Dragon's Pet

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Chapter 16

It's not hard to complete Jules' task. Her vile of special poison for Lex is within my grasp as I sit above in the ceiling rafters of the Blood Raven hall. As Lex consults the mages, I sit not on a wooden rafter but a Dragon skull hanging from one.

Snoot-Snoot sleeps peacefully beside me in the Dragon's jaw while I watch Lex through the long teeth. I'm looking for the opportune moment to do Jules' bidding.

My mates weren't here presently. However, I had overheard Lex speak to a lowly mage how she should fetch fresh food and wine for the visiting Twin Leading Breeds - as Rawk and Zoraul bathed and experienced the salt water springs below the hall.

So, I had my plan sorted.

I would poison Lex. Find my mates and torment them. Then, when it was midnight very soon, I would meet the Sea Dragons under the light of the moon.

It was going to be a delightful night.

As the mages leave, I find Lex sighing in disappointment from his golden throne, chin in hand. Clearly he was waiting for me to return with good news. He had no idea I was hiding right above him. I had snuck in through a window up top.

You have waited well, strike now! Jules's voice suddenly filters through my mind and jerks me forward. My grip loosens and the vial slips between my fingers.

"Argh, no!" I roar after the vial in frustration as it falls fast but still happens to smash open on the very bridge of Lex's nose. He is watching me with wide eyes as I quickly grin from ear to ear through the bones of the dead, "You are in need of a healer, Overlord!" I call down as I watch Lex sneeze three or four times before he starts to choke, falling off his throne.

In seconds, the Overlord is on his knees.

You deserve an unconventional 'well done', Minx, Jules murmurs through my head just as I hear doors slam open.

I look around the teeth to see Jules waltz into the Blood Raven hall with a bag of medicines from the entrance.

"This is going to hurt," Jules calls sweetly out to Lex, whom gasps in air and tries to breathe while clawing at his throat..

"What... i-is t-this?" Lex wheezes out.

"A fine powder of every pepper I could find," Jules explains politely, "You poor thing, I better get you to bed."

"You b-bitch," Lex tries to stand up and look strong, and he does stand for a brief moment before hunching over and succumbing to a coughing fit again as his tears leak like buckets of water out of his eyes and his cheeks turn a bright pink.

Don't forget to meet my friends tonight under the moonlight. They've always wanted to meet a Fire Spitter like you, Jules proclaims as she is slyly smirking while approaching her mate.

Understood, Queen, I reply as I glance back behind me to check on Snoot-Snoot.

Still out like a light.

I decide to leave her there as I jump from the Dragon skull, towards a lower wooden beam. Then a lantern is next, which wobbles easy and falls to shatter against the marble flooring, just as I hop from it and land gracefully near the throne.

I wave at Lex as he is choking while I decide to find my mates.

I follow my nose and instincts, turning my head to walk out a supposed 'back' door from the Blood Raven hall. As I venture through it, I'm delighted to find a hidden structure in the side of the cliff.

I walk down a corridor with windows overlooking the sea, with mages going to and fro from different rooms... they look like classes.

Perhaps this was a school of some kind.

I am mostly ignored as I keep walking down the forever straight corridor until I find a concave bend and a wider cave like corridor that heads downward.

I breathe in the faint scent of my mates that have passed through this way.

I traverse forward with a skip in my step.

Jules' game with Lex has brought me confidence.

I could win any games of dominance with my mates, simply by tricking them!

I had to take her lead.

I had no real plans now other than to find them, perhaps surprise them and join them in the salt baths. It sounded delightful the way Lex has described the under ground springs of the East. Very hot water, apparently, and lots of steam.

It sounded very relaxing!

I eventually find the rounded corridor narrows before two big wooden doors, with fancy engraving depicting baths, which suggests that I have reached the right place.

Steam vapours seep out from under the wooden doors.

I couldn't wait to witness what this would look like.

I open the doors gently, hoping not to make a sound.

What I'm met with, is a very dark place, barely lit by orange flames from oil lanterns. The mist is so thick, it's almost intoxicating as well as suffocating.

As I step in, and the doors close behind me, I let my eyes adjust, as well as my breaths.

"Towels?" I watch as a figure speaks to me, a tall girl - completely naked - walking forward with soft towels in either hand.

She smiles and holds them out to me.

I just snatch one from her and pass her by without thanking her.

Where were my mates?

Irritated, and not sure why, I walk forward further to see plenty of mini pools, steaming and filled with random amounts of people.

Mostly men.


Some women, but mostly male figures.

I mean, there were women but...

...all naked, walking about casually.

Why were they naked?

I mean, I guess everyone was.

And it was a bathing area.

But -


I was irritated for no reason at all.

I was the strange one for wearing clothes, I suppose.

I quickly mist out of my set and pick them up with my foot, before holding them in the nook of my elbow. I venture forward until the whole place opens up further.

The salt baths becomes like a huge cavern filled with endless spas for whoever needed to warm up in such a cold climate.

I feel like I explore for a good ten minutes, pillars of rock holding up the vast area. The whole place is open yet I see not one sign of Rawk and Zoraul.

Until, of course, I see a few doors coloured the same hew as the yellow orange rocks around me. They are hidden at the back. I peep into a few of these to find private spas or ledges of smooth polished rock, where a male or female will lie face down and have little boned women walk on their backs!

Confused as my nose wriggles, I know I am close.

I use my instincts instead of checking every door.

I, instead, look at the line of naked happy women trying to get into one of the doors at the very end.

I storm forward and push through these women, who gasp at me trying to get in quicker.

I poke my head through someone's elbow once I'm inside, to get a good view through the crowd and the steam.

I am encased in naked female bodies, who exclaim in excitement as they watch them like a show - Rawk and Zoraul, lying on their backs, spread eagled and very naked.

They smile with their eyes closed as ten or more pairs of hands at once, rub over their skin and give them a full body massage.

In the process, they are fed finger food delicacies and sips of wine. Two women a pair brush through their metallic hair with delicate combs, grooming them like kings.

"I have never seen Twin Leading Breeds that are also Silver," I hear a girl whisper this.

I hear many whisper this.

Or similar statements.

I knew most Dragons in the Tempest lands were Silver Breeds but no hordes existed. I guess that is why Rawk and Zoraul were being treated and petted like exotic creatures.

By hordes of not just naked women, but all mages, because I could smell the low volumes of magic.

I can also feel my fists, so tight against my clothes and towel.

My teeth grit together, my cheeks red and not because of the heat.

Venom, in a quick and violent rush - fill my gums to the max.

When I breathe out steam, it is my own steam mixed with a smokey exhale of outrage.

I had not felt such an all consuming rage since I was a fledgling.

I felt... not just reckless, but violent - on a psychopathic level. Nobody in the moment would want to reason with me right now. I was as equally disgusted as I was infuriated by the innocent gawking females around me.

My eyes do a quick scan of this small private space.

Twenty females.

My fists, now clawed hands - have opened, dropping my clothes and my towel dramatically.

I stand far below most of these tall mages. I was still shorter than all here - so at least I could navigate easily.

Twenty people meant forty legs and forty arms.

Plenty of targets.

I have already started to uncontrollably growl from deep within my throat, especially as I notice some of the females massaging my mates, also gently biting their skin as if to taste them or their sweat. Disgusting. It makes my warning growl grow in volume, my eyes wide, unblinking and ravenous as I take in all my targets.

I do notice the females closest to me, backing off slightly. Tiny whispers of confusion start to spread.

But their reactions were far too slow to warn others.

While maybe one or two mages realise the danger and perhaps sniff my breed of Dragon - only those two rush out and manage to escape at the very last second.

The remaining female mages would be lucky for one reason only.

Lex had the antidote to Fire Spitter venom.

So at least they would all live - but not without learning the consequences of touching my mates.

I don't just pounce - I go feral.

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