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Chapter 2

As I walk out of my walk in closet, dressed in a pair of black Nike sweatpants and a plain white t-shirt, I hear a beep come from the nightstand. I walk over to see my samsung galaxy s6 that Estiel forced me to have, lit up with a message.

I quickly unlock it and open the message,

Report to my office immediately.

And with that I slip on a pair of slippers, slip my phone into my pants and walk out the door. My braid hitting my back as I whip my head around to shut the door behind me. I quickly walk down the hall and knock on the dark mahogany door. A grumbled ‘come in’ sounds from behind and I open the door and quickly shut it behind me before turning to see Estiel sitting at his desk, a map spread out across his desk.

I walk over and look down at the map, a bright red circle over a town in Georgia. “What is this?” I ask finally speaking up.

Estiel clears his throat before looking at me straight in the eyes, “I found their next target.”

Shock flashes across my face, before composing myself again. “What? Is that it? Are all 4 of them there?”

“Well, this is where it gets complicated. The 4 rogues are a little pissed at their ‘friend’ being killed last week and have…joined forces with other supernatural beings.”

“What? What other supernatural beings?” I ask, venom dripping from every word. I have never heard of any supernatural beings joining forces, each one despises the other.

“It seems the last vampire clan Garrett took out wasn’t completely killed. A few survived, 6 to be exact. Between the 10 of them, they are furious and somehow started to believe that the killings are linked together. The scent Garrett left behind by accident was that of his werewolf, which is the scent of his old pack. The one located in the circle of this map,The Shadow Moon Pack. The 10 are targeting to wipe out the pack within the next few months.

This is where you come in, along with the other 3. You are all needed on this mission, for different purposes. Garrett’s revenge is located within those 6 vampires, while yours is obviously there as well. The other two will be on strict orders not to interfere with that. Kai and Isabelle will be there to help with anything you two need, and before you say anything yes they are needed. This pack is very dangerous if they find out who you are. They do not tolerate hunters. Something about some issue 14 years ago. The pack has kept it on a down low. You are there to protect only, no harming any of the pack.

Not like you would, since you only kill the bad not the good. Do you understand?” I nod my head quickly, “You will leave tomorrow, everything is already arranged. Goodnight Hannah.”

With that I turn and walk out of the office, a smile making its way onto my face as the thought of revenge is finally in my grasp.

I throw my two suitcases and duffel bag into the trunk of my sleek, black Mercedes before shutting it and turning to the three others. Kai and Isabelle are riding together, while Garrett and I will be driving alone.

Estiel and James walk up to us, James a wide smile on his face as usual. Growing impossibly bigger at taking in my appearance. “Oh look, Hannah actually looks like a normal human girl!” I send a glare his way before looking down at my appearance. Gone is my normal simple black training clothes and instead I have a pair of dark skinny jeans, tucked in a pair of dark brown riding boots, with a oversized white sweater hanging off my shoulders.

I scoff, “Yea, Isabelle decided to barge into my room this morning, to ‘dress’ me.” I reply grudgingly, yearning for my normal clothes. Isabelle sends a smirk my way before walking over to her father.

Estiel turns to me, his face firm and his hands behind his back. “Everything you need is inside of these folders,” he says pulling out 4 folders from behind his back, our names across each one. We take them, looking at the content inside. “The house you will be staying, what is located inside, you’re fake identity, and for you 3,” pointing at Isabelle, Kai, and I, “school transcripts are in there, you are already enrolled.” A groan comes out of my mouth ad the other two smile widely.

“Garrett, since you are older and you know the pack, you are to get a job and stake out their land. Make sure there are no rogues or vampires on it and check out their surrounding locations. Do you all understand me”

A chorus of “yes sirs” is heard from us before the other three turn and get in their vehicles. Before I could turn, Estiel clears his throat behind me. “Yes?” I ask looking him in the eye, holding my body high and proud.

“Be careful and come back alive, avenge your family.” he says, a glint of worry in his eyes. I nod, turning and climbing into the driver seat of my car. I quickly turn the key and hear it purr beneath me.

I take off down the road, the others following me, ready to finally put an end to all of this.

Pulling into the driveway of the simple 2 story log cabin after a 8 hour drive is a relief. Due to us only stopping once, my body is stiff and in dire need of relieving itself. I pull the car into the garage and shut it off. Stepping out, I see the other two parked aside of me.

Before Kai could utter a single word, I grab my suitcases and duffel and walk into the house.

The house is very modern, the kitchen small, but classy with granite countertops and sleek stainless steel appliances. The living room is a moderate size, a big brown sectional couch around a 50” flat screen, two doors going off of the living room. I decide I’ll check those out later and walk up the elegant staircase coming to a hallway. Two doors to each side and one at the end. I instantly walk to the door at the end of the hall, twisting the door knob.

As soon as the door opens, my breathe is taken away. The room has the same color scheme as back at the academy, must have been Estiel’s doing. But that isn’t what takes my breathe away, no it is the huge bay window with the window seat sitting on one wall of the room. I drop the suitcase and walk towards it. The house itself sits on a hill, surrounded by the forest.

Through the window you can see vast amounts of trees, and various houses poking out, a town on the distance. But while ogling at the view something catches my eye at the beginning of the woods, about 20 feet from the house.

I look down just in time to see a black figure disappear into the woods. The werewolves must be trying to find out their new neighbors. “Of course she got the great view! Damn.” Kai says from the doorway before stomping away.

And with that, my bladder ones again reminds me of its presence. I quickly walk over to one of the doors in the room and open it, finding a walk in closet. I grunt and turn towards the other door, stomping over to it.

I quickly open it and walk in, the bathroom is basically the same as the one back home.

After unpacking, I sit down at the window seat and open the folder. The name, Katerina Johnson written across the top of the folder. Great, of course Estiel would choose that name, he knew I always hated it.

As I read through all of the information a plan starts forming in my head of how I will go about all of this.

Walking downstairs with the note in hand, I walk past Kai and Isabelle watching some lame horror movie, scoffing at the sight. Tell me again why I had to bring them.

Walking straight towards the two doors off to the side, I find one is just a wash room, but the other is a library/study. I smile, remembering what the note said. Only one thing in mind and my clothes already changed. I walk towards one of the bookshelves towards the back and pull a book with latin words on it.

Instantly the book shelf moves to reveal a door, I quickly open it and go in. The door swinging shut behind me and what sounds like the bookshelf going back into place.

The room before me is pure heaven. My typical gym equipment to one side, but on the other, weapons galore. Within minutes I become lost in my training and forget about all of my worries.

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