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Chapter 19

Do you ever wish you could reverse time? To go back and change one thing so you wouldn’t be living with so much regret in your present? How could someone live like this, like an empty shell. A person who was missing half of their soul?

Crouched over my dead mate, blood soaked my naked body as tears racked through my body. Luke cold to the touch underneath me, eyes closed, blood soaking his stomach. All around me was death, but it was quiet.

The only sound that could be heard was from myself. The pack mourned their losses and their future Alpha. My parents stood nearby, unable to come near me as my wolf was refusing anyone to come within 5 feet of her fallen mate.

I came to lying beside him naked, what she did to the hunters came back to me, how she ripped into Kai with such a fierceness that he was a part in killing her mate and she knows it, by the arrow wound on his side.

He was always proficient with the weapon. The hunters I knew and trained with lie dead around me, eyes staring blankly never to shine again. The threat was eliminated, but my wolf couldn’t stop herself from letting them take him from her.

I myself secretly wished he would wake, just to open his eyes and tell me how beautiful my own was, even though they never compared to his. I missed out on the most important thing in my life because I was raised by horrible people, because I was so set on destroying the creatures that killed a fake family.

Why couldn’t I grow up normal, to meet Luke how I was supposed to. To be childhood friends and when we reached maturity become the mates we were destined to be. We would have led the pack together, they wouldn’t look at me like I was going to snap and kill them in any moment.

If only I could bring him bac- My head shoots up, there might be a way. My head snaps to my father, “pick him, bring him to my car. Get the pack to move the bodies out of the way.” My body moved to my car so quickly, that I through on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt before Hunter had arrived to place him in the car.

I held his head on one side as they place him in, making sure he was placed properly. “Where are you going?” Nikki.

“I have to do this mom.” Turning around she looks at me with tears in her eyes. I smile as I walk into her awaiting arms. “My life may be fucked up, but it has given me resources that I could use.”

“You remember.” Hunter states as comes up beside us, slipping his arms around the two of us.

“When Luke was injured, it must have pushed my wolf forward, instigating the change, which made the potion wear off, revealing my true memory.”

“We will meet you at home then, good luck.” Dad tells me as he kisses my forehead, not minding my blood soaked hair.

“Oh, and mom, tell Uncle Josh I won the bet.” Hopping in the car as I realize the pack has moved the dead out of the way, I floor the car out of the driveway, smiling at the bet I made with Uncle Josh just before I was taken.

I bet mom would end up with dad, I always knew how much she cared for him. Uncle Josh at the time already met Jessica and he accepted her as his mate.

Hours passed by as I pushed the car as fast as possible across the states. One destination in mind. Barely even stopping for gas, only when absolutely necessary.

Pulling in the long driveway, the large iron gate looming over my small car, before pushing open allowing me passage. Cassandra must know I am here. Driving through the dense woods, nothing visible in sight, her intention to keep people out.

After a few minutes and a break in the tree line looms a large black mansion. Not a sound can be heard as I park in front of the door. I don’t dare to look at Luke as I exit the car and walk up the stairs.

Knowing she will teleport him before I even am at the door. The door already open as I walk through the threshold, the interior matching the exterior. Everything is shrouded in black, minimal furniture and decorations around.

Making my way toward the basement where she keeps her witchcraft room as my wolf still whimpers in the back of my head. Pushing open the large black iron door, a soft purple glow surrounds the vast room as I walk down the stairs.

Luke, now cleaned and clothed lies still on a table in the middle as Cassandra sits in her usual chair sipping her tea. Items move around the room, she already knows my intention as always. As the large cauldron in the back is bursting with different colors.

“Come sit Hannah, drink some tea. You seem as if you have had a long day.” A snap of her fingers my skin is washed dry and my usual jeans and a t-shirt is replaced with a pair nike sneakers.

Sitting down I take the tea from the table, taking a sip from the sweet liquid. “Now you know my spells and potions always come with a price.This will be a hefty one as you know that bringing back the dead is no easy feat. I have only accomplished it a handful of times, but at least you brought him to me fresh, his soul is still hovering, not ready to cross over.”

“What do you want, I’ll do anything.” It was true, I would give my life for his, its not like my life was as important as his. Sure I’m in line for Alpha, but my mate would get the title anyways.

“It’s not that simple, the spell needs its own sacrifice and I need my own payment. This spell will take much out of me for a long time. I will need protection. For my payment, I want you to work for me, as long as you are able bodied to work properly.

I will release you from your contract when you grow old, but that will not be for a long time as we both know. I will not need you with me every moment, only to use your abilities to hunt down my enemies and occasionally come have tea with me.”

“Done. As long as no innocents are harmed.” My one rule will always be valid and I will never go against it.

“Fine, my enemies are no innocents anyway. Now for the spell, that one is a little more consequential, but it is one I say with a heavy heart. To provide the man you love with the soul, you must give up your own potential to give life.”

“You are telling me I could never have children?” Cassandra nods as she gives me apologetic eyes.

“You will not need children when I have you running around the world killing my enemies for me anyways. Do you understand the full cost of the potion?”

A contract appears in front of me with a pen, the details of our deal written out in front of me. Picking up the pen I sign my name instantly, no thought of regret in my mind. I’d rather have my mate anyways, I never thought I would have children anyways.

Something changed in me as I finished writing my name, I knew my chances at children was gone. There was no way around it.

The room changed to a dark red as Casandra disappeared and reappeared beside Luke, a deep red potion in her hand. Words were leaving her mouth rapidly, a different language so I could not understand. She opened his mouth and poured the liquid into it, continuing her chanting.

It felt like forever before I started to see the color return to his cheeks, his chest started to rise and fall very slowly as everything in the room seemed to intensify as her words got louder.

Blood began dripping from her nose as the spell was almost complete. My legs pulled me to the opposite side of Luke and my hands took his hand as I felt it twitch at my movement.

Everything seemed to explode the same moment he took in a huge breath as his eyes open, and then everything went dark and silent.

A pale purple light surrounded the room a moment later, Cassandra no longer in sight as it was just Luke and I in the now empty room. Cassandra placing the house in its protective form, hiding herself away somewhere in the giant mansion.

I help Luke sit up as he looks around uncertain, his eyes finally locking with my own, a gasp leaving my mouth as the once clear sea-blue eyes are now slightly tainted with a deep red, a side effect to being brought back to life.

“Hannah?” his voice hoarse as his hands reach up to cup the sides of my face and wipe away the tears I hadn’t realized that were escaping.

“I thought I lost you,” the words leave my mouth at a whisper as Luke swings his body off of the table and pulls me into his arms, sparks running throughout my entire body.

“I could never leave you, I only just found you.” He finally notices where he is and looks at me questioningly. Knowing full well what just happened. “What were the terms of the deal?”

I couldn’t bring myself to look at him, as I shoved my face into his chest, the terms of what I agreed to weighing on me. I may never have though I would have children, but I know Luke wanted them.

How do you tell someone you took that away from them, to save their life? “I gave up our chance to make life, to give you yours back.” I chose not to tell him of my new job yet, not knowing how soon I would have to leave his side.

I feel him tense as he pulls me ever closer, “Lets go home.” I nod as he starts pulling me towards the stairs, I wipe at my eyes as we leave the now run down mansion, looking like no one has been here in millennia.

Reaching the drivers door, I open it to find a note on the seat. Snatching it before Luke could see, I open it above the car that Luke is now sitting in.

Enjoy the next few months with your mate.

Your first assignment begins sooner than you know.


I see as the note fades to nothing in my hand and I drop into the car, Luke smiling at me as I push the car into gear. A long drive home ahead of us.

Pulling up the familiar pack house, my family exits the building, hope in their eyes at the sight of my car, the windows too tinted to be able to see inside.

Mom and dad stand holding hands as Colton and Emma stand beside them, Becky and Ben holding on to each other, tears in their eyes at the thought of Luke still being dead. Caitlyn and Andrew yell at the twins to stand still.

Uncle Josh stands to the side of mom, Jessica in one arm, with Brianna in the other. Jenny even stands with John, Jason, Joe, and Abby, they all must be worried if Luke is alright. I park the car and sing out of the car, all of their eyes sadden as Luke hesitates to leave the car.

I walk to his side and open his door, reaching my hand to him. “Are you ready to begin our lives together?”

He takes it, a smile on his face as he steps out of the car, gasps heard behind us. “Always and forever.”

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