Pregnant and Rejected.

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Chapter 9

“Mommy!” Hannah yells running into the living room as I go to the door leading down to my clinic. “What sweetie? You know I’m working right now sweetie. Where’s Josh? I thought you two were playing on the swing set?” I ask picking my daughter up and setting her on my hip. “Josh told me to ask you something.”

“Oh did he now?” I say looking to the doorway to see him leaning, arms crossed against the door. “He was wondering if we could go see Despicable Me 2 after your done with work?” I look over to a smirking Josh. “Oh did he now?” I look to my daughter who is giving me the puppy dog eyes. Gahh. “Fine, I will be done at 5,” I say before setting my daughter down and planting a kiss on her forehead.

I continue to grab my coat and walk through the door. “Hello, Mrs. Sanders. It’s nice to see you again. How have you and the child been?” I say looking at the board. The lady beams at me while placing a hand on her ever growing stomach.

“Why yes, we have been good. Just in for my check up,” she says and smile. “Well let’s get started.”

*7 hours later*

“That. Was. The. Best. Movie. EVER!” Hannah yells as we leave the movie theater. “Whoa there kiddo, you better hold on or you will fall,” Josh says holding on tighter to Hannah, who is on his shoulders. “Mommy, I’m taller than you finally!” Hannah says giggling.

“Why, yes you are sweetie. Now where do you want to eat dinner? Becky and Ben will be back at 10 so it’s just us.” I say unlocking the car and getting in. Josh quickly buckles Hannah in and jumps in the passenger seat. “So Hannah, have you thought of where we should go yet?” A smile lights up her face before she blurts out, “Outback! Of course she would choose there. It is obvious werewolves love meat even at a young age. Also fast food places smell terrible.

The drive to Outback was short and we quickly arrive at our destination. Josh quickly hops out and grabs Hannah while I start walking towards the door to get us a table. We are quickly seated and start looking at the menu. “What are you going to get sweetie?” I say setting my menu down and look to my daughter sitting on the stool in between Josh and me. “Well, my favorite one duh.” She says giving me a toothy smile. I laugh and motion over the waiter. “Hi, what can I help y’all with today?” the waitress says eyeing Josh up and down.

“Hi, yes over here. I need two of the steak and alfredo meals with two Dr. Peppers please.” I say handing her Hannah and I’s menus. “I will have the number 2 meal with a mountain dew,” he says not even bothering to look away from Hannah who is talking animatedly about what they are going to do tomorrow. The girl huffs and walks off. I just laugh and look around. A smell hits me. A smell, I have smelt before. That smell is the scent that belongs to my mate. I look around panicked trying to find him. God, I missed him! Wait, no! I did not just think that. Finally, I spot him sitting in the corner booth with a pretty girl. About a couple years younger than I. She is really pretty with blonde hair and a beautiful smile. He found someone better than me. She reaches across the table and takes his hand and finally. I look to him. His hair is shorter than before, making him seem older and a lot sexier. His eyes seem dull, but his body just leaks power.

His head lifts ever so slightly and sniffs the air. I quickly duck my head down and start eating the food that arrived while I was watching him. Please don’t see me! Please let him not smell me either. “Nikki? Are you okay?” Josh says putting a hand over mine. My eyesight quickly focus’ on Josh’s worried face.

“Oh, yea I’m fine. Just not feeling so good,” I say shaking my head and looking around. I catch the eyes of the blonde, but Hunter is nowhere in sight. “What’s this?” I ask as a take-out box is put in front of me. “We are going to get you home. You are just acting weird.” He says putting the back of his hand to my forehead.

We quickly pack up our food and exit the place. I go to get in the driver’s seat, but am lifted up and placed into the passenger seat. “Hey! What’s that for? It’s my car.”

“You are in no condition to be driving, now give me the keys so I can get us home,” Josh says putting his hand out. I set the keys in his palm before getting comfy.

“Momma, are you okay?” Hannah says finally speaking up. I turn around and take my daughters out stretched hand. “Yes, sweetie, I am fine, just a little tired.” I relax back against the seat and the next thing I know we are pulling up to the house. I quickly get out and grab Hannah who fell asleep on the way. Josh unlocks the door and holds it open for me. Josh shuts the door and goes to the kitchen to put the food n the fridge. I follow and take the sippy he has in his hand.

I quickly change and put Hannah to bed with her sippy. I walk into my room and shut the door behind me. I feel numb, complete and utterly numb. I sit down shakily and finally the first of the silent tears beginning to fall. Before I know it the silent tears turn into loud, full body racking sobs. Somewhere in the middle of the night I finally fall asleep on something soft and maybe even breathing but I was too tired to realize it.

I awake with my head on something hard, yet comfy. I don’t pay any attention to it until I feel it move. I fling myself off the bed and lean my back against the wall. I look hesitantly to my bed and let out a sigh of relief. It’s only Josh. Wait. “JOSH!” I yell crossing my arms and looking to the now startled awake Josh who is rubbing the sleep from his eyes. “What are you doing in my bed?”

Josh looks around and finally remembers why before giving me a sympathetic look. “You saw him last night didn’t you? That’s why you were acting weird.” I sigh and go sit down on my bed next to him. I just nod. “I came in here last night when I couldn’t handle hearing you cry anymore. Hannah came in and told me you were sad. You left your door open last night. If that’s what you’re wondering how I heard you crying. I’m sorry. I know how losing your mate feels.” He puts an arm around my shoulder and I put my head on his shoulder.

“He found someone else,” I say and he just shushes me. “Don’t think about it.”

*Hunter’s POV*

“Emily, I know I smelt her last night. I know I’m not going insane. You didn’t smell her? I smelt her and it smelt like she was with another man and a child,” I say letting out a small growl at the thought of her with another man and having a child with that same man. I look down to my younger sister, her blonde hair and blue eyes just like mine. You wouldn’t know we were related unless you were close up. We were out having dinner last night waiting for my father’s meeting with the alpha of Blue Moon. The pack we are colliding with and which I will be taking over as soon as we collide. That’s the only reason why I have yet to take over the pack yet. Sure I was supposed to find my mate in the meantime, but no one knows that I already did except for a select few, my father and Emily being one of them. Caitlyn doesn’t know because I know how she is being a year younger than me, Emily 3 years younger than me. We have an older brother as well, but he left to fight with the humans in the war and we believe he found his mate and never came home.

“Are you 100% sure it was her? That she is already home back from her trip already? Caitlyn hasn’t said anything and they were here just the other day.” Emily says finishing making the sandwiches she was making when I walked in.

“Yes Em, I am very sure, more sure than anything in my entire life. You know I want her back more than anything. I still can’t believe I was stupid enough to let her walk out of my life. I will regret it until I have her back in my arms again. This time when I do get her in my arms, I refuse to let go. I just don’t know if she will be as forgiving. I mean I rejected her, not fully either. She still has the emotions that come along with the bond. The bond is still there. I never actually broke the bond between us. I don’t want to know the pain she went through either, all by herself as well.” I say feeling depressed once again. A feeling that I often feel ever since realizing I was the dumbest werewolf ever to reject my perfect other half. The other half that was meant to be mine forever.

“Well, when you do see her be ready to put your pride in the trash, because she isn’t going to come running like you want. You are going to have to fight,” Emily says before leaving with the 3 sandwiches. I sigh and head up to my father’s office. “Hey Hunter!” Amy says rushing up to me, her clothes barely covering her body. “What do you want?” I say not even bothering to stop. During my player days sure I slept with her a lot, but now after realizing the only person I want and only one can satisfy me is my mate. These pathetic whores are just don’t cut it anymore.

“Do you want to go to my room and have some fun?” Amy says running her hand down my chest. I push her away and continue to my father’s office. “Why her? What is so big about her?! Nikki is nothing but a whore who has a child!” Amy yells after. I freeze in my spot and slowly turn around. “How do you know?”

A smile slowly creeps onto who make u packed face. “Well, I do get around you know. I know how to get information when I need it, but this time I overhear you talking to Emily about it. But the child part was Caitlyn talking to Andrew. Saying Nikki came home with a child, but Nikki claims it’s her cousin. But all well, who cares. Now let’s get to my room for my payment,” she says smirking like I would give a werewolf with a lower rank the privilege to tell me what to do. As if.

“Hey, Alex, would you by any chance come get Amy and bring her to her mate?” I ask through the mind link to my best friend. See Amy found her mate, but she just wants to sleep around for fun. Now I see how Nikki felt when I left her for that. God, I regret that. Once Alex comes I continue on my journey to my father’s office. I really hope she forgives me because I promise to not give up until I have her again. And I don’t break my promises.

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