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Chapter 12

Coming into consciousness, I found my self snuggling closer into the warm pillow lying next to me. Moving my head a little, the pillow seems to be rather hard, like a rock, touching it with my hand, I launch myself out of the bed.

Only to tumble a bit at the sudden head rush and my leg giving out. Oomph. Landing flat on my butt, ow, that hurt. A chuckle sounds out around the room and I look up, to find a very shirtless Luke sitting in my bed. His hair disheveled from what must be sleep, but somehow he still looks extremely handsome and sexy at the same time.

The events from earlier flood into my mind and I scoff as I push myself. That concussion really got to me, I’ve never let myself be so…weak.

I look at Luke again, before disappearing into my closet. Pulling on a pair of flare jeans and a loose long sleeve shirt, careful of my bandages. I pull on a pair of wool socks, before walking back out. Luke still shirtless on my bed.

“Come here, let me check your wounds,” he says motioning to the bed in front of him and I just walk passed him into the bathroom. Not before noticing the hurt look on his face. He doesn’t want a mate like me, I’ll only be a burden.

“Why don’t you go home, you’re not needed.” I say as I pull the bandage off of my head, no blood covers the back of it and I just leave it off. I have werewolf blood, so everything should be healed within a couple of days. The concussion is still there, but manageable. Pulling off the bandage from my neck, only a red bite mark is visible, but the wound almost healed.

I then sit down on the toilet as I pull of the one on my leg, only to wince. That rogue really did get me good, the wound has yet to heal. The most it has done is stop bleeding. I won’t be back to top fighting condition for at least a week.

Before I could even reach for the first aid kit, Luke is kneeling down in front of me before rubbing the salve onto my leg. “I could have done that.”

“I know you can take care of yourself, but you are my mate. You know how they work.” he says a determined look crossing his face as he focuses on tending to my leg. I bite back a scoff as I just let him do what he was so determined to do.

When he finishes he stands back up offering a hand to me. I stand up and push past him before exiting my room. Walking into the living room, I find Kai and Isabelle lounging on the couch watching a movie. At the sight of me Kai jumps up and walks over to me, slinging a arm around me.

A growl sounds out making Kai grab a knife out of his jeans and getting in a defensive position. Luke throws an arm around my shoulders and Kai gives me a weird look. I shrug off the arm before walking passed them into the study.

“I know baby I know, I’ll get on it,” Garrett says into the cell phone as he looks out the window. I clear my throat and Garrett jumps a little before saying a quick goodbye into the phone before sliding it into his pocket.

“Who is ‘baby’?” I say a glare on my face. “You’re mate is dead.” I cross my arms as I look at him.

“It’s a girl from back at the academy. We were..sort of..a thing,” he says scratching the back of his head. I unfold my arms, shaking off the worry I didn’t know I was feeling. These trust issues are really getting to me. I’ve known Garrett for about 5 years, he has never done anything to betray my trust.

Looking at the map, I point to where we were ambushed. “They definitely have eyes and ears everywhere. They knew we were going there that night. They were ready for us.”

“We know, we entered the scene while the pack was picking up the evidence. We have been looking for you and tracking the rest of them. Where were you?” Isabelle says as she comes to stand beside me.

“Luke brought me to the pack house to be treated. Nothing big, a sprain and a couple scrapes. I’ll deal,” I say, avoiding Luke’s knowing gaze before turning to face Garrett. “Have any of you found any leads?” A couple shake of heads leaving me grinding my teeth.

This is exactly why I told Estiel I didn’t need them. I turn and walk back out the door, as my anger began to peak. Storming up the stairs I don’t even know why I am so upset. The anger just came on so fast, I don’t even know how to control it.

Changing into some running leggings and a tight fitting tank top, I throw some sneakers on. Not my usual training outfit, but I can’t let the others see my mangled body.

Luke was just walking into the room as I walked out, a confused look crossing his face. Walking down the stairs Kai goes to touch me, but a growl escapes my mouth before I could even stop it. What has gotten into me? My anger flares again as I see Garrett just sitting at the desk on his laptop as I walked into the study.

“Hannah what are you doing? Where are you going?” Luke says as I open the passageway, a look of awe crossing his face.

I continue down the stairs and find myself back into my usual training mode. My mind tuning out Luke as he looks around in awe and horror at how many weapons is on the side of the room. The pain temporary disappearing as the anger consumed me.

As I continued to punch the bag, I didn’t notice when Luke came up beside me and caught my fist. Another growl leaving my mouth. “Hannah you need to calm down.” A fist to the side of his face is quickly caught by his other hand. “Hannah, look in the mirror. It’s not you right now.”

I rip my arms away from him as I turn to one of the mirrors on the wall. My eyes illuminated a bright electric blue, only one of those if a wolf had taken over the human body. I stumble back, this isn’t me.

Luke grabs ahold of my shoulders before looking at me. “You need to calm down. You’re wolf is surfacing after so many years, and you don’t know how to control it. Breathe Hannah.” Looking into his eyes, I feel the anger building in me start to diminish until all I am left with is a killer headache and my leg giving out.

Luke catches me as I crumble to the floor, my energy completely ripped away from me. Before I could even realize what was happening, the world had started spinning and I find myself going slack as I faintly hear Luke yelling something to me. My body had already made up its decision though, as my eye sight went black and my eyelids closed, sending me into the awaiting darkness.

As I run towards my unknown destination, I faintly remember that I am only dreaming, but my body had a mind of its own. I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to.

Running for what seemed like hours, a light finally shines through the darkness, opening up the door leading to the awaiting home.

My childhood home. I didn’t slow down a bit as I barged through the doorway and into the living room. Horror stricken on my face.

I know this dream, I’ve had it before, plenty of times. The one where I watch over and over my family being killed.

The rogues stood growling over top of their bodies as they coward in fear. I try to scream at them, but find no sound able to come out. My weapons gone and am only left with my bare hands. As I rushed forward, I find my height has shrunken and halting, I turn to the mirror beside me.

My eight year old self staring back at me in the mirror, my hair in curls around my shoulders, the blue jeans and frilly pink shirt I was wearing that night. No shoes protecting my feet from harm. The electric blue eyes held fear in them, an emotion I became foreign to over the years.

Turning back to the rogues, one seemed to have noticed me as it stalked towards me, pushing me down with its paw like I was 5 pounds. I watched as the wolf held me there, as one after the other, the rogues started ripping and tearing at the bodies below them.

But all of a sudden, a look to the mirror I see myself sitting there, dressed in full assassin uniform, 18 again. I pull my knife from my boot and sink it into the wolf standing over me. I jump up only to freeze.

The rogues had disappeared, along with the rogue I had just stabbed. I feel myself sink to my knees, my assassin gear falling away as I am only left in a black dress. One I had never seen in my entire life.

A scream ripped itself up through my throat as the pain of the loss in front of me hit me all over again. But this time, not for the family I had lost 10 years ago. This time I cried in pain as I watched Luke’s, Nikki’s, and Hunter’s bodies bleed out, wounds all over. Blank look in their eyes.

I crawled into a ball as I cried in pain as my heart ripped apart. “Hannah?” A voice rings out after what felt like forever of screaming in pain, my voice hoarse. “Hannah, wake up!”

“Luke,” the word came out hoarse and soft as I looked up, the bodies gone. Standing up, my outfit had changed again, back to my assassin clothes. Running towards the voice, it led me out into the woods.

“Hannah!” Luke kept screaming to me, pushing me harder and faster towards him. The thought of saving my mate clear in my mind.

Breaking through some low hanging branches that blocked my sight into the clearing. I freeze, my hand on my knife on my side. Victor stood there, a gun pointed to Luke’s head who was on his knees. Tears in his eyes.

“Let him go,” I seethe as I crouch down into a fighting position.

“Ah, you finally made it. I thought you wouldn’t make it in time to see your precious mates death.” he said chuckling.

“Let. Him. Go.” I practically growl out every word as I glare towards the man I once called father.

“But my dear, why do you care? It’s not like he would, I mean look at you. Everything I ever wanted you to become, just not what they wanted you to become,” he says gesturing to the people that walked out of the brush, Nikki and Hunter.

Taking a step towards them, I freeze as the looks on their faces turn into one of disgust. Luke spits towards me, a murderous look on his face. “You did this to me. You led me to my death. This is your fault.”

A gasp left my mouth as it felt like my heart shattered. Turning to Nikki and Hunter, I look for something, anything. “Who would want an assassin for a daughter? You’re a burden that neither of us ever wanted, and you should have stayed lost.” Nikki almost yelled at me, tears streaming down my face.

“You should have died 10 years ago, no one would have ever cared.” Hunter seethes as he turns his back to me, Nikki behind him as they walked out of my life.

Dropping to my knees in pain I looked back up to Victor. “This is what I made you and this is who you are. You cannot change that. Never. You are forever broken and lost. No one wants you, especially your mate. I mean you did lead him to his own death.”

As the words left Victor’s mouth, I watched horror stricken as I realized I was helpless to help as the trigger was pulled. Luke’s face one of disgust and hatred as the bullet entered the side of his head, making his beautiful sea green eyes go void before his body falls to the ground, landing with a thud.

A scream rips its way out of my throat as I sit straight up in bed, drenched in sweat and my heart racing. I look around frantic as I look for my weapons, I have to kill him he killed Luke. As I went to jump out of the bed, something grabbed me and pulled me back. Turning to face my stopper, tears start streaming down my face.

Luke sits there, a worried and confused look on his face. Before I could stop myself I had launched myself onto him, inspecting his head for any injury before looking at his face. The disgusted and hatred look gone and replaced with one of worry and laughter.

“What’s gotten into you Han?” Luke chuckles as he wraps his arms around my waist. I just stare into his sea-green eyes, so many emotions running through them. But one stands out the most, Love. The love he holds for me, he isn’t the Luke from the awful dream. He cares about me, for me.

Putting my hands to the side of his face, his jaw rough as his facial hair grows out due to him not shaving in days. I lean forward in a blink of an eye I put my lips on his.

I don’t know what had happened to me, maybe it was the dream, maybe it was the mate pull, but I knew one thing. Somewhere between the first meeting, the first touch, the fight, the hospital, and now I had developed feelings for the werewolf in front of me.

And I vowed no matter what, he will remain safe and breathing.

The shock of my actions wore off as Luke’s hands tightened on me and pulled me ever so closer. His lips moving against mine, with a fierce passion, forcing so much love and happiness into the kiss. Everything felt right as I sat on his lap, my legs around his waist, my arms thrown around his neck and my lips on his as he held me close.

Pulling away for air he leaned his forehead against mine and stared into my eyes, before he speaks.

“You have no idea how long I have waited for that.”

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