Dragon's Pet

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Chapter 18

Rawk flies me high into the cold weather and ignores any snuffs of complaint I make while trapped. He waits for Zoraul to fetch Snoot-Snoot before we turn down and fly to the southern lake as Sassy requested. It would take us close to home via some sort of portal.

As I’m contained in Rawk’s talons, he glances at Zoraul, who now flies forward with Snoot-Snoot sitting proudly on his head like a golden crown; she definitely thinks she is a princess of the realm. And that she is. Her little bright golden head is up high as she sits poised perfectly while Zoraul flies relatively evenly through the gusty air. Silver Breeds were also known as Tempest Breeds because their wings could navigate this particular and unique weather better than Dragons from the sunny and green west.

It’s about time we returned home, brother, before Storm and Silver leave, Zoraul drawls this as Rawk growls a rumbled agreement. He turns and finally descends to the lake while I am cramped up in his damn claw cage.

I let out a hissed breath of frustration as we finally dive to the water and the portal beneath it.

I simply wait for our passage to be complete all while I seethe with rage beneath my relatively quiet exterior.

My mind had simply been dwelling on what I would do when we arrived back. I could barely contain my high strung nerves. I was preparing to command their whole Horde of Venom to leave and follow me the moment I got the chance!

Just as I had been somewhat learning how to relatively tolerate my slow-witted mates... they get other dirty females to give them a full body massage?


I should be treated as a Queen! Not a lowly beast that is overlooked the moment naked females offer a service of admiration.

Twin Leading Breeds were well known across the land for their formidable egos – and having a strong desire - an almost uncontrollable need - to accept and revel in all admiration thrown their way. I found their actions in the spa area, quite unacceptable; especially since I was in their lives now.

Water collides with us as we take our journey, increasing the blow of the cold front that we burst into on the other end of the portal, when travelling back to our own Tempest Lands that were more frozen over.

We appear in a long wide, grey icy cave, dripping wet while the water already starts to freeze on our scales.

Rawk stalks forward and makes room for his brother.

I watch as Snoot Snoot summersaults out across the ground second, landing on her back with her wings spread and a grin on her face.

Home bound for you, little one, Rawk breathes fire over Bezzel to warm her up and she sneezes on her way up to her feet. She shakes off any last droplets that haven’t evaporated or dried as ice before she sprints forward. Bezzel takes off towards the Horde of Venom, squawking loudly and proudly as she goes. She was clearly home sick.

We could see the familiar landscape in the distance and I was certain she was excited to see her mother and sister.


Home for Snoot-Snoot? What about us? Let’s get to flying onward, I ask this in a very contained quiet mumble through their minds, as Rawk remains silent and Zoraul appears beside us, last out of the portal, his head leaning down to look at me still caged in Rawk’s talons, Are you both slow and daft? Release me, you ugly beasts! As I say this, Rawk starts to growl a warning, but I simply continue while scratching at his diamond strong talons with my own, head butting them with my thick skull, You inadequate half-wits! The moment I am out, I will mark you both as the loose moral, betraying Twin Leading Breeds that you are. You just wait until I get my talons into your brittle scales. Dragon-whores! I will kill you in your sleep! I had to let out some of my energy. I bare my sharp teeth at Zoraul as he simply watches me with bright golden, wild eyes full of irritation.

In a sudden moment’s notice – my Dragon’s feet hit the ground as they mist in a burst around me.

I stamp my claws and mist too, until we are all naked and facing one another, Zoraul to my right, Rawk to my left.

They both look ready to spank me.

“Or,” I dance back a step or two as I raise my fists, “I will just beat you both to a pulp with my bare hands! Who’s first?” I shake out my purple hair and lower my hips, bending my knees as I prepare to pounce.

“Dragon whores... really?!" Rawk snarls, furious while lifting a brow, “Looks like our little student is the daft cunt that can not figure an innocent massage from an actual betrayal! To even think we would do such a thing as to betray our destined bond... how dare you!” he roars all of this so it echoes through the cave, clearly just as angry as I.

“...Minx is just easily jealous,” Zoraul chooses to drawl, portraying his anger as snide comments, while slipping a hand through his main of silver hair, pushing it behind his shoulder to also feign that he isn’t as angry as he really is.

At this point I’ve dropped my shoulders, my fists and my jaw.

What Zoraul just said was snide... but what Rawk said was vile.

“You... you.... idiot... you called me a cunt,” I whisper, to myself, while glancing over Rawk and Zoraul, “I am a Bellum Minima Dominus! I am the Queen of your Horde! How dare you! You bastard!” I slowly walk right up to Rawk, holding my chin up, even as I slip right up his front and push myself up against his torso. I do not blink as I smile wickedly into his confused gaze, “I. Dare. You. To. Touch. Me.”

“What the hell are you doing, Minx?” Zoraul asks from behind me.

“I dare you,” I repeat, holding Rawk’s attention fully.

"Don’t start this again, pipsqueak,” Rawk growls low, curling his lip and leaning down slightly, “...you will regret it for many weeks.”

I’d love to know what he meant by that last comment!

I continue to smile and stare, waiting for one of them to break and touch me first. I could feel the heat of Zoraul closing in silently at my back. I was naked and pushed right up to Rawk’s front, tempting him primarily to do something to try and contain me. I was simply waiting for the moment he cracked.

There was already venom dripping down my fangs through my set smile; once my teeth locked on skin and flesh, I wasn’t planning on letting go.

“You’ll calm your fires before you really do get spanked in front of the whole horde, Minx,” Rawk tests me, “Besides, this position of yours is hardly threatening... but rather provoking,” he hisses this, just as I feel a hard hot prod on my stomach.


My smile drops.

Damn it!

I hadn’t planned for this!

“Eek...!” I make a reluctant incoherent sound as I try to step back, but my elbows just get entrapped into Zoraul’s sudden ambush. As he swiftly grips me, I quickly remember my threat, “Argh!” I snarl and whip my head around like a wild animal, attempting to grab a hold of something with my sharp fangs, but the attempt is halted sharply – as Rawk’s temper finally gets so heated that he roughly grabs my throat from my front.


His fingers are cutting off blood and air. I choke out a breath and Rawk curses in a hiss for accidentally hurting me, but he doesn’t let me go, just relaxes his hold a little bit. I blink open my pained eyes to face him and my eyes are wide open with a whiff of fear tingling down my spine. I was only slightly scared by that one second of over playing strength on his part.

“Idiot,” Rawk hisses at me, as if I forced him to show me a part of his extraordinary power compared to the average Dragon Breed.

“Minx,” Zoraul whispers suddenly next to my cheek as he pulls me back into his warmth. He presses a kiss to my cheek, unexpectedly, ”Relax, you are fighting men who love you,” he explains, which abruptly shocks me into quick confusion.

“W-wh-wha...?" I turn to look into Zoraul’s eyes before turning back to Rawk, who is looking at me like I’m the daft one.

“Imperfectly... frustrating... little Blood Queen,” Rawk’s tone is deep and reverberating with barely held back emotion, “You. Are. Ours. Exclusively. You idiot,” Rawk leans in while I’m just gaping at the change in tone, he seems to inwardly cringe at something as he puts his face inches from mine. Then, he forces the next words out unexpectedly and softly, “...I’m... argh... pipsqueak,” the final words are growled out, barely, “Calm your fire... I am sorry for calling you a cunt. Idiot.”

Did he...

Did he just apologise to me?!

What! Oh my Sky Gods!

As I’m simply looking at him, Rawk still holds my throat, including my gaze – right before his lips, which linger over mine, pause, curl as if in a lack of control - and then he pushes in and kisses me!

But... it’s not just a ‘I’m sorry’ kiss. It’s a fucking hot brand of a kiss. I try to breathe but Rawk won’t allow me to. So I flutter my eye lids shut and savour that sweet yet rough taste from his mouth, taking my breath right out of me. The kiss is deep and nice.

It gives me a sudden idea.

My mind is quick.

I raise my arms which Zoraul reluctantly releases. I instinctively move both hands back downward, one hand in front of me, and one positioned behind.

To be bold, I just grab both of their shafts and feel their hot lengths. Stroking them for a brief moment.

I don’t think either of them expect it, because Rawk jerks back from our kiss and Zoraul sucks in a breath of surprise.

While they are overwhelmed, I turn from Rawk and release both of their shafts to grab onto Zoraul’s shoulders. I jump up, sliding my legs around his waist. I grab his throat and pull myself up to his lips, but he is more careful.

Zoraul brings his nose down to my mine and just breathes in my scent.

“... what about our bedchamber?” he asks, devilishly, “You’re always bloodthirsty... but are you ever cock thirsty, little... Queen? Or do you want to continue... within the privacy of this ice cave?”

Zoraul tries to be smart with his words but I hear the slight hiccups along the way as he tries to maintain a steady breathing pattern.

“I don’t know what you mean,” I huskily growl back, “But yes... I think I am thirsty...” I make a quick decision to jump off and squat between them, taking in a swift glance of both their shafts, hard and sticking up proudly. They are both waiting in anticipation, eager for my consent and sudden submission, “...but...” I whisper, as I scuttle forward and then prance to my feet, facing them as I stalk backwards, swaying my body as if in a mating dance, “...I think...” I bite my lip and let out a guttural growl – of pleasure. Then, finally, I blurt out with a nasty grin, “Not today!” I pause, looking at their realisation slowly set in that I played them, before I add, “I think we shall mate... not just not today, but not ever! You are the idiots!”

I watch both their faces fall with the sudden and final rejection.

I grin mightily.

I laugh loud and proud like a maniac, then I turn and mist my way into the air, catching the nearest draft out of the cave to fly high up into the clear air.

You will both pleasure me when I am ready! Half-wits do not decide when I want the cock! Cocks! I correct myself at the end as I snidely comment in my quick escape, without turning back to see what they’re doing.

I think they’re still too shocked, in this moment.

So they say nothing, and I continue to chuckle through our mind link – mocking them continually as I fly away from them.

With scrambled, hot, lusty thoughts, they would be thinking about mating.

And I would be returning to steal their horde of Fire Spitters... and all their treasure too.

Strength and power play was in their nature.

Forgiveness was not in mine.

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