Dragon's Pet

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Chapter 25

My mates walk behind me as I run around town, calling out all the locations of my favourite shops. The butcher in the centre of town, a cake store with a pretty garden, my favourite public bathing building, a shop dedicated to different flavours of beef jerky. I hold a long piece as I hop out of the store front, growling on instinct at Rawk and Zoraul when they eye my bit of meat.

“It’s a small place,” Zoraul had been keeping in most of his complaints, but now finally gives in, “I think it’s about time you take us to your home.”

I think he was just sick of all the stares from the common folk.

“Bezzel will be with Gwen all afternoon, she sits in a pile of wool while the lady knits her jumpers that fit around her wings,” I explain, turning and walking backwards as I take a bite of my jerky and then smile as I look Rawk and Zoraul over.

They notice my full length assessment of their fine masculine physiques, including my affirmation that we would soon have complete and total privacy. Rawk eyes me, neutral, while Zoraul looks on edge. I spin with a smirk while they gaze at me with this new patience I wasn’t used to.

“To my apartment!” I state, when neither of them say a word.

I finish my snack as we make way. We head out of the centre of town back towards the Ice Arena. I had an apartment next to it. It was a mudbrick three level building, with the biggest apartment on top. I skip up the stairs where vines grow over the railing. I finally make it to my purple painted door, which I kick open and prance inside of.

The apartment was simple. A large space with a big bed, a fireplace and three huge windows overlooking Deuce Town centre, the shutters were open and letting in the cold breeze. I shut them and breathe fire into the fireplace by the bed. I do not turn to see Rawk and Zoraul gazing over my mountains of piled gold coins around the room.

I simply jump onto the bed and put my hands on my hips as I stand in the middle of it, grinning proudly.

“Welcome to my little home,” I slyly speak while Rawk and Zoraul put their hands in the treasure and can’t help but appreciate it’s quality.

“Well done,” Zoraul growls out without looking at me.

“A well earned living,” Rawk adds politely enough, as if he would have chosen other words but sticks to something kinder. Rawk stands a few feet from the foot of my bed, spread with purple silk sheets. He watches me calmly, while Zoraul eventually glides over and feels the wooden headboard, nodding to himself in approval.

I keep grinning, waiting for one of them to speak something more... meaningful... and... fun.

Rawk just watches me and Zoraul feels no need to communicate his thoughts.

I slowly cross my arms over my chest and frown, instead, as I speak, “I thought we could...” I try to find the right words, “Play a game,” Rawk raises a brow, Zoraul waits. I make up the rules on the spot, “The game is simple, mates. I will not speak. I can not talk about it. I have to... show you both... what I’m thinking. Without words,” I see Rawk and Zoraul look interested but they are also a little unsure of what I mean.

“What are our parts in this game?” Rawk entertains the idea and I smirk.

“You will know when the time is right,” I whisper, glancing to Zoraul, I add, “Let’s begin.”

“Little lady,” Zoraul growls in irritation, “What will...” he unwittingly stops talking as I drop to my knees on the bed and I fling off my bra a moment later. As Rawk and Zoraul zone in on me, running my hands through my newly dried purple hair, I purse my lips and lean forward onto my hands.

I crawl forward, towards them and I ask them to come closer by raising a hand and curling two fingers. I lick my lips and Rawk and Zoraul finally understand what I’m hoping for.

“I don’t mind this game,” Rawk murmurs, low, as he steps forward first.

“I think I’ll read her body language from behind,” Zoraul disappears in a shimmer and reappears, kneeling on the bed behind me.

I look over my shoulder and watch as Zoraul places a palm on my backside, petting me.

I wriggle my butt and turn back to Rawk, to see his grey leather pants right before my face.

When I glance up, Rawk is relaxed but also enjoying this guessing game. I decide to catch him off guard by lunging forward and snapping my teeth around the edge of his pants, hoping to scare him... when he jerks in surprise, I chuckle deep within my throat.

I pull back with my head, the leather material between my teeth as I roll my eyes up and drink in Rawk’s blazing eyes.

Zoraul is not removing my pants, which is driving me insane, but he does slide his hand from one of my ass cheeks, to the other... back and forth. I know he is teasing me and I growl in my throat as Zoraul hovers his hand between my legs but doesn’t touch... he just makes me shiver.

I pull my head down and indicate for Rawk to help me. Rawk doesn’t pull his pants down, he shifts in space and time with his powerful magic. One moment his pants are on, the next he is naked.

When I realise just how close Rawk’s naked cock is now before my face, mere inches, I rear back, blushing brightly. I had started too confident. Eek! I pull back so fast, Zoraul wraps an arm around my middle and pulls me back into him, his nose trailing through my hair... to my ear... tickling me.

I bite my tongue and grab a hold of Zoraul’s thighs behind me, which I sit on top of.

I expect to feel leather, but my hands touch naked skin and hard muscle.

“Here is some help, Minxy,” Rawk smirks and pounces onto the bed before me. He grabs my pants and he pulls them down in one big tug. I gasp and growl at the same time, wriggling back against Zoraul, I lean back and open my mouth, lightly closing my teeth around the curve of his shoulder, where it meets his neck. Zoraul looks down into my eyes as I pull back and he seems quietly amused.

Don’t even think for one moment that you have any control in this game, Zoraul warns through my mind - testing me. Rawk grabs my ankles and prepares to spread my naked legs.

As they take over control, I can’t help but snap, “B-but... this is my game!”

Rawk chuckles and Zoraul just looks exasperated by me while watching his brother.

“Seduces us, then gets angry when we do what we do best,” Zoraul is trying his best to fire me up some more.

I take the bait.

“Listen here! I decided I wanted to be ravished, not you!” I flail about and nearly kick Rawk in the head. He snaps his hand up to grab my ankle tightly once again, while Zoraul slowly moves his arm around my neck, holding me immobile while sighing deeply.

“...the purpose of our visit wasn’t just to check on you and appraise your isolated lifestyle,” Zoraul murmurs down at me, “It was for many other reasons.”

“After all that trouble,” Rawk agrees, but more lightly as he holds my frustrated gaze, while holding my legs shut - he clasps both my ankles in one hand and I growl in annoyance that he feels a need to show off his strength, “It was time we fixed our bond, Minx. Like foolish young lords, we played with our food for too long.”

“Food?!” I gasp, shocked.

“There are many things to liken you too. You’re like a pretty toy with no off button,” Zoraul’s apology from before seems utterly meaningless as he goes down this route, “How much fun we could have taming such a plaything.”

“Rawk?” I gasp out and glance at my other mate... surely, he would make sense of this.

“The game’s over,” Rawk decides, while gazing into my wild green eyes, “This separation and distance between us is also over... now, we will come together as the destined three we were born to be. Zoraul and I are commanders of the Horde of Venom, you are a feisty little non-stop Fire Spitter that needs to release her energy while fighting... and whence you are satisfied with bloodletting, you will come to us for our needs as well as yours. You are made to ride our cocks as we are made to ride you... let us leave everything else to the dust...”

“Agreed,” Zoraul answers for me, apparently. I growl and he keeps a hand on the underside of my chin, closing my mouth, “Kill all you want, Student of Disobedience...” Zoraul growls down at me, “But when we request it, you will learn to expend energy in other... fun and useful ways.”

Let me speak, I snarl through Zorual’s mind and he releases my chin, shrugging.

“Just getting you used to having our hands all over our plaything,” Zoraul tries to dodge the issue while trying to keep me fired up, while Rawk waits for my reaction.

So, clearly they missed me being a furious little fireball. They kept provoking it out of me. Argh! Mates!

“Let me get this straight,” I struggle wildly but Zoraul only loosens his hold to around my waist, while I dig my claws into his thighs behind me, “I am allowed freedom... total freedom... as long as we...”

“Fuck when we command it,” Rawk finishes the sentence for me, boldly and without regret.

“Precisely,” Zoraul murmurs, next to my ear.

“Can I stay here?” I ask.

“No...not permanently,” Rawk growls the warning, “You may visit this place.”

“What is freedom then?” I ask.

“What we do after this,” Zoraul finally sounds joyful.

“We will take you as ours,” Rawk explains for me, “And then we will hunt down the mage who has cursed you and we will slay her together. We will unbind you from the promise you made.”

“I like that second part,” I lie about not liking the first part.

“You only deny your need to ride our cocks, because you don’t like us commanding you to do it,” Rawk rubs it in, “Get used to it, little beast... we will ravish you as we see fit.”

“There’s nothing to fear,” Zoraul tries to reassure me as I try to calm my breaths, “For ease of mind...we’ll only fuck you twice a day... in the morning... at night... the day will be yours to command. I may hunt with you, if you wish company.”



The truth is.

I do not mind this suggestion that much.

It’s much better than before - the total lack of freedom they had tried to force upon me.

“Fine,” I hiss out... before quietly and shyly adding, “But... and... and the golden cage?... do not get rid of it, I like to think inside of it. It is calming.”

“...okay,” Rawk is confused by my willingness.

I start to breathe steadier.

I pause long enough to make them both suspicious of what I was planning next.

But then I blurt out honestly, “...will any part of it... hurt?”

I’m referring to... ravishment.


“We would not allow it,” Rawk mentions, tightly.

“I will be clearer then,” I sigh and look up at Zoraul - he is genuinely interested, as he presses a soft kiss to my hair. Rawk also raises my feet and kisses the bottom of each sole of my feet. I growl as I add, with pink cheeks, “I w-will be honest and forthright... I have pictured gentle lovemaking and I do not fancy the idea of... soft... touch. What I mean, is that, as a little War Lord - I will require firm hands. And if you... hurt me.... I may enjoy it. That didn’t sound right - let me start again!” I plead just as Zoraul slaps a hand over my mouth.

“Easy,” Zoraul breathes the words into my ear, “Now be quiet.”

I look at Rawk, who has said nothing.

But, his eyes speak it all.

The burnt golden gaze, with the right eye brighter... the scars throbbing with power... his mouth determined... he understands what I meant.

“Let’s stretch you open first... before you decide you want something... more... from us,” Rawk suggests, with carefully chosen words.

Zoraul nods in agreement, I feel his chin move against my hair.

“For the record, pipsqueak,” Zoraul finishes off while Rawk starts to bend back my knees, “...if you make us bleed... we won’t complain... but we might take it as a sign to push you further.”




He said it better than I did.

I nod into his hand, smiling.

My mates and I... were finally agreeing to something.

I was all the more excited now.

I was eager to push my boundaries... and theirs too.

Very soon, we would find out all our rules to ravishment.

I have decided I will ride you both until you squeal like piglets, I threaten them through the bond.

I take in the instant fire in their gazes, the utterly offended look only a Twin Leading Breed could attain.

Insult their pride... and you could manipulate and pull un-hinged fury to the surface in seconds.


The way Rawk and Zoraul react?

Is exactly the way I want them too.

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