Dragon's Pet

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Chapter 20

Zoraul hauls me all the way up to the bed chamber and as I have been quietly sniffling while dragged up here, Zoraul’s confidence and ego is boosted as he prepares to punish me. He stops directly in front of the cage door and his arrogance is fuelled by my sullenness.

The only thing that breaks my state of such weakness, is what Zoraul does next.

After hesitating to simply lock me away with a few seconds of effort, Zoraul makes the choice to gloat first. His long unbound silver hair brushes against my cheek as he looks down at me, burnt golden eyes shining with magic, drowning in my unusual quiet. I am in his arm that is wrapped around my shoulders, his hand bunched in my purple hair. I watch him with tears in my eyes, my bottom lip trembling with the passion in my soul.

“…I’m sorry…” I whisper, choking it out.

“You’re what?” Zoraul whispers just as quietly, his mouth slightly curling.

He thinks he has won.

“You… you have left me no choice,” I whisper again, swallowing a lump in my throat, “I have no choices left.”

“Correct, little terror,” Zoraul growls the affirmation low in his throat, but with a smug kind of victory, “What… have you broken your act all ready? We haven’t even begun to tame you. Perhaps this whole time, you are nothing but soft mellow and weak beneath your violence?” all the while his face is getting closer and closer to mine, all too glad to mock me at this point, “…I will enjoy the silence. You will not speak anymore, little beast. You are to to heed me as your Master of Feeling.”

“I see,” I nod as I whisper, barely managing to keep the right tone of defeat. However, as my façade is coming to an end, Rawk makes a rather loud entrance.

“What are you doing, brother? Don’t hesitate with that banshee. Throw her in the cage,” Rawk snarls, unimpressed, but as he distracts Zoraul for that brief moment, I slowly lean back my head into Zoraul’s strong hand, using it as lift to slowly pull my feet up… and up… and then, “Brother! Watch her!” Rawk roars.

I have already snapped my fangs into Zoraul’s torso, tearing flesh over a sensitive nerve so his grip will loosen. It’s enough, as my feet are already wrapping around his neck, I swing up behind him and pull myself to his shoulders in a swift acrobatic move.

I am squatting on Zoraul’s large and well planed muscles for but a moment as I grab a fistful of his hair and I hold it tight. I lunge into the air – pulling his hair hard like a leash.

I backflip onto my feet and lurch him, causing him to snarl and hiss. As I do so, Zoraul is losing his footing and Rawk is misting after me after Zoraul falls flat on his ass.

I let go of Zoraul’s hair and mist at the same time. I fly around the entire cavern of the bed chamber – confusing my mates as I don’t willingly leave the room.

Then, I solidify in my naked human form by the cage door, which I willingly open and then stand just inside. It is not long before Rawk and Zoraul both begin to intercept me, transforming before me.

I do not wait to taunt them.

I mist also, as they are solidifying into human form from a violent tornado of magic.

As they become solid, looking into the cage for me, I am now behind them. I scream with all my might as I kick Rawk’s ass and then as I spin, coming back around with as much power, I kick Zoraul’s back end next – so that they both stumble and fall into the enclosure.

“AhaHA!” I roar with victory as I slam the cage door shut and lock it.

The spell – upon the gold - is strong. They are trapped.

I watch as both brothers, naked – spin around to see the door shut and locked. As they snarl forward, grabbing the bars… I dance backward.

I laugh but their swirling eyes of defeat are dumbfounded as much as they are enraged.

“Only you… only you could… and would attempt such a thing,” Zoraul spits, he truly must have the breath knocked out of him as he holds the torn flesh at his side and my teeth still remain bloody as I grin.

“Silence, you fools! I succeeded,” I slowly raise my chin and lower my tone – to match their mocking drawls of Lords, “If you want out of that cage, you will listen to me now,” I then quietly whisper as I watch Rawk and Zoraul shutting their mouths… glancing at one another… and recognising they are indeed stuck in the cage. I take a slow step forward, chin raised, hands clasped behind my back. Then, I take another step forward, “As Queen of the Horde of Venom… Lords,” I snarl in my whisper, while grinning, “You. Will. Find. Release… after you complete one of two tasks.”

“Sky Gods damn us,” Rawk snarls under his breath.

“What tasks?” Zoraul tries to quieten his tone, and relax his angered stance.

“You will apologise and admit your wrong doings, both of you… or… you will both fight so I may see who is the strongest – and whoever wins may bed me. Alone.”

We are both sorry,” Zoraul utters the words through gritted teeth, I swear I can hear them grind in indignation as he forces the ‘apology’.

“You must mean it or you will be punished further,” I snarl, turning into my purple Dragon form, I slowly prance around the outside of the cage, snorting smoke to the ceiling.

I am disgusted by your behaviour, as I stalk them around the bars, watching them intently… I see them look over their shoulders to assess my movements, What shall it be, Lords? How will you please your Queen to get out of that cage?

They will have to consider it, so I leave them for a moment.

I trot my way to the bed, for human forms… I try to flop back against it, to lay on my side and bite my talons – but the bed is too small. I accidentally hit my head on the bedside table and as I hear Rawk nearly roar with laughter. I angrily scuttle back to my feet.

I attack the bed and crunch the wood of the frame, destroying that and the mattress – I start to make a nest for my Dragon form. I eventually and slowly spin and walk in circles, until I find a comfortable spot.

I slowly rest on my side, facing the wall… and then I look over my purple scales to see my mates.

Rawk leans with his arms out, elbows on a golden bar while Zoraul grabs the bars as if he can break them.

However, his magic is weakened in there. Both of them are powerless and can’t get out.

I snort at them as they watch me, their minds running riot with thoughts of retaliation. What a shame they could do nothing to apprehend me.

“Twin Leading Breeds won’t apologise for anything, Minx,” Rawk drawls out, “So what are the rules of your fight?”

“You can’t be seriously playing her games, brother!” Zoraul snarls at Rawk and looks at him in disbelief.

I roll around to face them and consider the rules as they glare at one another.

A rivalry was soon brewing.

It seemed to make their scars glow red and raw – for a brief moment.

“It is one fight, what does it matter?” Rawk shrugs Zoraul’s hand off his shoulder and they both face me.

How disappointing, I answer them in this moment so innocently - without any idea of what would soon follow, so if neither of you will apologise. Ever. Then you must fight. But the fight will have my very specific terms. Do not worry, the one rule I think is necessary is quite simple. You will both fight... to the death, I do not understand the impact of my words when they both hesitate, holding their breaths… almost appearing vulnerable for a brief moment.

I did not know the full story.

But I was about to find out.

My, how did you two get those scars in the first place, anyhow? I wonder at the end of my statement, seeing the blacked mark on Rawk’s face – looking almost raw again… and Zoraul’s shoulder and chest, that scar was also suddenly pulsing with… a strange... glint... of...

Minx, no!

I hear a female cry out, the words as if whispered from a mountain or further away from me.

I blink, confused as the voice echoes so quietly through my mind.

Yet so powerful, simply two words embodying a distant husky cry of pain.

Not unlike Silver, their mother, but different.

I ignore the moment of insanity to see my mate’s eyes glow with a red crimson flash.

“…to the death,” Rawk murmurs, his voice changed, seeming possessed.

“…to the end,” Zoraul grips his hair with both hands, “…no…” I am so confused, titling my head as Zoraul looks up, golden eyes bright as he watches me, “Open the cage, Minx!” Zoraul begs me – he actually begs.

Right before his burnt golden eyes, also flash red.

Zoraul turns to Rawk as Rawk holds one golden bar, as if clinging on to dear life.

I am majorly concerned by the change in atmosphere. Perhaps they were just stupid and didn’t understand my game.

I mist to my human form and walk to the cage.

“I just want you to apologise,” I admit my greatest desire, “…Please? Rawk? Zoraul?”

“I ripped your head apart as a babe,” Zoraul speaks to Rawk as if I am not there.

“I ripped your heart out,” Rawk is trying to control his tone, “I suppose this time more blood is bound to spill, huh?”

…or one of you will win the prize…

Another voice, appearing as a bloody mist seems to seep through the air, like a ghost had been summoned. Droplets of red, black mist – start to seep, as if it were sweat, from the blackened scars of Rawk and Zoraul.

Their brief moments of sanity seem to fade. And then they are lost.

As they both snarl, they lunge – but they do not wrestle.

They rip into one another.

There’s pools of blood forming within seconds as flesh flies.

I lunge for the cage door, knowing something has gone morbidly wrong.

This was no longer a game.

I unlock the door, my eyes widening just as Zoraul is about to rip out Rawk’s throat and Rawk has Zoraul’s shoulders in his sharp teeth.

As they both feel the open air give them back access to their powers – I assume the possession will break. Some sort of spell had taken a hold, perhaps the gold was cursed.

Unfortunately, once I’ve opened the door - they do not come back to their senses.

They both mist in a violent storm, slashing past me and heading straight for the night air.

They were going to fight to the death in their Twin Leading Breed forms... as monstrous Tempest Dragons.

And while the air was almost too thick to breathe, it also tasted of death. My eyes roam around the chamber, looking for the source. I didn’t understand what was going on, or why some kind of magic took a hold of my mates.

All I knew was that those scars on their body must have been through some sort of magical curse – scars were never black otherwise.

Without meaning to, I had ignited the powers within their scars.





Even I didn’t understand that kind of lust I felt pulsing from them.

I hear a ghostly cackle from the corners of the bed chamber and I look up to see a red ghost disappear.

The magic was too strong to be that of a lowly mage.

A Blood Raven.

A Blood Raven’s last revenge had been ignited.

“Vengeful creator,” I whisper.

I do the first thing that comes to mind.

I need your help, I call out to Storm.

I had no idea what else I could do - but as my eyes see the ghost reappear as if to mock me - I believe for a moment there is one other answer.

I had to kill the curse, whatever it was.

I had killed many things... but never a ghost. So, I had to kill a spirit, did I? But only Blood Ravens who died and lived, had to have become a ghostly Sprite.

Luckily, my power was on the same level as a Sprite.

“Sky Gods give me strength!” I snarl with a smirk, before I lower my tone considerable, “...I am a Bellum Minima Dominus..." I whisper to myself as my eyes track the blood magic leaving a slight mist in the air, the ghost was still taunting me, or perhaps it was thanking me... but not for long, “I will destroy you. Whoever you are. Prepare for eternal death by my hands and remember me for what I am... I am your nightmare... your end... a lady of graceful death... I am a terrific terror, spiteful Sprite. I am Minx. And I will tear you to pieces!” I roar as my eyes do not let go of the mocking figure.

...just like your mates rip each other to pieces...? If your speech prolongs, you will be dead all the sooner, please, continue to smite me with useless words, the Sprite accepts my challenge and I ignore the threat.

Come to me in order to pass into her realm, Storm snarls the order through my mind, Come now, beast! I am on your mates. I can only delay their frenzy, you must hurry-

Storm is cut off by something, but I am thankful for his advice as the ghost dances to mock that I am not able to reach her in this very moment.

And just as I am about to find Storm, I notice a golden babe, standing in the door way - with her wings stretched, her tail slashing and her mouth drooling.

Bezzel had appeared with her paw raised, her head tilting side to side to watch the ghost.

She was ready... and so was I.

“Snoot Snoot!” I yell out and she turns to watch me for a moment, and I drawl with my smile, “...let us kill... together.”

In response, Bezzel stands on her hind legs, barking a gruff sharp noise out of her little mouth once at the spirit as it fades.

It is the most terrifying noise you could ever hear from a babe Fire-Spitter. Because that tiny bark... was a promise of death. I too, chatter my teeth at the retreating ghost, making a more adult signal - a louder growling bark. Now the ghost knew that I, just like Silly Snoot, wouldn’t stop chasing until we had completed the hunt.

One Bellum Minima Dominus was one thing... but two against a Sprite meant certain victory.

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