Into the Mystic

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Bridge 3

At 7:58 am EDT on August 2, (at the same time Gloria told Lex that he had cancer), 1750 miles SSE of Mystic, 8.605 kilometers below the surface of the Atlantic at the very bottom of the Milwaukee Depth, something very old, very large, and very, very angry now came fully awake. It knew this to be no dream. The vortex that had kidnapped it from the comfort of its home and dropped it into this lonely place where it was the only one of its kind had returned at last. The thing unfolded its massive body from the sea floor and circled. It could find no trace of the chaos and it screamed in the ink-black depths, although none could hear.

Still, now the creature was alert. When next chaos came, the ancient leviathan would be ready. It would locate the source. It would track the source. Most important, it would travel to the source and demand to be returned to the oceans of its birth.

No matter what stood in its path.

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