, did Aunt Becky tell that pretty lady that I’m your cousin?” Hannah says giving me a confused look. I sigh and kneel down in front of her. “We are pretending that’s who you are for a bit? Okay? It’s just like dress up. You’re a different person. Okay honey? Just don’t call me mommy around people you don’t know or Caitlyn. Okay?” I say and Hannah nods her head. The group comes back over and motions us to two cars. Andrew’s mustang is there along with my new car. I had Andrew sell my old one and buy the new jeep I have been eyeing. Its black and it is absolutely beautiful. Also I made sure to buy the child safety as well.

I walk over to my new jeep and throw Hannah and I’s bags into the back before strapping Hannah in the back next to Ben. Becky hops in shot gun, yelling like she always does. I laugh and get into the driver’s seat. Becky hands me the keys, I’m guessing she drove it here and I quickly turn the key in the ignition. I follow Drew as he pulls out of the parking lot and onto the road. The drive is peaceful for about a moment before Becky starts talking. “When are you going bring out she is your daughter? You know people will know by the resemblance. No one will judge you especially since you are now the pack doctor. Will you let Hannah meet her fa-“ Before Becky could even get the word out I smack my hand against her mouth. I give her the look that says, Don’t even say that word with her around. She catches on quickly and waits for my reply.

“I just don’t know Becky. You know how much I want him back, but he hurt me. You know I don’t just want him to want me because of her. It would break my heart if he cheated on me. I can’t handle anything more than I am now. So, let’s just get to the house and get it set up. Are you all staying the night?” I ask as I turn onto the road that leads to my old town.

“Ben and I are. Caitlyn and Drew have to head out after you are all settled in because they are going to go see Hunter..” Becky says, his name barely a whisper.

“Why are they going to see him?” I ask my knuckles tightening on the steering wheel. Becky gives me a nervous glance before answering quickly. “Togivethemtheinvitationformywedding.”

By now I have to be used to that mumbling, but I got out what I needed to hear from it. “YOU INVITED HIM TO YOUR WEDDING!” I yell almost stopping the car and going back. Far away from him. “That’s not the worst part…” She says giving me a scared look. She knows I have alpha blood in me since my mate is one. “We are colliding packs with there’s a week after the wedding…” A growl slips from my lips before I can stop it. “I’m so sorry, Nikki! I was afraid to tell you! I thought you would just never come home if I did. Please forgive me!” She says tears starting to spill over. God I can’t stand when she cries. “It’s fine Becky, I understand. I forgive you. It’s out of your power anyway. Also why are we colliding?”

“The alphas only son refuses to become alpha because his mate died from cancer a year ago. She was a human and without an heir we had no choice but to combine with the closest pack which just so happens to be next door to us.” Ben says finally speaking up from playing with Hannah. He will be a good dad someday. Poor Jake, he was a nice kid.

I turn into the driveway following Drew and drive for a few more seconds before I come upon a 2 story white house with dark blue roof, shutters, and a beautiful glass door. Flowers are planted all around and veins filled with flowers go up the side of the porch. It really is a beautiful house. The furniture truck is pulled up to the garage with the back lift already open. Becky smiles as I gape at my new house dangling the keys in front of my face. I smile and grab the keys from her. Ben gets Hannah out of her seat before following me up to the front porch. I smile even wider and unlock the front door. The living room is grand with white walls and dark mahogany flooring. A dark brown fireplace sits in the corner just wanting to be lit. One wall has complete ceiling to floor windows which is just beautiful. I walk into the kitchen to see again the same flooring with dark brown cabinets and dark granite counter tops. I smile and walk back out into the living room. “Well, let’s get me moved in!” I yell and we all cheer going into the garage through the door. I hit the button next to the door and the doors open. Man, it is empty in this garage. We grab the first thing in there. The wrap around dark brown couch that comes in parts so I can set up. Time to get started.

*6 Hours later*

We finally brought in and set up the last piece of furniture in the house, which was the guest bedroom furniture. Hannah loved her new bedroom. Light lavender with plush dark brown carpet. A canopy bed set up with light lavender canopy and bead spread and dark brown furniture throughout the room. My room similar, but with light blue walls and plush white carpet, with matching bedspread and dark mahogany furniture. The guest bedrooms all the same, all 3 of them with similar furniture, just without the canopy, all deep red, with matching comforters, with beige carpet and white furniture. We put the living room together, bathrooms were already ready, one connected to each bedroom with a powder room downstairs. The den was set up with my computer and all my paperwork, also one whole wall complete glass so I can see into the backyard and the porch. The pool with the fence connected to the porch and the full play set that was Andrew’s present to us for Hannah. The Dining room was set up and also the second sitting room just for Hannah and her toys to watch tv. That’s exactly where she is now. I stop. Where is my clinic?

At that thought, Becky gives me one more key to put on my new keychain. She points to a door next to the garage door. I wondered what that was. I walk down and see the basement completely finished. My clinic completely set up and ready to go. The separate beds, rooms, operating, waiting, and everything. I turn back around and look to Becky. “You shouldn’t have,” I say hugging my best friends.

“It is our gift to you. You have been a good friend also your parents chipped in so..” she says and I frown. My parents. I haven’t seen them in 4 years. I really do miss them.

We walk back up and I hug Caitlyn and Andrew bye before we all go sit on the couch. Hannah comes in and snuggles up to my side before falling asleep. It’s been a long day for her. “Well, I got to go put her to bed, are you two turning in too?” I say standing up and picking my daughter as well. They smile at me before nodding. I watch as they go hand and hand up the stairs. I want that…I want that more than anything. I sigh before heading into the kitchen and grabbing Hannah’s sippy I made seconds ago.

I walk up the stairs and into the room next to mine. I’m really glad I made all these room soundproof or I would be stuck listening to them all night. I lay Hannah down and quickly change her into her night gown. She wakes uo slightly and takes her sippy and I put her under the covers. “I love you mommy,” she says before falling asleep drinking her sippy. “ I love you too sweetheart. Don’t ever forget that.” I say before kissing my daughter’s head and walking out. Making sure to turn the monitor on first. My first night in my dream home. A good night. Now if only everything would stay this way.

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