Dragon's Pet

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Chapter 13

By the time I finish cleaning, I sulk out of the storage room with my five Watchers waiting on the other side.

“Lady,” one steps forward and I briefly remember him to be Sox, “Our Lords are now entertaining their guests. We were told to advise you of your orders. You must hunt some seal for dinner with us as your protectors and transport for the meat. Rawk advised that if you managed to do this, you would be... rewarded.”

“Is this the game?” I ask, confused as I narrow my eyes, “Speak up!”

“Ah, Zoraul did mention it as a game, yes,” Horn speaks for Sox with a nervous stutter, “P-please accept it, Lady. We do not want to be punished.”

“I never say no to hunting,” I snap, scolding Horn, “The rest of you, your names? No, stop, I remember. Killaw the Entitled, Mendrix the Flirt, Fronk the Clumsy, Horn the Shy, and Sox the Flea.”

“How creative,” Fronk laughs.

“A flea... really?” Sox asks but I do not tolerate the question. I jump forward and snap my teeth, watching him jerk back in surprise.

“Heheh,” I laugh under my breath, now that I have reconciled their positions of my entertaining Watchers, I add, “Shall we go hunting, my dear transporters?”

“This ought to be fun,” Killaw growls sarcastically.

“I’ve always wanted to see the beautiful Lady slay, as her awesome Breed do so gracefully,” Mendrix winks at me and holds out a hand.

I lean down and sniff it, crinkling my nose in disgust.

“You smell like... oiled cock,” I whisper, “Have you fucked anyone today, Mendrix? Or perhaps just yourself?” I ask, raising a brow.

Now exposed, Mendrix blushes and takes a step back.

“You are funny, my Lady,” Mendrix murmurs.

“On the contrary, I am very smart,” I snarl, “And if you dare offer me your hand again, there will be no hands to offer any Lady with, ever again. I only sniff Rawk and Zoraul, is that clear, you dull witted, simple cock focused Watcher? Now, let’s go have some fun. And no one get in my way.”

For a game I assumed to be full of tricks, I am pleasantly surprised. To avoid punishment for pushing Storm off the cliff, all I had to do was hunt seals for the Horde of Venom’s dinner.


Too easy...?

Not that I cared.

The Watchers and I had completed the task by sun down. Seals were rare so fishing for them was time consuming. Once my Watchers delivered the meat to the kitchens, they transported me back to Rawk and Zoraul’s chamber on my request.

I needed a nap before I faced anymore negotiations with my mate or their visiting parents.

I close the big wooden doors and turn to see an empty room... except for Bezzel, who is dancing on the bed, mauling into a rat and spreading nasty guts all over the beautiful bed covers.

I gasp as I tip toe forward, as she hasn’t spotted me yet. I see a pillow in the middle of the sheets. Ravaged. Open, feathers neatly murdered and in the midst I see tiny white bones from other dead rats.

“What have you done?” I ask, shocked.

Snoot-snoot hoots in surprise and tumbles off the bed away from her half ravaged latest meal.

I ignore her fall to instead gaze at the neat layout of the bones in the pillow.

They are aligned in weird synchronization.

However, I know it from my teachings long ago from Amadahy as we explored my options for growing into my Breed.

“A summoning?” I whisper, “Who has cursed you?” I reach down and grab Snoot-Snoot, who’s eyes are red instead of black as she struggles in my grasp. I blow fire over her and she instantly snaps out of her little rage.

As I let her go she cries in guilt and hops along the blanket to burrow into a different pillow.

All the while I can barely understand what I’m seeing.

“You are but a babe,” I whisper as I look down at the bloody mess, ruined blankets, assembled bones for a spell, and the feathered nest, “Who would wish to possess you?”

There was only one answer.

A Blood Raven.

The most powerful mage, arguably often more dangerous than Twin Leading Breeds or Fire Spitters even though our power was equal... they had more range to attack.

Also, if I placed bones in certain patterns, I could harness spells. I was not that kind of Bellum Minima Dominus. I preferred physical fighting.

Now, I bite my bottom lip.

Bezzel had been possessed to create a one time portal.

She had killed three rats.

She had drained the blood, burnt the flesh and arranged the bones.

There was only one answer.

We were under attack.

Mates, I whisper to both Rawk and Zoraul, we are being targeted by a...

I trail off as I receive no reply, almost like they’re no longer a part of this realm.

I turn around, feeling the hairs on the nape of my neck rise.

I look to the wooden doors while I feel threatened in some way.

When I hear a whoosh of energy, I spin back around to watch Bezzel, possessed again, she has scampered out with an unnatural wobble as if she is fighting the spell... however, she has placed the last bone into the circle.

“No!” I gasp as I jump back and watch the air collide and mirage. In seconds, a black draped form tumbles through and lands her butt on the other side of the bed, “Intruder!” I scream and nearly lunge when I see Bezzel frozen on the bed.

The girl with black hair and silver eyes in the black robe, jumps to her feet and looks me up and down with a sigh.

Very quickly, I can feel no movement of my limbs either.

I am stuck in my spot.

All I can do is breathe... barely... while I watch the strange young girl.

“Thank the Sprites I found you, finally,” the girls speaks with a heavy accent, “You are being requested to the highest order,” I wish to ask more but the girl rolls her eyes, inhaling a deep breath before rambling off as if it’s a prepared and well rehearsed speech, “My name is Sassy. Yep. Don’t look so surprised. On behalf of the Sea Dragons and Blood Raven council of Tempest Blood, we require you to attend trial. No law rules the land but the rule of blood and honour. You have killed five hundred innocent lives in the past 4 years. You stand to be humiliated for your Breed of Dominus. Fire Spitters like you are no longer allowed to breed in this realm. Decreed from the Overlord himself. Now, since I am a Blood Raven of simple time freeze, I need to hurry this up before the spell ends... so if you’ll excuse me... I need to take you now and quickly...,” she looks over her shoulder while my body is frozen like stone, “...and the ugly babe, she will be executed,” the mysterious young Blood Raven turns back to me, her silver eyes glinting with malicious intent, “Mercifully, I assure you. Okay, now that the formalities are over... let’s go. And don’t try to bite, young Minx, when we reach the other side,” Sassy - how is that even a name? - leans forward with a darling ‘smile’, “Because I assure you. I can bite a lot harder. Once we’re through the portal, there will be no mercy and your mates will not reach you even if they knew your location - it’d take weeks to arrive. So. Let’s go, feral Sprite of Death. You’re about to get formally Judged for your actions.”

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