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Chapter 19

When I swiftly arrive back at the Horde of Venom, my adrenaline is high and so is my mood. I have just rejected both my mates in their sexiest naked forms, after Rawk’s fiery hot brand of a kiss... I did not submit. In fact, I would only relish in my revenge even more so. I would rub salt into the wound.

When I was done, they would never allow another stray woman to place their hands on them in any kind of pleasurable way. Whether it be admiration, or a kiss on the cheek. My instincts as a leader of war, a violent warrior and a blood thirsty little monster... and a lady... told me that I had complete ownership of my mates.

I may be branded, but they were mine too.

I would not be replaced.

Neither would my anger be dismissed!

They would pay dearly and they were about to find out how.

As I scale the side of the rocky plateau, I look through windows open, until I see the warmest ambience coming from the largest cavern where the Fire Spitters liked to meet.

I peek in and see the whole Horde of Venom, relaxed and lounging or talking in circles as they eat a midnight dinner. In one alcove of rock, Storm lays down on some pillows with Silver leaning on his chest, speaking softly to her mate. To the right of them was a mother and daughter, feeding their newborn – Bezzel.

To my dismay, everyone is too... at ease. I needed everyone ready for a departure!

As I glance around, I start to strike out the purple hairs on my head, preparing to release my war leader pheromones. However, as I start to shake them out, I pause to see a set of powerful burnt golden eyes, staring me down.

Storm has been the first to notice my head peaking in from a window sill.

I read your intentions well, Fire Spitter, his tone is different from before, now, Storm is not tolerant, we made a deal and I expect you to keep your honour.

I strike my hairs back down and tilt my head.

What was the deal? Ah yes, I remembered. Storm allowed me to beat him in a small battle, in payment I would allow his sons to teach me to control my emotions and explore more feelings.

For a moment, I am conflicted by Storm’s reminder and in those few seconds, a darting, flying golden newborn comes flying right at me. As Bezzel lands right on my snout and knocks her forehead into mine, I climb into the windowsill properly and sit in the small area as Bezzel jumps down to look up at me with a paw and talons raised.

“Welcome home!” a gentlemen speaks and I hear a round of applause from the Horde as they see my now visibly perched form in the centred most open window.

Attention, Horde of Venom, I lift my chin and I watch as Storm also raises his head, in preparation of some sort of retaliation. I hesitate and consider the consequences of giving up my honour for this one act of revenge... and I decide it is worth it.

I, again, advise against any kind of ridiculous action – or you will be brought to heel forcefully and without mercy, Storm tries to snarl this through my head, but my head starts to dip as I also snarl... and I raise my hairs on the top of my head.

Dearest Horde of Venom, heed my call, I drawl this slowly and I watch as people drop their food and drinks to turn and face me, pupils dilating, backs straightening as they bend to my will.

“What is going on?” Silver is the one to break the silence.

I am also momentarily distracted by a whimper of complaint from Snoot-Snoot. She tilts her head and watches me with her raised paw, twitching her talons in irritation.

I ignore the babe’s clear confusion.

We are leaving this place, immediately. We are taking the treasure, the riches, and we are relocating. This is no longer our home, decreed by me, the greatest Bellum Minima Dominus to ever have lived, I hear Snoot-Snoot growl, I am also the prettiest, Snoot-Snoot spits out in disgust, what was the matter with her? I go on, I am the most lady like Fire-Spitter, most notoriously fantastic. I am to be admired and respected. I request we all leave this place... in fact... we are all leaving... right... now! With my final words, Snoot-Snoot starts to stand on her hind legs and I try to ignore her... but I cannot dismiss her theatrics completely. As I slowly turn my head to her she bares her teeth, snarls and drops back to all fours, arching her back... Snoot-Snoot starts to do her first war dance, slashing her tail back and forth.

The babe Bellum Minima Dominus doesn’t want to leave, Storm drawls arrogantly, this is her home.

What did you call her? I ask, my eyes widening as I look down at Silly Snoot... the only one challenging my idea to all leave.

The babe Fire-Spitter... would only challenge me if she was...

...also a Little War-Lord.

“We stay,” Bezzel’s mother prances forward, breaking from my spell as I lower my pheromones by lowering my hair. The mother scoops up her babe and the rest of the Horde fall out of my spell next.

I watch as Snoot-Snoot jumps into her mother’s hand while still arching her back and trotting her war dance after my words threatened her comfort zone.

My plan... it was...

I glance at Storm to see him running a hand through Silver’s brilliant hair, while she raises a brow at me... confused.

“We shall leave this place, their mate is not yet tame,” Storm kisses Silver on the forehead and she lays a palm on his chest, nodding.

I look over my shoulder and see two large shadows flying through the windy snow and I hiss. I decide to pounce into the cavern, hissing further at the Fire-Spitters near me for disregarding me... I slither away, feeling guilt and shame fill me.

I can not look anyone in the eye.

I was bested by a babe.

A mere babe!

As I run, I growl if anyone comes too close and I scuttle low to the cave floor, heading out of the cavern and through corridors, down towards the smell of fresh water. The moment the cave floors become wet and the rock walls narrow a large degree, I have to mist.

I am naked as I run in my mortal form, my eyes... my eyes were tearing up with watery pathetic emotional leakage.

I was broken!

I finally make it to a part of the underwater springs, lit by lanterns. It is isolated and empty down here. I slip into the furthest, darkest recesses, where I find a door attached to a private bathing area. I slip in, close the door and turn around to an empty pool.

As I walk to the edge of the water, trembling, I drop to my knees and look at my reflection in the blue pool. My green eyes are bloodshot with angry tears and my purple hair is a mess.

“I am not sorry,” I hiss at myself, feeling wracked with humiliation.

Not only was I betrayed by my mates – I was betrayed by my best friend. And she had bested me too in the process.

As for my mates...

“I’m pretty, aren’t I?” I whisper to myself as I finally slip into the water and I sit in the shallows, crossing my arms over my chest... I still look at my face in the reflection, “...am I getting old?” I whisper, “Am I ugly?”

“We’ll have none of that.”

With an absolute silent entry, I am pulled right out of my internal struggles by Zoraul’s surprise cornering of me. I have almost squeaked at his amused drawl, right behind me... and right above me.

“Leave me alone!” when I gather myself, I cry out, turning to face Zoraul, but he simply steps to the side, out of my vision, then swiftly leans down and grabs a fistful of my hair.

“Shut it, little beast!” Zoraul drags me up and I cry out again, swinging around and swinging my fists simultaneously.

“I. Am. A. LADY!” I squeal and Zoraul holds me back, his arm length longer than my reach. His hand curls tightly in my hair, enough to bring more tears to my eyes.

“I’m angry, pipsqueak. You are a true terror to deal with,” Zoraul keeps his tone low, his eyes focused upon me like I am the prey he is about to eat for a midnight snack!

“You will not eat me!” I snarl, but he grips my hair tighter.

“No, but I might just whip you, sweetheart,” Zoraul smiles now... a fully unleashed sadistic look on the bastard’s face.

Rawk and Zoraul, both must have seen me try to win over the Horde.

“You. Will. Not,” I whisper, panting as I try to regain some controlled breathing after crying and feeling defeated, “I will not allow it! Where is... where is Rawk?”

“Saying goodbye to my parents while I drag you to your cage, where you belong, pipsqueak.”

“I am not a pi-”

“You will be quiet! Violent slaughter against innocents without our permission will be punished,” Zoraul snarls this, in regards to the females I hunted down back in Lex’s land, “Neither will we dismiss your attempt to steal my brother’s Horde of Venom... now equally my Horde since this morning,” Zoraul does not unhand me, neither does he let me speak further as he continues, “And... being a cock-tease just before... finally... Minx... it’s not just crossing a line, it’s simply the cherry on top of your defiance, attitude, behavioural issues and absolute disregard for your mates... mates who are not pathetic door mats. We. Are. Twin. Leading. Breeds!” Zoraul has officially cracked it, his golden eyes filled with flames of fury for my actions, “It’s time you finally learn what that means. No mercy, Minx. And no end to your punishment until I’m satisfied you’ve learnt some respect! Prepare to be broken, little monster. Prepare for real domination,” Zoraul finally ends his formidable speech with a curled lip, a promising smirk... and then he pulls me, ruthlessly, to his side... out of the pool... and up towards their bedchamber.

He does not release me and I know after his speech – he does not intend to.

I can’t pull out of Zoraul’s hold and I only feel my heart tear with passion I can not express as I simply breathe in and out, rattled and confused.

The moment I gathered my emotions, I could react.

But right now...?

I felt like I was in the middle of a hurricane; I was guilty, ashamed, feeling small, feeling unwanted, feeling weak and feeling inferior.

Not only that, one word can’t leave my terrified head.

Something Zoraul said with such ferocity.


What in the realms did my mates have in mind when it came to that kind of talk?

I had no idea, but I was about to find out.

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