Dragon's Pet

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Chapter 10

I can hold my breath underwater for a long time - I can also see underwater clearly when I open my eyes. It was one of the reasons I enjoyed hunting in the water, although I never did in the icy waters of these lands.

Now, in this warm spring bath, I can swim around the small area, while I can clearly see my mates step into the pool together. My eyes can’t help but wander and when I see both their manhoods slip beneath the surface - I notice something.

Their manhoods are somewhat... somewhat limp...

Not that I wished them to be erect, however... limp?

I know it is an insult.

How horrible... but also relieving.

But the insult!

Gosh, I should not be thinking such strange thoughts. I should be thinking of my next plan of escape when they were convinced I was no longer a pet to be watched 24/7. If I could survive this pool non-date but still a date thing, and then coerce my Watchers onto my side... I could still push this fate behind me a few more years.

I keep swimming below the surface, eventually keeping to my half of the pool before coming up for air.

I try to stay calm.

Let’s be honest, the conversation couldn’t be too much worse than it had already been since our date began innocently watching the sun set.

There was seduction, violence... then hunting... a chase... me lying, them punishing... and now this game.

As I breathe in some fresh air and sit on a little natural shelf bench in the pool, I settle my butt down with a wiggle and wipe the water from my eyes.

As I push my violet hair behind my shoulders and off my cheeks, I flutter my eyelids open again... to see both brothers sitting opposite one another, in a deep murmured conversation... with each other.

“...so that is what you’ve been doing?” Rawk drawls, “Teaching?”

“On the go... most of what I’ve taught other Shadow Assassins is what we taught one another. I often thought it’d come in handy for when we eventually baited Minx to her destiny -”

“She is irrelevant,” Rawk drawls, shrugging, without even glancing at me, “What I propose doing, is a further compromise... you may stay, brother, as long as you agree to leave if I wish you to.”

Zoraul slowly smirks and leans back, his silver hair wet and slicked back as he tilts his head at Rawk.

“...I am fully aware the attention will leave you to be focused upon me and the beauty of my unmarked face... now shall you tell our little pet of our scars or shall I -?”

“I do not care,” I blurt out, hoping to bait them into a scowl... but both of them shrug and don’t even glance at me.

They keep watching each other like they finally see one another... properly... for the first time in years.

This bonding was different to anything before. They were no longer just tolerating each other. They were mending the cracks... which meant I was not of importance in this new and unexpected conversation.

I watch them and listen as they continue to converse.

“Later,” Rawl drawls, in a half response to me but also to his brother, “Tales of the dead can wait... we don’t want to make her cry... now, Zoraul - what shall you require of me to say to my Horde? Shall I tell them you will be a guest or a Lord?”

Zoraul pauses again, and I watch with narrowed eyes as his eyes sparkle with humour.

“...Lord,” he murmurs quietly... while my cheek twitches and I slowly stand from my rock shelf... I hold out my arms and I purposefully splash down into the water as I drop into a squat... breathing out slowly to sink to the bottom, where I cross my legs and my arms over my chest.

Pfft... lord... look at them bonding, smiling, teasing and respecting one another. Argh - I liked it when they fought... not verbally, but physically... it was strangely attractive.

Now, their conversation was... was... boring, okay? It was boring.

I was not jealous or in need of their gazes, nope, that would be silly.

I watch as their feet turn a little towards me... argh... was I now a topic of discussion?

Like I cared!

I hoped they felt dismissed - while my water splashed into their conversation after my words were almost completely ignored by both of them.

And now, my eyes can’t help but gaze towards their cocks again.

...out of pure curiosity, I swear.


... still... they’re limp... big... but limp...

I growl as I quickly untangle my crossed legs and push back to the surface.

As my head breaks through the water line, I blink open my eyes to see them still facing one another and laughing together.

Deep, drawled laughing... completely at ease... completely together.

Now, I stand and slowly turn, not really sure what my intentions are... other than I place my hands on the rock edge... I bend my knees... I jump and then when my butt is out of the water, I lean forward, haul one leg over... slowly... and then I gracefully get onto both knees, out of the water with my back to them as I face the pile of little pebbles in front of me.

“...how pretty,” I whisper to myself as I lay on my stomach across the smooth rock, dipping my feet into the water as I lean on my elbows and place one chin in one palm... while my other hand reaches out to inspect the rocks.

They looked like the rocks of Mages - with white swirls through the dark blue colour. The white was said to harbour magic - small amounts. It’s what made the water healing.

I notice, as I’m laying flat on my stomach, completely butt naked... I might add... while I sort through the prettiest rocks... trying to choose one for Snoot-Snoot as a gift... that there is a distinctive lull in the conversation behind me.


I mean - I don’t care!

Regardless, I feel a shiver down my spine as their gazes clearly focus upon me, and I smile as I hope their exact thoughts are what I assume they are thinking.

That they can look and can not touch, because that was our agreement. That if I wanted them to touch me, I would approach them. I was free of their proximity as long as I remained compliant.

“Get back in the water,” this is Rawk’s growl... and it looses all distinctive friendship that he holds for his brother.

It almost makes me openly jealous - how much they are able to bond and make each other smile.

Yet I am treated like a pet or a child.

“I am choosing a gift for Bezzle,” I explain, slowly, “I won’t be long.”

The resounding silence plays tricks on my ears... I admit, I think I hear the water slosh... and I impulsively look over my shoulder, too quickly.

I see Rawk moving his arm through the water... testing how jumpy I am.

When he slowly smiles with an evil tilt to his lips and head... I quickly look away.

Now I feel like a fool again - so I had to distract them from my slip up.

“Found one!” I call out, grabbing a big one with a white swirl in the middle - it’s the most symmetrical pebble I can find.

I then pull up, jump to my feet and turn around, flipping my purple hair over my shoulders again as I waltz forward and slip into the water with confidence and a bounce in my step. Once I’m in the pool, I sit on my shelf and grip my gift for Snoot-Snoot.

I watch as Rawk looks back to Zoraul... and this time, my hand clenches the rock, hard... and my natural venom increases in my saliva.

I am being ignored again.

Okay, it was time to be honest. I wanted their attention so I could dismiss them and make them feel small. But in the water, they turn back to one another and pretend that I do not matter.

After all the seduction... the punishment... the hungry gazes... the drawled threats that secretly warmed my blood... now, I am nothing.

And I feel odd.

So odd.

How come it was so easy to work out how to slaughter my prey or hunt down my target, but it was near to impossible to manipulate my Tempest scum mates?

“...careful how loud you think, Minxy,” Rawk surprises me by addressing me out of the blue, while not glancing at me again.

Now, Zoraul smiles, relaxed... as his gaze abruptly meets mine.

He opens his mouth... about to speak to me directly... but then he shuts his lips, turns back to Rawk, and says, “Introduce me formally tomorrow morning.”

“Sounds like a plan...” Rawk buys into their conversation again without me.

And I am forgotten.

I gulp down my sudden frustration and my nose twitches...

...their smell... oh Sky Gods... oh dearest Sprites...

...I wanted to smell them properly again.

It was weirdly intoxicating. I almost preferred it to their touch. After all, a smell was harmless.

As they sit and communicate... I place the rock to the side of me on the rock shelf... and I think of something spontaneous.

I slowly take my left hand, as I am left handed - and I slip it between my legs slowly while under the water. I lower my lids as I feel for any distinct wetness across my pussy. It would be a different consistency to the water... oh... it’s there, alright.

While I have a moment to myself, I close my eyes... and I imagine Rawk’s lips devouring mine... Zoraul, tasting my breath... their hands on my body, in my hair, on my butt... inside me... their smell... their glorious, all encompassing, delicious and poisonous smell.

The Twin Leading Breed pheromone from Silvers... Tempest scum... was beautiful.

I slip my fingers through my folds, over my clit... and I focus on that scent. I imagine it in front of me... behind me... all around me.

Just the freedom to smell it - without consequence.

A little smile tugs at my lips.

And only after I’ve been a fool too long, do I realise the silence this time is no longer a brief lull... it’s a solid break in their conversation... more precisely, the end of their conversation.

When my eyes flitter open... they are gone.

I physically jerk with the surprise and I take my hand from my legs instantly... my eyes scrutisining the space and the walls, looking for their presence. When I see the water move on it’s own in strange ripples... I gawk.

Oh. Shit!

I forgot they could mirage in my moment of scent-lust - how else could I describe such a lust enhanced by scent alone?

My bottom lip trembles as I slowly reach out a hand into the water, my fingers trailing... trying to find a solid form... whilst my other hand goes to grasp the rock as a weapon... but it’s gone. When I look down in sudden irritation, I see it floating through the water... down a bit deeper.

As I jump off my seat and prepare to dive down towards it... my body hits a freaking wall. I gasp and hit the torso of one of them, and my hand caresses a smooth scar long the side... Zoraul.

“What are you doing?” I scream out as I try to shove his invisible form back, “Stop!”

They weren’t grabbing me, but I was panicking by the fact I just walked into his invisible body... after they had watched me touch myself while thinking of them.

The embarrassment was too great. My throat closes off and tears spring forth as I punch my fists against Zoraul’s chest, and my eyes focus on the Vitium Sensum bound to my skin, “Take it off!” I yell at nothing... even though he is right there, “Give me back my rock... don’t scare me like that, and step back, please!”

I gasp again as the mirages suddenly shift into solid forms... Zoraul, standing right in front of me... Rawk...sitting on my shelf, just behind me... I panic and Zoraul smirks as he takes a step forward. I fall for it and I stumble back into Rawk’s lap.

I fall onto his naked thighs... his now very hard manhood - which pokes my butt cheek.

I shriek while Rawk wraps a strong arm around my arms and waist... holding me down effortlessly.

“Relax,” Zoraul dips down casually to pick up the rock, putting it on the side of the pool, “It slipped off... into the water... no big deal, Minxy.”

“Bullshit,” I spit at him, still needlessly struggling in Rawk’s arms, “Unhand me, you fool!” I turn a little to face Rawk, who just tightens his arms around my middle.

“What did I tell you last time, little Lady?” Rawk seems to think the Lady comment is almost more insulting than beast... since right now, I was acting anything but like a calm Lady.

“I don’t remember and I don’t care!” I snarl back, while Zoraul reaches out a hand... and gently pats my head.

“Shhh, pet, calm down,” Zoraul adds... and when Rawk can’t help but nod in agreeance with a small smile... I turn back to Zoraul.

“Don’t touch me -”

“Oh, but you were touching yourself,” Zoraul adds, leaning down with the most condescending tone ever, “...which was not the issue, to be fair... it was the thoughts you were projecting loud enough for our Heart Knowledge ability to pick apart your emotions... into images... and the visions you were grasping onto... do you understand... sweety?”

“Don’t call me sweety either,” I growl, “I am aware of Tempest scum magic - I am fully aware. I am also aware that I am a legendary Bellum Minima Dominus and I will not be tricked or handled this way!”

“...and I told you,” Rawk reaches out a hand to slide across my jaw and cheek, pulling my face back around towards his, “To not forget what breed I am... what Zoraul and I are. The thing is, pet, we are more significant than a rabid killer. First of all, there are two of us... one of you. Not only do we rule Hordes - we instruct them and we are also older, wiser and your Masters of Feeling... you belong to us, Minx... you belong in our arms...” Rawk is ruthless with his entire speech but he is more soft on this last statement, “You have much to learn.”

“Will you both now run me through with your cocks?” I ask, boldly, “Hmm? Well? Because I am not ready, I am not... ready... for t-that,” I surprise myself with my own words... and I seem to surprise them.

They both dramatically pause to take in my last statement.

“That is fine,” Zoraul eventually answers for me, “We have eternity.”

“She is scared,” Rawk now adds too, “Not only are you naive, you’re pesky and your adorable in the most infuriating way. Just relax. We will not fuck you, Minx - until you wish us to. We are not stupid brutes. You’re young - you are of age now, but that does not mean you are ready... in here,” Rawk nods to my head, “Breathe, you are safe in our arms.”

“Always,” Zoraul adds, leaning in to slip a hand under my chin, so he gently pulls my head towards his as he leans down, eye level with me, “Breathe. Minx. You are loved.”

I am... loved?

My breath catches in my throat.

I gulp.

I gaze between Zoraul and Rawk, feeling vulnerable but finally in a better kind of way.

“I... I, um...” I try to find the right words, the growl and snarl finally out of my tone... my mind clear... my stomach still thankfully full... and even my spine relaxes, all whilst in Rawk’s arms and fairly close between them, “...um... may I sniff you?” I ask, quietly.

They both pause again and when they don’t approve nor disapprove... I take it as a yes.

I lean into Rawk first, brushing my nose over his shoulder... towards his neck... I close my eyes and breathe in his scent.

Oh... Sky Gods... my mouth already salivates with pleasure.

As I let out a breath and breathe in another greedy smell, I brush my cheek past his shoulder as I suddenly turn to Zoraul and I grab his wrist, close by. I hold his hand out of the water and I press my nose to the back of his hand, and he allows me to. I take a quick sniff and then I drop his wrist, aware that their silence is now becoming a heavy burden of desire and confusion on their shoulders.

“Well, thank you,” I speak, like a lady, “That was pleasant... um... I think I shall swim... and then I will retire to bed,” I turn to Rawk and place my hand on his bicep, “Please?”

Another deadly silence... so full of possibilities... before the completely unexpected.

“...you may,” Rawk answers in a light growl, nodding his head, before he releases me and I slide off his knees.

When I stand in the water and turn... I pause, wondering how I can express my thanks... in that they actually listened to me for once... and allowed me something I wanted.

They really meant, if I wanted to touch them this time... I could... and I did.

And I felt more respect, from them and for them.

And... and their words! I was safe and loved. I had no idea why I believed it but I did.

I wanted to show them what that meant to me.

I narrow my eyes, but then I quickly decide that I may as well do what I wish now while they are more placid.

It could be a confused and undecided kind of placid but I’d still take the opportunity. I grab Zoraul’s elbow in my hand, believing this to be a very lady like thank you.

I rise up on my tip toes... I realise this will not be enough so I lean down and hop out of the water to press a swift peck to his cheek. I then turn to Rawk... I slosh through the water towards him... I bend over... and I press a peck to his cheek as well.

Then I stand up, straighten my back and slowly push my hair back behind my shoulders again.

I almost say thank you but stop myself last moment, while they both watch me with loving... and very strange golden eyes.

I turn and slip into the water to swim around a bit more before bed.

Their odd eyes, however, stick in my mind.

It was a look I could not understand. It was a look Tempest scum were good at because it was a look only other Tempest scum could read.

Silver Breeds read auras of emotion and intention, but that wasn’t just the only handy power they all possessed. Silver Breeds felt emotion far more intensely than any other Breed of Dragon.

They were consumed by it and they were legends for it, which is why they were obsessed with not just learning emotions but mastering experiences around emotion.

And I admit, that look in their eyes that I can not possibly understand as a Fire Spitter... scares me a little.


It intimidates me.

Excites me.

It makes me think.


...behind their golden, deep and burnt gazes...

...what in this realm were they thinking... right in this very moment?

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