Pregnant and Rejected.

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Chapter 8

“Nikki, is it bad that I still don’t have a theme color for my wedding that is only two weeks away?” Becky says as she looks through the racks of bridesmaid and maid of honor dresses. I sigh. We have been at this for 3 hours and yet she has yet to find me a dress as her maid of honor and bridesmaid dresses for Caitlyn and her other friend, Chloe. They became friends through work. Becky opened up her own fashion line and is a co-owner with Chloe. I guess I really did miss a lot.

It’s been exactly one week since I have been back and yet all I have done is help Becky plan, attend to my doctor duties, and finish decorating my new home. Hannah is being babysat by Ben who are sitting on the bench opposite the store. Or more like Hannah is babysitting Ben from walking out of the storm. He really hates shopping I guess. Becky decided to come out with the question if I’d be her maid of honor and Hannah be her flower girl the night after my first night here. And I totally said no…..

No not really. She just might kill me if I did. So here we are picking out dresses. And I am very bored. She already picked out her wedding gown. It’s a little on the princess side. The poofy, ball gown look. I’m not into that kind of thing, but she looks absolutely fabulous in it.

“I think I found the perfect color Nikki!” she yells excitedly and pulls out a royal blue floor length dress. It’s strapless with a corset back, that is tight till the waist and floors down smoothly. It’s silky fabric, shining in the light. Now that’s my kind of dress. Becky catches me standing before laughing. “Go try it on! Now!” She says pushing me towards the dressing room. I hear her say to Caitlyn and Chloe to go find a short dress with royal blue.

They were at the bathroom. They squealed and ran off to the racks. I laugh and quickly put the dress on. The dress fits my body perfectly and shows off my curves also! It’s a win, win! I smile and quickly stick my head out the door. Becky has a wide smile on her face and motions me out. As I come out Becky gasps. “Don’t you look beautiful! I might just be outshone in my own wedding,” she says laughing. Yeah, right. She is the one in white after all. “Momma, you look beautiful,” Hannah says tugging on my hand. I quickly glance around and let out the breath I didn’t know I was holding. Chloe and Caitlyn aren’t here. I still have yet to figure out how to tell everyone without having disrespect on my family.

I kneel down in front of Hannah and smile at her. “Well, we haven’t even got your dress sweetie. Why don’t we go see how you look?” I say and she smiles widely. She has always loved dresses and here’s the perfect opportunity to get the cutest one she can. She runs off with Ben right behind her to the flower girl section. I smile at my daughter. If only I could give her the father she wants. I remember last Christmas.


“Mommy! Mommy! Wake up! It’s Christmas!!” Hannah says jumping up on my bed. I laugh and pull her tight, snuggling into her.

“Hannah, it’s illegal to be awake at this time of the morning.” I say and she giggles. “But, the present’s momma! I saw them! Santa must really love me. Maybe he even brought me what I asked of him!” she says and tries pulling my hand. What did she ask for?

I follow her out into the living room in our apartment. She goes straight over to the tallest one she can find. She whispers it, but she doesn’t know I have advanced hearing since I first shifted. “Please be a daddy, please be a daddy!” I gasp quietly and a single tear falls from my eye as she opens the box and frowns slightly. I kneel down in front of her and pull her in my arms.

“I’m so sorry I can’t give you a daddy. I want to, but I just can’t. I’m so sorry.” I say as tears start falling.

“It’s okay mommy. I understand. I’m just glad I have you.” She says hugging me back.

*End of Flashback*

“Earth to Nikki! Hello, is anyone in there? Hello?” Becky says waving a hand in front of my face. I wipe my eyes real quick and smile up to her, but she sees through it easily. She gives me a sympathetic look, before smiling and pointing over to my lovely daughter. She is wearing a white dress that stop half way down her shins. The dress has royal blue edges and a bow that wraps around her stomach and it is absolutely adorable. “Mommy! I love it! Can I get it?” Hannah says running over and I pick her up and put her on my hip.

“Well…you got to ask your aunt Becky, sweetie. It’s her wedding, not mine.” I say and Becky just nods her head eagerly. Hannah squeals and runs off to Ben, showing off her dress. “So, is that it?” I ask as Caitlyn and Chloe come over with matching dresses. Both royal-blue, something like mine, but stopping mid-thigh, no corset, and more simple. Becky nods and we all cash out. Finally, we are done.

On the drive back to the house we dropped Chloe and Caitlyn off before heading home. Becky and ben are staying with me until the wedding while their house is being redone.

“Oh, Nikki, I forgot to tell you. An old friend of yours from college is visiting. He should already be at the house. He called this morning. I completely forgot in all the excitement.” Becky says glancing over. That’s Becky for you. Terrible Memory. I sigh and just wonder who it could be. I didn’t have a lot of friends in college, but I did have one…But he found his mate and left. It couldn’t be him.

I pull into my driveway to see a sleek black eclipse. I open the garage door and pull in. I get out and turn around to see someone getting out of the car. A very much built male, with dirty blonde hair cut short, but still has the bedhead sexy look. With bright blue eyes mixed in with hazel, wearing all black and boots. I immediately smile and run at him. “Josh!” I yell as he laughs and catches me in his arms.

Once I let go I immediately start talking, “What are you doing here? Where’s your mate? Is she okay? How did you find me?” An emotion flashes through his eyes before it disappears at the sound of the word “mate.” But it’s an emotion I know far too well. “Josh? What happened?” He opens his mouth, but no sound comes out. “Okay, that’s it you are staying with me, where’s your bags? I know you have them with you.” I say walking over to his car and peering in. Aha! I was right. He always brings clothes with him, but what I saw broke my heart. It looked like his whole life was packed up in those bags.

I frown and turn to Josh who just stares blankly. I open the car and motion Ben and Becky to help. Hannah already ran into the house. I got to go check on her. We quickly grab all his bags and walk inside. I hand the ones I have to Josh and motion him inside. I peer my head in Hannah’s den to see that she has fallen asleep on the floor watching Scooby Doo. I walk in and pick up her little body.

I walk back up and motion for them to follow me. I lay Hannah down in her bed and walk back out. I open the guest bedroom door next to Becky and Ben’s. Everyone puts the bags down next to the bed. Ben and Becky excuse themselves to their room. Josh sits down on the bed and I sit down next to him. “You know, I always thought my life would never turn out the way it did. When I met Shannon I thought my life would always be perfect, but it didn’t. She rejected me after 5 years of being together. Then when I went to find her to get her back, I found out why she rejected me. She was bit by a rogue not long before and she knew she was dying. The wolfs-bane in their teeth went through her blood and slowly killed her. She didn’t want to hurt me so she did the only thing she could. I didn’t even know she died. She died after returning to her home pack. I lost a piece of myself. So I found the one person that knows me better than anyone, you. I called your parents and they gave me your address. And then I called and your friend answered. Then here I am.” A tear slips from his eye and the worst part. I have never seen him shed a tear once in his life. I wrap my arms around him and he leans into me.

“Mommy? Who’s this?” Hannah say coming into the room rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. I put an arm around her and pull her into my side. Josh just looks between us before a sad expression takes over his face.

“You have a m-mate?” he say and the slight movement away doesn’t go un-noticed. I sigh and look up to him. “A couple months before I graduated college, I found my mate,” his face falls even more. “Well, we had a one night stand and then he rejected me. I found out I was pregnant with this one 4 months later. And 4 years later here we are. So, no I don’t have a mate,” I say trying not to cry at just the thought of my mate. Josh takes me in his arms quickly before pulling away and looking down at Hannah.

“I’m Josh, who are you?” he says, his brilliant smile on his face. “I’m Hannah, I turn 4 next month!” She says happily before hugging him. Hannah is a very friendly person I guess. She whispers in his ear. Not thinking I would hear. “I sorry you feel so much pain.” I look at her in shock before just shaking it off. She always knows how people are feeling. I guess she is just really good at reading people.

“Momma? How long is Joshy going to be here?” Hannah says looking up to me from Josh’s lap. I smile down at her. “Well, let’s go get some dinner and talk about it.” She squeals and starts pulling Josh out of the room, talking the whole way down. I go to Becky and ben’s room and knock. I hear slight giggling before the door opens up and Becky is standing there in just a blanket.

“I’m going to make dinner. It should be done in 15 minutes if you would like to come,” I say smirking. She giggles and nods her head quickly before shutting the door. She is lucky that she has a mate for that. I mean, it’s not like I haven’t had anything. One night stands, but I want just one man. To settle down with Hannah and him and get married…Maybe even have another child. Hannah always says she wants another sibling. I am only 28. I sigh. Gosh. I have been doing that a lot lately.

I walk down to see Josh holding Hannah up in the air. Maybe, just maybe Hannah will get the father figure she was looking for.

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