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Hannah Night, is not your average 18 year old girl. She doesn’t sit around and have sleepovers, or crush on boys, or go shopping like every other typical girl her age. No she trains day and night, she has since she was 8 when her family was brutally murdered by rogues. Her family was apart of the assassin’s academy and that is when she decided to finally join. 10 years later she is now one of the most feared assassins ever known, people all over the world know of her existence, but not just anyone, the supernatural world. Yes, vampires, werewolves, witches they all exist and so much more. She’s a merciless killer that will stop at nothing to avenge her families death. Nobody knows her true identity though, what she looks like, or even that she is a girl. Her next case though, is the one that will forever change her life forever.


I watch as the wolf stands over it’s recent kill, biting into its hind leg. I stay completely still in my spot in the nearby tree. The wolf isn’t just any wolf, but a werewolf, one that has been going around and terrorizing nearby towns.

Werewolves usually run in packs, which allows them to to keep their sanity and act like normal human beings, unlike this one. This one is a rogue, one that has either been kicked out or left pack life and over the years has completely lost his human side, giving into his wolf.

This wolf is my next assassination. Yes, I am an assassin, a very well known one in fact, some people even call me the Angel of Death, those are the ones that think I’m a girl, but then there is the more masculine name that I’m called, The Black Assassin. Both of the names just make me laugh like crazy, because they’re ridiculous. I myself think I should have a much cooler name, like I don’t even know. Just something cooler and less cliché.

I’ve been following the wolf for the past week, trying to find the perfect time to make my move, like right now.

With that I jump off the branch and land silently in a crouch a couple feet from the wolf. The wolf’s ears prick up, a growl erupting from it’s chest. I quickly reach down into my boots and pull out my knives.

The wolf turns it’s head, baring it’s teeth at me before shooting towards me, but before the wolf could even reach me, I cartwheel out of the way before running towards the wolf. I slide under it’s body and dig one of my knives into its side, a howl leaving its mouth. But before I could stand again, the wolf grabs my leg in its teeth and throws its head sending me into a nearby tree.

I quickly recover and stand back into a crouch, my ankle throbbing under my weight. The wolf lunges at me again, but before it could sink its teeth around my neck I stab my knife into the side of it’s head.

I watch as it’s blood shot eyes slowly turn into those of a dark brown and it’s body slowly morphs into that of human, its eyes glazing over and body going limp on top of me.

I quickly shove off the body and stand up, looking down at my black clad body. Blood all over it, a tear in the ankle of my pants. I laugh a little as I realize how easy that was. I grab my knives out of the body and sheath them back into my boots. Before pulling out my matches and striking one, I drop it onto the body. The body instantly igniting in flames, my signature mark.

I turn and walk away smiling like a mad woman, my hundredth kill now taken care of, now onto my next mission.

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