Dragon's Pet

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Chapter 12

I seemed to be the Queen of the Fall over the Horizon. It is a prominent and immediate thought that consumes me after I’ve thrown all my weight, speed and power into the side of a Legendary butcherer. I witness Storm tumbling briefly, my grin slow and uncontrollable, my heart expanding with joy as my plight for justice has now begun.

I had been called simple minded, a breeder, including a plain bred simpleton.

But now? I was a warrior and I was going to scream, claw and ravage until I proved it so.

My mates were already a handful.

I would not allow this mentality to continue. The mind set that I was a simple beast, whom needed to be tamed, seen but not heard, controlled but not feared.

Instead, I would make sure they feared me.

Hence, I just shoved Storm off the edge of this cliff.

I would remind them all not just of my Dragon Breed’s power and grace, but my Breed’s purpose.

A leader of war-

My seconds of contemplation can not continue when everything changes as Snoot-Snoot caws in surprise as she flops out of my bra and flies away as if suddenly frightened... but as I look to see why she fled, my vision physically shifts...

I soon realise the silence around me is no longer normal, just like what I see.

The wind has disappeared, the two twin Dragon Lords beside me, baby Bezzle, along with Silver - vanish as if they did not stand there moments ago.

And quite suddenly, I’m in a dimension of grey and white.

It’s a distortion which consumes me, until I feel the boulders shudder with weight. As I take a step closer to the edge, I look down to see where Storm has plummeted.

I see nothing but a grey abyss.

“If this is a trick of your magic, oh great legend, prepare to be defeated in the realm of your choosing!” I call out, “Prepare for your knees to bend, Storm - Shadow in the Sky!”

I place my hands on my hips and as I do so, a warm pressure to my back, lifts me off my feet and flings me through the air.

It has begun.

Laughing like a maniac half way through my launch into the air, I transform into my Dragon form and swing around to hover before the great beast of Storm. One of the largest Dragons I’ve ever seen, Storm is horned and spiky, with a grey tarnished brilliance and golden, focused eyes.

He had catapulted me off the cliff with his snout, after misting or miraging behind me.

Big talker, Storm is clearly unamused by what I did, but more so he accepts my action as a serious challenge. So, instead of anger, he replies with a mocking undertone of complex and strange... relaxation... which I admit - impresses me, now breathe life into your thoughts, Minx.

Watch your tail, I advise him with a grin, before I breathe venomous fire towards his snout, dodging through the air, to close the distance to his large muscular Dragon body. When you were small, it was best to get in close in order to limit the movement available to the larger opponent. So, as I fly in closer, I almost manage to touch him with my claws - until his whole body shimmers, distorts and reappears mere feet away, but enough to confuse me momentarily.

Nice try, Storm growls, snapping his head around, I fly under his large snout to round his body and head for his tail. As he spins in the snow of his personal magical realm, his tail slices towards me and I jump over it, spinning back around to snap for the tip of his tail.

Storm simply mirages to safety again and chuckles low.

Try again... but don’t be so predictable, Storm is truly humoured all of a sudden and I notice the arrogance almost drops.

It was my opening for success.

A very brief moment his mind would allow the possibility that I was intelligent and indeed a warrior.

Rather than simple and stupid.

Watch me take three scales, as I say so, I breathe fire towards his tail and wait for him to dodge. When he hesitates while eyeing me with all knowing eyes, I wriggle my bum dramatically like I am about to pounce. The moment I jerk forward - he also jerks back, but I then change course and I jump onto a solid patch of snow, to slide under his belly.

For the brief moment he is vulnerable to me, I bite off two scales and slice off one with my claw from under his belly.

I spit them out and skip through his legs as he rears up and distorts away from me again, blood dripping down to the snow.

You drew blood, Storm eyes me appreciatively, that is an interesting first for me, in a very, very long time, little beast.

Shall I stain the snow with more of your legendary blood? I ask, I have the Gift from the Sprites to take your life.

I will let you attempt to draw blood one more time, Storm replies, sheepishly now, I will let you have your fun, but only if you agree to a deal.

What deal? I ask, now pausing to listen.

I was glad we were one on one and could sort out our differences now. In this realm that Storm created, my mates could not interfere and neither could Silver.

You will agree to submit to my son’s teachings. Your full potential has not been reached without guidance. This is not an insult. This is the ultimate truth.

You called me a plain bred simpleton -

As your Breed are, you should not take that so heavily upon your wings. Your breed is simple. To expand into higher depths of emotion, you must allow my sons to lead you.

But I am a warrior!

I do not deny that, little beast. I simply know of your potential for great leadership in the face of submission to my sons. Ha, well, that wasn’t a paradoxical statement at all.

Why do you care so much about my submission? I ask as I am starting to become irate, but I decide to listen anyway to his apparent wisdom.

It is not paradoxical, little beast. Submitting to simple truths you wish to not understand, can in fact, empower you beyond the mere arrogance of a young foolish fighter with a bit of skill. I see you believe me now - and believe me when I say this, Minx. Your submission will unite their bond and heal their suffering, and when they are truly together as brothers - you will be happy... and you will be even stronger.

I claw my talons through the snow while huffing out a long and hot exhale.

My ladies intuition was telling me to...


...believe him.

Yep. I actually believe Storm, in this moment.

I nod, to let him know of my consent.

Then, while I am still a little in awe of his wisdom... I see Storm wink, as our distorted surroundings mirage back to reality - to the common realm.

I am still in my Dragon form, wings out in the snow as Storm faces me on this cliff top.

My twins mates are searching around the white powdered boulders with their mother Silver. That is until they all turn dramatically to see us solidify once more in an opening.

Now that Storm had agreed to fight me and he’d let me win easy, I would give his words a shot for truth.

Prepare, Shadow in the Sky, for total and utter humiliation, I whisper to Storm privately, as I decide to show him how high a Bellum Minima Dominus can jump - like a swift flea.

He simply spreads his wings as if preparing for a quick take off, expecting me to go into a low and fast attack. Instead, I bend my ligaments and release magical power to help my ascent into the air - and as I jump, I land sharply with a kick from my wings, onto Storm’s head. I whack at his eyes with my claws to distract him.

He simply shakes his head back, growling with broken, barely held back Dragon chuckles until I slide down his neck and sink my poisonous fangs into his neck, without excreting my venom... not that anyone else would know that.

Storm pauses... and then he slumps abruptly into the snow and pretends to die, even twitching once or twice for me.

I then release my bite hold on his neck and as blood drips down my jaw and down his neck, I sit back and grin at my gawking mates and their amused mother.

Silver has a hand to her mouth, hiding a smile.

I grin towards my mates, sitting upon Storm’s felled form.

Victory to the Bellum Minima Dominus, I proclaim.

“Y-you pushed our father off a cliff!” Zoraul yells out.

“And then he played some mind games with our mate... and this too... seems to be another trick,” Rawk growls low, completely unamused.

As Storm finally gets back to his Dragon feet, he shakes me off and thwacks me into the snow with one quick slap - and I go sliding and hooting out laughter as I roll around and continue to slip and slide in the slippery snow.

As Storm sits, he huffs out a breath - barely smiling - before he nods to his sons.

I approve of her, Storm speaks quietly, teach her well, but do not disrespect her violent tendencies - she is clearly lethal.

I eventually jump to my feet and trot towards Silver, talons raised as I grin at her.

Shall we brawl next, my Lady -?

As I’m asking her, I get three very rough and rowdy ′No’s from three very dominant and protective males.

I frown and strike my tail back and forth in irritation as I sit by her and shrug, averting my disappointed gaze.

“We can not brawl, my dear,” Silver speaks gently, “I do not wish to hurt my daughter-in-law.”

The cheek of her!

I give Silver a sly look - accepting her challenge.

As I jump back a few paces, I’m ready to pounce and attack - until a much larger Dragon paw with talons extended - lands upon me with a proper thud, locking me down.

Not today - not ever, Storm tries to sound serious, except he can’t help but chuckle, there is no doubt you will keep my son’s entertained, however, perhaps you should agree to brawl with them!

“Father!” Zoraul calls out in annoyance, holdings his palms out while he glares up at Storm.

Rawk narrows his eyes at me as I grin at him with evil intent from under Storm’s talons. Rawk crosses his arms over his chest and stays silent.

Spoilsport, I hiss to Rawk privately, I am liked - accept it. Storm is the only one with sense.

“I believe it is time for an early lunch!” Rawk calls out, looking away from me to force on a pleasant tone for Storm, Silver and Zoraul, “I’m going to check on the Horde and find where Bezzle flew off too - feel free to roam... not you, Minx,” Rawk finally focuses on me again, “My brother will escort you to the storage area - you’re cleaning up the mess you made while being a brat the other day. And no - you won’t find beef jerky or any kind of jerky in there - I had it all removed until you learn some discipline.”

I growl loudly, ready to make a scene.

However, Storm growls a lot louder- over my own protest.

Do not disrespect your own honour, Storm speaks to me, warning me not to go back on our deal.

He takes off his paw and thwacks my butt forward, so I have to approach Rawk and submit.

“Little lady?” Rawk asks, raising a brow - expecting an issue.

Fine, I snap it out. Quietly. But regardless, I keep the attitude.

“Lose the tone,” Zoraul can’t help but be his smart ass self as he rolls his eyes and watches me with a keen interest for my next move.

Excuse me Storm, Silver - I have a task, I force some calm into my tone as I spin in the snow, using my tail to pick up plenty of the white stuff to shower my mates with a cold wet blanket as I hop for my clothes - pick them up in my teeth - and then I trot away.

“Good day to you, Minx!” Silver calls out, Storm growls in approval while I hear my mates growling to one another in hushed tones while wiping off the snow.

I make sure to disappear back into the warmth of the caverns before I decide to get changed.

I almost transform in the stair well that leads to the views above - but I keep slinking my way through.

I eventually head down to the storage room, where I find the mess as I left it, with only minor cleaning done.

I slam the open door shut with my tail and as I transform into my naked human body, I pick up my clothes and sigh as I pick up my leather pants first and I shake them out. I bring them down, lift a knee to slip in my foot - and that’s about all I manage to slip in... until my wrists are restrained and I’m jerked back up right.

I assume it to be a stranger - I do not expect to snarl in a flurry, looking for my surpriser, probably a Watcher - to see Rawk directly behind me.

He raises a brow over golden, smirking eyes.

As I try to struggle...

...I remember Storm’s guidance.

I’m not sure why I respect his words so much now, but I stop and close my eyes, trying to control my breathing.

“...what the hell did my father say to you?” Rawk asks, in a low curious drawl, “...you never calm down this quickly...”

“He acknowledged my power,” I say, letting out a trembled breath, “Please let me change, Master of Feeling-”

“Don’t forget your Master of Disobedience,” Zoraul speaks out of the blue and I look around to see him slipping in the door way just now, smiling brightly.

“Don’t encourage her,” Rawk growls, disapproving.

“Shut up,” Zoraul abruptly grabs Rawk and jerks him off me, so I am released, “Let her clean.”

I turn to face them properly, even while naked.

I curiously watch as Rawk turns into Zoraul and their foreheads collide in a battle of wills.

“And what exactly does that teach her?” Rawk hisses, “She pushed our father off a damn cliff-!”

“...and she will be punished,” Zoraul smirks as he grabs Rawk’s elbows and steps back, “Calm your fire - Rawk. Let her clean and listen to the better twin,” I don’t suppose I’m meant to catch it - but I see Zoraul wink at Rawk.

“What are you planning?” I ask Zoraul suspiciously while my hands land on my hips.

“Clean,” Zoraul dismisses me with a wave of his hand, he doesn’t even glance at me, “Rawk - shall you and I organise a game for Minx? If she wins, she won’t get punished,” I catch Zoraul winking again.

"I can see you,” I snap.

“Do your job,” both brothers turn to glare at me, frustrated by my interruptions. I roll my eyes and I turn around in a huff.

Growling under my breath, I pick up a few bags I threw on the floor and I haul them back up onto the walls... hoping they leave soon.

Instead, I hear a few words.

“You will tell me more outside,” Rawk advises.

“You’ll love this game I’ve thought of, brother,” Zoraul reassures him.

“She will not win... will she?” Rawk asks, eventually amused.

“No, brother... absolutley not,” Zoraul grabs Rawk’s shoulder and escorts him out while murmuring under his breath.

“I will!” I yell out, glaring after both of them as they shut the door, “I will win!”

I have no idea what they are referring to now.

But I would win.

I would.

Because I never, ever lost a game.

I was Minx, after all!

And Minx never lost.

She won.




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