Dragon's Pet

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Chapter 17

Torn flesh, warm and bloody, seeping liquid mixing with steam, cause some of the young female mages to slip in their own blood. Chunks of skin go flying, while screams of pain pleasure my ear drums.

I skid back from my quick massacre, in a back corner, laughing manically as seven women, injured, try to crawl away. My venom burned quickly through fragile veins. The rest try to squeeze through the exit.

"Run, you disgusting cows! Or I'll eat you for dinner!" I point and threaten, snapping my teeth at the closest lagging female who runs past me.

Within a terrible few seconds, a rush of naked bodies have left.

Crying and wailing do nothing but excite me. With my instincts tuned, I wish to do more damage.

I lean down, ready to pursue and pounce - but of course now Rawk and Zoraul have gathered their wits to take action.

"Minx!" Rawk roars out and stands with his hands spread, blocking my exit while Zoraul sneaks up behind me and grabs my elbow before I can mist away.

I jerk and growl, throwing a deadly gaze to both my mates before I attack.

It was their turn to be punished.

"Silly stupid Silver breeds!" I snarl, using Zoraul's death grip on my arm as a way to lean down and swing up my feet - kicking him in the jaw as I do a very confined back flip, "Hiya!" I land, twisting out of Zoraul's bruising grip. I squat low, so even as Rawk attempts to swiftly apprehend me, I am too smart.

I launch forward and sink my teeth into his thigh, ripping into the biggest juicy artery.

"Filthy mates," I growl low as I skit away on all fours, mouth bloody and eyes unable to blink as I grin at a hunched, snarling Rawk and a gob smacked Zoraul.

"You beast, control your fury!" Zoraul yells at me even as I decide to mist.

"The damage is not yet done," I drawl, tilting my head to indicate my seriousness - I disappear while they can not handle me.

And so the battle just begins.

I mist into the bathing area, where I hop onto a girl's unsuspecting back, wrapping my arms and legs around her - I move into bite her neck.

My teeth scrape the surface of her skin before a hand is bunched into my hair and pulls me backwards.

I scream from the pain and let go of my catch as I dangle in the air, my hair held in a tight vice.

Not by one of my mates - but a tall lumbering man with gills at the side of his throat.

He says nothing, but his multi coloured hair of green and blue, look like overlapping seaweed. His eyes are white like pretty shells while his arms are so long I can't reach out and swipe at him.

I try to mist but I can not.

He is a creature I have not met.


He must be a human sea monster! A Sea Dragon!

"Unhand me, you are a friend!" I beg, whining, "I know Jules!"

Without a word, he starts to walk while holding my hair tight.

I dangle like a doll, squinting in pain towards the private spa room where Rawk and Zoraul stand watching in confusion as I'm tamed momentarily by a strange giant.

"She is our business!" Rawk growls out and catches up to the giant man.

He does not unhand me, but starts to speed up - by gliding along the watery stone ground.

It almost feels like flying as we glide to the end of the Spring Baths cavern, towards a back door.

The door opens onto an empty cliff over the raging sea.

Without warning - he chucks me out into open air.

Out of the giants hand, I am able to mist into my Dragon.

A strong gale manages to gust me away from the secret back door.

I try to fly back to it, only to see a thick wave of silver mist bang the door wide open to give chase.

I quickly swing back into the wind and fly off, using the currents in the icy air to give me a head start.

Let me be while I deal with my anger, I communicate to Rawk and Zoraul as they follow me.

I only get so far in the air before a huge claw snatch around my tiny Dragon form and I drop into the cage of Rawk's talons.

I try to squeeze through but I can not.

As we fly up and over a cliff, Rawk archs his wings and both my mates turn to a familiar figure on the cliff edge.

The same bloody giant who threw me out!

As I glance up, I realise it is midnight as the moon is full and high above in the darkness.

Sea Dragons! I call out, we must stay, Jules said to speak to them. She is wise and must be heard.

Standing with the man on the cliff is a woman, with stringy yellow hair, sitting on a boulder.

They are both clothed and watching us with piercing eyes.

Rawk and Zoraul decide to land hesitantly, but I know they are curious about the beings with gills on their necks. Rawk does not let me escape.

I tumble out of his claws as he lands, just before he slams his talons back over me and cages me into the dirt.

Sea Dragons? Zoraul calls out, impatiently to the couple.

We are met with silence.

What is with this strange land on the edge of our realm? Rawk snarls out, I am done with this drama. Let's leave swiftly, Zoraul, before... Rawk trails off as the tall giant man walks toward us with his girlfriend.

They gaze upon us with no words, slowly coming towards my cage in Rawks talons.

Curiously, the Sea Dragons squat down to look upon me, curious of my Breed.

My mates watch with confused and intrigued patience.

The giant holds out a hand towards my Dragon form.

After I calm down and pull on some bravery, I reach forward a spikey talon, confused why they do not speak.

I watch in fascination as my talon begins to shed. A new talon forms and the old black and purple tinged casing falls into the giant's hand.

He looks satisfied as he passes it to his girl friend.

The strange beings both nod at Rawk and Zoraul and turn towards the cliff edge.

In a mist of water, the Sea Dragons turn into their forms.

Curious, the three of us watch as my shredded talon is taken almost as a gift, towards the water in a stream of magical mist.

The Dragons form below the cliff in the air.

I witness long bodies, scales with patterns, like a book telling a story. The scales are more like those off a fishes' back, wide and sparkling. The Sea Dragons turn into Sea Monsters, with wings packed against their body as they dive into the ocean.

They are huge.

Simply massive.

Just like that, they are gone into the dark blue water.

Amazing, I whisper.

I've had enough of this strange night. Time to return home, Rawk sounds threatened and confused.

I can not forget Snoot-Snoot! I yell back.

Where is she? Zoraul asks, barely keeping in his temper for my recent actions. I see his lips curl back in a frustrated snarl as I see his sharp fangs. His eyes are narrowed as they watch me, irritated.

Bezzel is sleeping peacefully in the Dragon skull above Lex's throne, I answer, do not wake her rudely, she will tell me if you disturb her. Handle her with care, she is to be a great queen like me one day.

You are daft if you think you'll ever be seen as a Queen, Rawk snarls through my mind, you are a beast, untamed and violent. You should be ashamed of your thoughtless evil against those innocent mages. You will regret your outburst. You will return home with me at once and believe me, little beast, your leash won't have a lead when you're chained to my feet!

When I retrieve the babe, brother, I will happily join in with your current musings, Zoraul sighs and flies off to retrieve Bezzel without farewelling me.

If you even attempt to punish me for my retribution against your own betrayal, I will leave and never return, I quickly threaten Rawk in return for his harsh words.

So you delivered excruciating pain to those mages due to your sense of jealousy? Rawk asks, You will learn to control yourself and you will learn quickly, Minx, mark my words.

I'll mark you in a minute, I whisper.

The passage is open as requested, I hear a familiar sassy tone from Sassy herself. She speaks to us with politeness, Fly into the southern lake and you will travel to a cave somewhat relative to your home. That is the closest I can take you back towards your own horde. You are not welcome back in this Blood Raven hall with that monster. She has injured many good mages. If Minx ever returns, we'll have her bones and strip her scales.

Take comfort in knowing she will be under guard, Rawk replies, Minx will not be leaving my side... nor our hands. Apologises to the hurt ladies.

I am boiling over the conversation surrounding me.

Especially that last part.

Rawk and Zorual should be apologising to me!

They should not be apologising to the females who were touching and tasting their skin, feasting on my mates with their cow eyes!

My slight reprieve from violence is ignited into full blown fury again, waiting with still poise in the back of my mind.

The moment I returned to their Horde of Venom, they would know real retribution.

If they pushed me too far?

All I had to do was take control of the Horde.

After all - the majority of the followers were my Breed of Fire Spitter - and being a Bellum Minima Dominus myself meant they would follow me.

They would abandon Rawk and Zoraul if I commanded it.

I would happily steal their horde, their fortune and their pride.

I would take it all until I was respected for what I was.

A Bellum Minima Dominus!

Snoot-Snoot would do well to stay close to me, ears open, mind sharp - to learn how to win any kind of war, from the greatest Little Warlord of all time.


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