Dragon's Pet

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Chapter 14

Sassy takes me through to the other side with Bezzel who is now trapped in a heavy red cursed collar and chain.

I have Dragon’s Bane placed as a flower in my hair which gets a laugh out of the young Blood Raven as we arrive wherever the hell she wanted to take us.

I watch in a daze, confused and helpless… I’ve been taken through a portal to stand in a huge white Raven Hall.

Typical, with the bones of Dragons hanging like chandeliers from the ceiling tops.

I hiss under my breath as I try to keep my strength to stand, and Snoot-Snoot stumbles forward and falls on her side, confused.

When I look up at the empty hall, aside from a huge golden throne… with a very familiar face… I narrow my eyes and hold my breath.

Who the hell…?

What I’m faced with is the strangest dejavu of the decade.

“Welcome to your Judgement,” Sassy leads me forward, beckoning me with her hand as she drags Bezzel along.

“Perfect, leave them at the foot of my throne,” even the voice… the voice

“Yes, Overlord,” Sassy steps aside and watches me stumble willingly towards the figure while Snoot-Snoot attempts to slither forward to follow me, “Have fun with them.”

“Leave without comment,” the ‘Overlord’ snaps with clear impatience.

“Whatever,” Sassy murmurs under her breath and turns, sulking away out of the empty grand hall.

All that remains in this huge haunting space is myself, Bezzel and the figure on the throne – he’s not even sitting on it.

He’s slouching, chewing on a green emerald ring to sharpen his teeth while his green emerald hair lies messy on top of his head. He’s even wearing black leather pants.

I stumble to a stop at the bottom of the throne, squinting while Bezzel pants below me.

When I hear a door slam, I assume Sassy is gone.

That is the only time the figure on the throne jumps to his feet and changes his composure immediately.

From fear inducing giant Overlord to… friend?

“Thank the Sky Gods I finally found someone from that time,” the moment the words exit his mouth, I blink and curl my lips.

“I thought you were Hael,” I drawl out as he reaches forward and takes the Dragon Bane from my ear.

It doesn’t affect him.

“Huh,” Lex half laughs to himself with a pained look in his eye as he also leans down and frees Bezzel from her collar and chain.

As Lex straightens and slides back a step, he is the splitting image of Hael.

Except younger.

Lex was Luvenia’s twin, and I liked Luvenia back in the Requiem Mountains… a long… long time ago, when Amadahy and I found refuge there.

“I. Am. So. Confused,” I breathe as I lean down and pick up Bezzel, slipping her into my bra. Lex takes another step back and clasps his hands behind his back, raising a brow at me as he slowly grins. But I feel like he’s hiding something, “What is it? 4 years after I help lead a war party to defend Requiem territory… now you need my help again? But Sassy said something about Sea Dragons… I’m not in Requiem territory.”

“Does it matter?” Lex drawls, “I was hoping for a favour. In return for your life.”

“Since when do you hate me?” I ask, “Did I bite you as a child?”

“Let’s not dwell on the past… well,” Lex physically cringes while he holds off the most important bits.

I wait for an answer but he purses his lips and looks up to the ceiling as if hoping for the right words.

“What have you done?” I whisper, morbidly curious.

“Well, Minx,” Lex finally works out how to begin, “I’ve conquered this land with my White Fire, I control Blood Ravens, Mages, Dragons…. but… it’s more like what I haven’t done,” Lex is smooth, but also a little too refined as he adds, “I need your help. Urgently.”

“I have no idea why you need me to help… I thought I was on trial or something,” I narrow my eyes as Lex looks sheepish.

“You are – death row, actually,” Lex explains, quickly holding up a hand, “But don’t get angry, sweety… I have the best proposition. A mission. You and your… baby friend can do it together, perhaps.”

“I am not for anyone’s service, but enlighten me anyway,” I growl to show him I’m not happy with this… and my first sign of defiance is when his eyes darken and he loses the light and friendly attitude.

With a spin of his heel, he waltzes back to the throne and sits on it, reclining with his legs over the sides as he bites on his emerald green ring again.

It’s not hard so I don’t expect a protest,” Lex growls, “Now listen closely, Fire Spitter, as this is the truth. In years I have managed to push my mate further and further away from me no matter my attempts at union. I’m still a fucking virgin at 28. My balls are going to fucking explode. So – I’m done waiting for my romantic ending. I need Jules here now. She doesn’t know I am aware of her location. You’re going to go to her witch hut at the edge of the ocean, pretend you are sick and in need of healing herbs. Then – when she is inspecting you… you will bite her with your lethal venom. I have made it known to my people that the antidote to such poison is only within my grasp for those who pay heavily. I like gold, you see, and jewels…” Lex now slowly smirks, “I am surprised you are not laughing at me.”

“Internally, I assure you,” I slowly smirk, “But since you have asked such a simple task, I shall oblige. Is Jules dangerous?”

“Not at all,” Lex quickly shrugs from his position, “How is your sexual life with your two mates going? Have they conquered you yet, Minxy?”

“No,” I snap, “I am proudly a virgin Lady. You on the other hand… seem… different.”

“How so?” Lex asks, sheepish again.

“Sly,” I hiss the word, “I do not trust you.”

“You probably shouldn’t,” Lex winks at me now, “Little Minxy...” he seems to be thinking to himself.

“Why is that?” I ask.

“I plan to rule… everything,” Lex murmurs this so seriously and comfortably… it’s honestly a little fucking terrifying.

“Sounds… time consuming?” I murmur.

“It’s not your concern. Can you do my task or not? Shall I instruct you instead of the Justice laws I’ve begun to implement?” Lex asks, “That do affect your behaviour, by the way.”

“I will bite your Lady,” I snarl, “As long as you –” I’m about to tell him to send me a portal back to the Horde of Venom… until I realise my golden opportunity, “Actually, don’t worry about it.”

Maybe this time… I could have my last shot at freedom.

I mean, I could take a vacation.

Even if it was just for a few weeks.

And then when I eventually decided to return to Rawk and Zoraul… maybe they’d appreciate my presence just a little more.

And I could tell them of my adventures.

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