Dragon's Pet

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Chapter 15

I leave the Overlord Lex to explore my surroundings near the ocean. I'm not sure how this occurred so suddenly, but now I am on my way to complete my mission to bite his mate, Jules. When I exit Lex's grand white Blood Raven Hall, I expect a lavish city to surround the land.

Instead, I exit into cold wet and rainy weather, almost as bad as the Tempest Lands. To be fair, if this was truely Sea Dragon territory then it was still a part of the Tempest Lands, it was just on the edge. Cold sleet strikes across my cheeks no matter which way I turn, so I raise my hands above my eyes as Snoot-Snoot sniffles deeper into my bra.

"Bloody Sky Gods," I growl as I try to peer at my surroundings from the entrance steps to the Hall.

All I see is endless ocean.

The front steps to Lex's new home literally lead to thin air over a cliff edge, which drops down to a raging body of water that smothers the rocks down below in white foam.

I reach for Bezzel's tail and drag the little whining baby out from my bra. I growl at her as I hold her in between my palms.

"Enough crying, now we fly!" I explain, "To the witches hut by the sea! It can not be too hard to find, silly Snoot-Snoot!" with that I throw out my hands and release her into a gale.

As she screeches out, I laugh and mist, snatching my clothes in my talons as I also let the gale of wind take me high up into the air. With my wings concave, I gain height quickly.

Can you see a hut of any kind? I ask Bezzel, who is dancing and twirling in the sleet and rain, biting up as many droplets of condensation as she can to eat as a quick snack.

Clearly she isn't focusing, so I scan over the cliff edges myself.

I see green and grey foliage stretching across for miles. Behind the Blood Raven Hall is a snowy path barely visible which leads to a barren looking town of tiny structures, far far away.

This area was so... plain. Boring. Not a place for a vacation at all, it was quite isolating. Along the cliff edge by the sea is basically nothing but shrub.

I fly forward, searching for any sign of life.

Would Jules really be living out here, somewhere so barren?

Bezzel eventually lands on my head and sits there for the free fast ride in a stream of wind as I scavenge for any sign of Lex's mate to leave my message of love - a bloody venomous bite, my very own specialty.

As we both scout together now, Snoot-Snoot jerks in surprise and dives off my head seconds later.

I follow her line of descent as she zig zags towards the cliff edge and a tiny orange light that filters from a wooden hut window.

Yes! I found Jules and her hut! Nestled between taller overgrown shrubs, overlooking the raging seas.

As I smoothly descend, I watch curiously as Snoot-Snoot doesn't hold back, nor does she go to the door and announce our arrival politely in anyway shape or form.

Instead, she starts attacking the roof with spits of fire. She tries desperately to set it alight but the rain keeps any sparks from igniting. In anger, Bezzel starts to ravage the straw and mud, burrowing right through the top in furious determination.

Silly, Snoot-Snoot! I scold her and dive more quickly to reach the hut in time before Jules may accidentally hurt the intruder.

I transform by the front door and barge it open, my clothes in hand as I slam the door back shut and gaze upon the cute little space.

The fire place is warming the area of large couches, a kitchen and multiple shelves of witchy things. Herbs, potions, books and trinkets.

Except Jules isn't here.

I raise a brow at Bezzel as she sits on the couch, her tail twitching with unreleased energy as she guiltily grins at me.

I look up and see the small hole she made in the roof, which lets in a stream of icy air.

"I'll fix it," I snarl, but to be perfectly honest I have no idea where to begin, "...later," Snoot-Snoot snorts in agreement and lays on her side, breathing heavily as her eyes roll around to inspect each pillow on the couch, "Bezzel, don't even think about it!" I snarl and pounce forward. I get dressed and sit on the couch with her.

I find a blanket and wrap it around my shoulders - the moment I do, Snoot-Snoot inhales air so sharply in happy surprise. She scrambles to her talons and wiggles her butt before pouncing straight through the blanket, to sit on a bunched up part, while also resting on my breast. She pokes her head out at the top and nestles in nice and tight, half closing her eyes.

It wasn't nap time, but she thought it was.

"This isn't my home," I let out a sigh and close my eyes as a funny feeling filters through my mind.

Was that... Rawk and Zoraul, prodding at my soul?

Perhaps they missed me.

We're actually right here, pet, I jerk as Zoraul drawls through my mind, we followed you through the portal.

Impossible, I hiss back, more shocked than anything else, it was a one time only portal.

Only if you're uneducated in the art of magic, Rawk chuckles through my mind, Relax, Minx, complete your task and then return to this hall. My brother and I are conducting... discussions... with Lex.

We shall intercept you soon, Zoraul adds, unless you do arrive back here within a reasonable time frame, then we won't have to follow up on your progress, little pet.

Mind your own damn business, mates, I do not need saving, I snap back, I am capable of handling my own personal affairs. I will return to you when I so choose. All that is required of me is to bite a young lady. Do not do me the displeasure and insult of thinking me incapable of such a simple task -

Just as I'm consumed within my mind's eye, speaking to Rawk and Zoraul as Snoot-Snoot purrs like a kitten between the blankets, I am caught off guard.

I come back to reality as a sweet scent fills my nose.

I focus on my here and now to see a red mist before me.

It's a little cloud and as I inhale a second time, curious of the sweetness within the particles - my muscles relax and I slouch my shoulders, my eyes drooping.

"What the... magic... is this?" I whisper to nothing as I watch a lithe figure fill my vision.

Tall and wrapped in a green silky dress, with golden spun jewellery adorning all her limbs and even her neck - I see Jules.

Her hair is just as majestical as her appearance, golden bright curls that hang over her shoulders and down her breasts. Even the hair is spun with little bones.

"Not magic, Minx - it's just a perfume of Dragon's Bane," Jules remembers me as she very casually takes a seat on the opposite couch, "What brings me the pleasure of your company and a babe Fire Spitter?"

I watch as Jules grabs a pillow and brings it to her chest, toying with the laced pattern as she lies on her side, resting on an elbow while her blue and green eyes watch me intently.

"I am to poison you for Lex, with my bite," as the words leave my mouth, I shut my lips as my mind reels.

Why did I just say that?

It just slipped out.

"Oh," Jules replies politely enough, while smirking to herself as she looks at the ceiling.

I watch as she raises a hand and the straw and mud on top come together to fill the little hole in the roof.

"Why did I tell you the truth of my mission?" I ask, confused as I growl.

Jules takes her time to respond, leaning over the couch to grab a handkerchief to wipe over her nose before she sneezes.

"I am still not used to the climate here," Jules murmurs to herself as she eventually faces me and slowly smiles, "And how did my dearest Lexy persuade you to pursue such a violent act against me?"

"In exchange for getting some Blood Ravens off my back - I have slaughtered many," I answer again, truthfully.

Jules tut-tuts me as she now jumps back to her feet and heads to a table of potions.

She picks up a red vile of the same dust. The ground Dragon's Bane.

As she faces away from me, she hums to herself before admitting, "I have a counter offer, sweety."

"Oh?" I ask, now able to slowly sit up as the effects wane.

Jules spins to me, holding the vile in her hand.

"Poison him," Jules requests, "Lex is immune to almost everything except what I've concocted. Dash this in his face and tell him to come to me for the antidote. I will see to it that you are freed of whatever ridiculous laws the brute is trying to enforce."

"Why do you avoid your mate? I know why I avoid both of mine, I was running for years and -" she cuts me off.

"Oh, I am not running," Jules answers, slowly raising a brow, "I never run. I simply follow my intuition. Lex doesn't scare me. On the contrary... I find him... quite a large and persistent thorn in my side. He is arrogant. I am wise. He is impulsive. I am rather patient," Jules is so confident in her speech while I can not be anything but impressed.

"Lex told me how he can't wait to fuck you any longer," I admit.

Jules just smiles slow and evil.

It's one of the most terrifying things I've ever seen.

"May I have your venom in a vile before you go?" Jules crafty avoids answering my question.

"Certainly, Queen," I jump to my feet and Bezzel squawks awake. I feel Jules deserves respect, she certainly asked for it with her presence and her way.

"I may be a Queen of Nature but I am no real Queen, nor do I wish to be," Jules holds out her hand and Snoot-Snoot hops out of my bra onto her palm. I watch in silent fascination as Snoot-Snoot smells her palm and then tumbles in a roll forward, as if basking in her scent. "She likes the smell of my power," Jules explains, "What a cutie."

"You are terrifying, Queen - I shall give you my venom," I hold out my hand as she passes me an empty vile.

"Do you want me to impart some advice?" Jules asks.

"But you know nothing about me nor my life or where I came from -"

"Look to the skies at midnight, Minxy," Jules interrupts me anyway, "Look to the Moon. Stay the night before you return to the snow and ice."

"...Okay?" I ask, confused, "What is your secret, Queen?"

"I have friends in all the right places," Jules winks at me, "Sea Dragons are very good friends - you shall meet them later if you stay."

"I shall go now," I quickly drool some venom and spit it into the vile before passing it to Jules. As I do so, she passes me the poison and Bezzel jumps back onto my shoulder and sits patiently, "Goodbye, Jules."

As I turn, Jules doesn't farewell me in return, she just waves a finger as I begin to turn.

At least I think it is a wave, until I feel the cold air rush out and greet me from the open door that has just swung inside at my back.

"To the winds," I whisper to Bezzel as I face the outside, "Let us go swiftly into the wild weather."

As the babe takes off with a wriggle and a pounce, I mist out of my clothes, grab them and the poison in my talons.

I take off swiftly into Sea Dragon territory.

I do not know why Jules wants me to meet them, but now I am all the more excited to do so!

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