Dragon's Pet

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Chapter 26

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I can not stop giggling after I’ve threatened to ride both my mates until they squeal like piglets.

“Release the little beast,” Rawk snaps at Zoraul.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Zoraul murmurs, seductively. Rawk has unhanded my ankles, Zoraul has taken his arm from my waist. I lean forward with my hands on my breasts, kneading them to keep them warm as I bite my bottom lip, menacingly smirking at Rawk.

“How does venom in your balls sound, oh fearsome mate?” I ask Rawk, wondering if he will like such an adventurous kink. I am only half joking... it’d just be a little nip from one fang... Rawk truly looks horrified for the first time in his life, which makes my smirk turn into a grin, “...are you scared...?” I drawl to Rawk, slowly leaning down onto my hands; he rears back off the bed.

“If you ever try such a thing,” Rawk snarls at me, defensive and angry.

“So you are scared -!”

I squeal immediately as a searing, strong razor pain, pierces the skin over both my ass cheeks. It’s so unexpected, I launch off the bed in fright and collide straight into Rawk’s torso. I hold him as I look over my shoulder at Zoraul.

He’s misted to the side of the bed, a long whip in his hand that he’s grabbed from one of his secret realms.

I gasp and loosen my arms around Rawk at the sight of Zoraul clenching the black handle, his other palm sliding along the leather whip as if it’s a precious toy.

“I made this personally for you, my darling,” Zoraul drawls with a dark look towards Rawk.

“Most appropriate,” I look up at Rawk as I take a step back, only to see his hands are now full too.

With thick, rough rope.

“Oh Sky Gods, save me,” I whisper, as I slowly raise my terrified gaze to Rawk, I only witness the promise of punishment just before they both pounce.

“We’ll see who squeals, little beast,” Rawk growls in my ear as one strong hand spins me towards the bed. The same palm finds the nape of my neck, shoving me down and holding me still so my cheek kisses the sheets.

“Unhand me or you will regret it!” I snarl at both my mates, while Zoraul momentarily forgets about his whip to take the rope from Rawk. I hold my breath as the quickest knots I’ve ever seen tied, pop up around one wrist, to one bed post and the other wrist to the adjacent post.

As soon as my wrists are restrained I try to breathe fire over them, my sparking, venomous flame tinged with purple, flies over the rope and then disappears into a puff of pathetic smoke.

Not affective.


Rawk unhands my neck with a warning snarl and as soon as I raise my head, crack.

The whip meets the entirety of my back and I let out a high pitched whine, trying to hold in a scream this time.

“That one was a bit harsh... and a mistake... oops,” Zoraul is completely unapologetic and far too happy he just whipped my sensitive spine.

"Again,” Rawk snaps at his twin while I try to look over my shoulder but I cowardly turn back towards the wall.

Seeing Zoraul hold that whip back, while stroking his long fat cock... it was better to look away. And his brother, standing to the side, head tilted as he admired the red marks popping up on my skin.

I wasn’t sure if this marking of my skin - which would heal quickly regardless - is pleasurable or not. It wasn’t turning me on but it wasn’t turning me off either.

My adrenaline was spiking, my fear a little raised, my nerves firing. But most of all, the one thing I couldn’t control... I couldn’t move away.

“Minxy?” Zoraul whispers my name, no more cracks sound and I tremble as I let out a breath, “...are you going to behave?”

“I think the moment you try and put your cock in me, I will piss all over it!” I can’t help myself as I smirk, knowing there will be another crack.

It sounds through the air and I grab the edge of the bed’s wooden frame, launching my feet up, I attempt to grab that whip as it hits me.



I laugh manically as one end wraps around my ankle and even though it hurts, I pull my leg back until the handle flies out of Zoraul’s grasp and heads towards the shutters. It smacks off the wood and then I whip my leg back out, so the handle is jerked off the floor - it goes flying through the air, right for Rawk’s face.

“You can not best me!” I scream in amusement and grit my teeth at Rawk, who has caught the whip before it’s collided with his face. He loses all humour and throws the whip into a pile of treasure.

“I tried,” Zoraul laughs it off, clearly impressed, “I’ve never seen that move before. I got to admit... that was very nice, Minx, magnificent, even.”

“Don’t encourage her,” Rawk rolls his eyes.

“To be fair brother, she has us in a corner,” Zoraul switches sides, to my side, and I lose my smile.

This couldn’t be good.

What was this game Zoraul was playing at?

“Really?” Rawk growls, trying to hold in his patience as his cock grows inch by inch while watching me wiggle my butt. My feet were skittish and I couldn’t stop squirming.

“If we fill her mouth, one slip and she’ll bite through our shafts,” Zoraul continues, “We put our face between her pert little legs... and she’ll piss all over us. We’re beat, brother. I say we let her ride us.”

“Please,” I beg, uncontrollably. That sounded pretty amazing.

“...mmm...” Rawk considers that idea by pacing forward, reaching out a hand he trails his fingers down my spine, “Do you like the sound of that, Minxy?” he asks it casually, too casually.

“I am your Queen,” I still and look over my shoulder the entire time as Rawk slowly slips behind me, his thighs slowly pressing into my own as his cock bounces along the small of my back.

I playfully jump up and Rawk grabs my hips, lifting me higher off the ground, to meet where his cock pokes out. He pulls me back and drops my pussy along his hot, throbbing cock.

“You’re a Queen of misbehaving, dearest pet,” Rawk moves his hips back and forward, “...would you like to be in control...? Rawk leans forward, reaches a sly hand around my middle, it travels upward and then he pinches my nipple, hard, “Excited for it, aren’t you? Even though you’re so damn small you could barely lift off our cocks and slip back down the entire length? You’d have a hard time while failing to please us.”

Rawk unhands my nipple and my hip as he pulls back, his cock leaving the outside of my pussy. He smacks my ass once.

“Brother,” Rawk states firmly, “She’s not getting fucked until she silently opens her legs, moans for our cocks and takes them obediently. I’ll not have a wild beast in bed but a tame one, she hasn’t tasted our cocks yet... she will worship our pleasure and her own as a lady... not a beast,” Rawk drawls this confidently to Zoraul.

“I see that side within her... what do you suggest we do to draw that out of her, brother? She will not mould into that obedient pet unless she...” Zoraul murmurs off, “Brother...”

“Oh, bite me,” I play along, rolling my eyes, “You can’t - ”

“To defeat a monster,” Rawk chuckles, cutting me off, “We have to be the bigger, badder, monsters. Nastier. Meaner. Far more horrible. Far more dominant.”

“A little bit more rough, huh?” Zoraul whispers, darkly, “Show her who’s boss?”

“Show her who’s in charge. That she’ll be held in place until she learns her place,” Rawk agrees passionately, his tone dropping low, “...I will break the beast...” Rawk is dead set and I feel his eyes burning holes through my back as my ears are simply pricked back and listening into their ideas.

But it’s not just Rawk’s warning... it’s their whole speech that has me sucking in a breath, my stomach flipping and rolling in excitement.

Bigger, badder, nastier, monsters.


What depths could they go to.

What would they dare do - ?

I think about it.

Force me to cum, force me to swallow theirs, have their hands spank me all night, wrench my legs open, their fingers slipping deep into my hole, their fingers holding my mouth open, their teeth biting into my skin, leaving love marks everywhere. My nipples being twisted, bitten, sucked. My neck, held in their jaws. My hair pulled and jerked, my hips clenched so hard they bruise. Hands holding me down. Them holding me tight. One in front. One at the back. Two cocks slipping right into me, stretching me, taking over my writhing wet body. No options. Just enough will to choose to grind and suck and choke on their shafts, pulling out all their seed.


I... I needed that.


For the first time in my existence, a wave of hot, pulsing blood, shockwaves through my entire body like a shift in my core energy.

What was violence? Violence, blood, pain, fighting. What was all that?

I didn’t even know anymore. I wasn’t able to connect to that side of me. My core feelings weren’t ravenous for being a naughty little monster in this sudden change.

Now my priorities felt entirely different with that one hot pulse.

I lick my lips, over and over, I close my eyes, groaning.

I don’t hear what my mates say now, all I know is I’ve dropped to the bed, panting, my knees unable to hold me up. Tears of need prick the corners of my eyes.

I need you inside me.

“Stop playing with me!” I cry into the sheets, “Please. Please take your useless, beautiful shafts and... and... please me. Take me. Please me - ”

“Another game?” I feel a hot, dangerous breath next to my ear.


He doesn’t believe me.

He thinks I’m tricking him!

I know because I feel two long, hot fingers slip down my back, my ass crack, my pussy lips, they circle my clit and I almost scream out in need - and then Rawk’s fingers are slowly choosing to enter me. Like he has all the time in the world to drive me insane.

Surely I am pure liquid inside, I feel it dribble out as he penetrates my pussy and my whole body shivers in delight.

“Ah.. ah... I ... I ... need more,” I hiss into the sheets and move my head to the side to see Zoraul at my front, his face inches from mine as I look into his concerned face.

“You’re not going to trick us this time, little lady,” Zoraul reaches forward and pinches my nose. I instantly start panting, squishing my eyes shut as I push back on Rawk’s fingers. He’s thrusting them inside, so slow, too slow - it was driving me insane.

Two things happen next. Zoraul lifts my head while holding my nose. He teases my tongue, which is lolling out of my mouth. He taps my tongue with his thick, fat cock head. I try to curl my tongue around it, to suck him into my mouth, but I can’t.

He tastes like delicious toxic honey.

I whine out as Zoraul pulls back and watches me glare up at him.

“Please,” I whisper and he releases my nose, glancing back at his twin.

“Brother, I think she’s succumbed,” Zoraul murmurs.

“I don’t care too much about that,” Rawk keeps slowly spreading me with his fingers, mixing my juices, swirling them together, in and out... around... deep... shallow... I need more than fingers now, “She’ll be swelled and throbbing until she can’t squeeze out a single drop of piss.”

Zoraul grabs my chin, kneeling before me on the bed, he catches my wide eyes as he tests out coming in closer.

“I promise,” I whisper over his cock head, “I promise I won’t hurt you...”

“Gentle,” Zoraul warns me as he gives me a slither of his trust, moving his hips forward, he slips his cock over my waiting tongue. I pull forward as much as I can and suck him in deeper. My jaw extends and I slide my tongue all around, up and down, trying to please him, “Good. Good... keep doing that, pet,” Zoraul tries pushing further in and I feel his cock edging into my throat.

I try swallowing him down and he let’s out a snarl, unable to hold back - he thrusts forward. My throat expands and my eyes roll back into my head.




Zoraul starts to fuck my throat while Rawk’s fingers bury deep inside my pussy and spread, spreading wide.


"Now she behaves?" Rawk slaps my ass again and I almost cum all over his fingers as Zoraul thrusts in and out of my mouth, “What was her trigger, brother?”

“I saw her aura... pulse... fuck,” Zoraul forces himself to slow down so I can suck in a breath briefly, “When you mentioned being bigger and badder than our ferocious little pipsqueak. Brother. She’s good. With her tongue. Fuck. Minx!” Zoraul slaps my cheek lightly with his palm as I lick the underside of his head quickly, teasing him, “Careful... or you’ll get a load all over your damn eyes!”

I hold out my tongue and pull back.

Cum for me, mate, please.

“Rawk...” Zoraul murmurs in disbelief, “I would plunge your shaft into her before this... this heat of hers starts to fade... she’s ravenous.”

“As you say, brother,” Rawk doesn’t give me any warning.

I feel his fingers leave and his cock replaces his hand. In one thrust, Rawk stretches me to the brim and I hear my juices squirt out all around him. He hasn’t even started to thrust yet and I pull my hips forward and push them back. More, more, more!

I pull my head away from Zoraul’s cock momentarily to gasp out, “Ravish me, Rawk! Please!” my voice doesn’t even sound my own. It’s not raspy with the promise of a punch to the face. It’s squeaky with the need to be pounded to dust.

Rawk keeps still inside me as he reaches a hand around my hip, his palm covers my hair down below, stretching through the curls, his fingers find my clit. He trails a finger tip over my bud and I clench so hard over his shaft, I almost hear my pussy sucking him into my womb. Then he starts rubbing my bud, lightly and rough, changing his pace until I’m pulsing and releasing. I’m cumming all over his unmoving, thick hard shaft.

Rawk revels in me trembling, while Zoraul grabs my chin, opens my mouth and shoves his cock back in.

He plugs my front, while Rawk grows... he grows in my pulsing pussy, tightening the walls as he slowly starts to fuck me.

My first orgasm was mind blowing around a still cock and now Rawk’s hand slides across my stomach and glides to my breasts. He tugs on one as he starts to increase his thrusts. I am rather enjoying this sensation of being completely filled. I just want more! However, if I swallow any harder on Zoraul’s shaft, I might just eat my mate whole! I roll my eyes up to see Zoraul’s head thrown back, his jaw locked. He is trying his best to keep from cumming too quickly.

Rawk develops an interesting pace of fucking me harder every single thrust. I believe at some point he’ll have to reach his peak of rough - but he has none. He fucks me harder and faster, the pace so brutal, I think my bones start to shake.

Being pounded from both ends ruthlessly ends with Zoraul grabbing my head in two hands as he cums deep inside my throat, while Rawk roars his release behind me.

They both burst inside my body, leaking their cum down my throat and deep into my womb.

When they pull out, I barely register when. However, when they do, I collapse, in a heap of spasms.

All I can hear is their combined pants as they agree, this is far from over.

“Switch,” they both snarl at one another in unison, their heat assaulting the air around me, so that it wisps over my skin, kissing me with the promise that this wasn’t over yet.

Rawk grabs my chin and raises my head. His cock, hard and dangerous as it slips along my cheek. It’s covered in juices. Our juices combined.

I stick out my tongue and run it across his shaft, cleaning one side of him as I let a moan out of my throat.

“Mine - ” I whisper out.

"Mine!" Rawk leans down to snarl the reply brutally over the top of my own.

He was clear enough - enough talking.

I open my mouth for Rawk and he pulses over my tongue, grabbing my hair in a tight fist, he jerks my head forward. He fucks my mouth, my tongue, then straight down my throat.

Zoraul dips his cock into my pussy, thrusting a couple of times.

He pulls out and replaces his cock with his fingers. He scoops up as much wet mess as he can, slopping it over my second hole.

“Fuck, you deserve this,” Zoraul mutters this to himself as he pokes a finger in my ass... and another... stretching me out, testing how tight my ass is.

I roll my eyes up to glance at Rawk and his burnt golden gaze is ravenous. I’m barely functioning and he looks like he’s just getting warmed up.

I blink slowing at Rawk.

I love you, I whisper it out through the mind link.

I even shock myself a little, but I can’t dwell on it as Zoraul replaces his fingers with his prodding, curious cock head.

“Suck,” Rawk scolds me, leaning down a little, he hesitates as he brings his velvet lips down to my ear.

Zoraul stabs his cock inside my ass and I squirm and choke on Rawk, but Rawk holds me steady and Zoraul thrusts in deeper. Then Zoraul pulls out and thrusts in even deeper.

“You’ll keep your romantic adoration for later. Loving you comes after we are satisfied, pet,” Rawk bites my ear, tearing it until the skin breaks and blood trickles down my neck. I cry out as he leans up, “Fuck her until she squeals.”

“My pleasure,” Zoraul slaps my butt, grabs my hips and then pulls me back as he thrusts forward.

Rawk pulls out, eager to hear me scream.

I bite my bottom lip, a small part of me wanting to protest.

I shake and tremble in front of him as I’m thrust back and forth onto Zoraul’s cock. Stretching my ass was far more intense, it felt a little too good... the kind of pleasure that drives you a little over the edge.

Rawk seems to read this off my aura as he chooses to hold my chin steady. He keeps my head raised so he can lean down, until he’s staring right into my soul, his magic Broken Fire leaking all over my face. It tingles and sparks, tickling me, heightening my senses.

Rawk leans in to lick the corner’s of my mouth, cleaning up the drool. Then he moves back to see my expression of quickly breaking control.

“Let it out,” Rawk drawls to me and it’s nothing less than a command, ”Let it out.”

Zoraul presses inside me, deep in my ass until he stops, at the deepest point, forcing me open all the way. He stays put, letting me take in the fact I could do nothing to get him to stop.

It’s enough.

My second orgasm ripples through me so hard after Rawk commanded me to... to..

I cum, I cum in bursts, without realising that I’ve sucked in an exhale and held my breath.

I’ll pass out if I don’t let it out. Don’t let it...

Zoraul starts to pull out, “Squeal,” he snarls from behind me and thrusts back into me simultaneously, slapping my clit with his hand.

I have to breath.

Or my lungs will burst.

The air comes out, igniting my tight, strained voice box.

I squeal right into Rawk’s smug, satisfied face.

Because it’s not just a high pitched quick unleashing of pleasure. I eat my words from before as I squeal just like a piglet.

Rawk leans in and kisses me softly, as I whimper and cry after that second explosion from my womb.

A few more soft pecks and Rawk pulls away and his cock replaces his lips.

I let out a whimper and then Rawk slides back over my tongue and pushes right into my small throat.


He’s in deep again.

In a near blinding rhythm, they continue to fuck me from both ends.

They get exactly what they want. A orgasming slippery little willing pet.

And I get exactly what I want. Monsters. Bigger and badder than me!

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