Dragon's Pet

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Chapter 27

I wake up the next morning, practically purring with happiness at my mate’s return. I rolled out of bed, while Rawk and Zoraul slept sprawled across the sheets – and I went hunting. For breakfast.

I found freshly baked bread, some cheese, some cured meats and some beef jerky... the beef jerky was for me. For me only. Later.

I enter the apartment to find my mates still sleeping peacefully, so I set up a table by one of the windows and I sit and eat. I munch on some bread, some cheese, some meat... then I nibble some more. Then I eat it all. Except a few beef jerky pieces in my pocket. I look at them and try to hold off. Oh well. I shove them in my mouth and eat them too.

I started with good intentions, but – I was quite hungry. Ravenous, even.

I wasn’t sure what happened last night. I had been consumed by a frenzy, the kind where I didn’t really quite know what happened. I just assumed we had a good fight because my body was sore and tender all over.

“Eh,” I push my plate aside and slouch in my chair, stomach full, looking over my shoulder, I see Zoraul looking at me with one eye open, his cheek on his hand as he’s rolled to his side. His naked body is showing, his cock between his legs – growing, “For goodness sake,” I stand up and walk over, picking up a sheet I yank it up over his growing erection, “I am a Lady!” I snap at him, “How dare you offend me with such a sight in the morning – I have just eaten!”

“Good morning... I saw you eat enough food for... three... after last night...” Zoraul murmurs in a tone that is confused, curious and... aroused?

I blush a little.

“I did not eat that much,” I complain.

“I just saw you eat a whole loaf of bread –”

“I find it, I eat it!” I snap my teeth at Zoraul and lean in to his relaxed form, “...why...” I hiss, in a suspicious whisper, “...why do you smell so relaxed...?”

“Last night was very...” Zoraul trails off in a whisper, reading my eyes, “Why do I read complete and utter innocence from your aura? By the Sky Gods, this is confusing.”

I lean back up, hands fisted on my hips, “I don’t remember much,” I explain, “We fought, didn’t we?” I ask, “We must have, you both –” I watch as Rawk now turns, one eye also open just like Zoraul a moment ago.

“Why is she still talking and why isn’t her mouth wrapped around your cock?” Rawk asks in a deep rumble – he is so obnoxious, I pounce onto the bed and ram my fist right into his balls without a second thought.

“How dare you!” I yell.

“Minx!” Zoraul reaches up in a panic and restrains me with an arm around my waist, yanking me away from Rawk as he closes his eyes in pain, his hand over his cock and balls as he holds his breath.

“...what... in the name of the Sky Gods has gotten into you?!" Rawk practically roars the last part, launching up, he sits, naked, and turns to see me sitting next to Zoraul’s torso.

I look at Rawk like he is a disgusting pervert.

“Zoraul has the decency to say good morning,” I growl at Rawk, “You have the audacity to order me onto a cock like that! I will do no such thing –”

“Brother,” Zoraul slowly sits up, testing running a hand through my hair – to see my hand fly up and slap his wrist away lest he tries to pet me, “As you can see,” Zoraul continues, gazing at Rawk with wide eyes and raised eyebrows, “She is oblivious to what overcame her last night.”

“Overcame?” I ask, “Did I drink? Did I get drunk? Perhaps that is why my memory –”

“Nothing,” Rawk spits out the word, looking me up and down, ”Nothing.”

“What are you talking about, you dirty brute?” I snarl.

“You know nothing of succumbing to our love making?” Rawk asks me, “Nothing at all?”

I shut my lips.

I gulp as I think.

I close my eyes next.

Love making... love... making... love... I have my answer.

I open my eyes and say, “What are you talking about? Nothing like that happened last night!”

“The Sky Gods have forsaken us,” Zoraul murmurs to Rawk, “We have to start fresh every time.”

“I do not believe it, she is playing a game!” Rawk reaches up a hand... not to my face... to my bra... to my boob.

I watch as Rawk leans over, grabs my tit... and holds it.

My eyes roll down to the palm over my chest, slowly squeezing.

Part of me wondered if he would have the balls to even try - and here he was, groping me.

Rawk releases me and trails his fingers down my stomach, towards my – no! I lean down and stab my fangs right into his forearm – biting him with a deep growl.

“Argh!” Rawk jerks away from me and Zoraul wraps his arms around my middle and my own arms, hauling me back into safe restriction once again.

“I do not understand!” I yell out in complaint, “I welcome you both back and you sleep in my bed and then become perverts in the morning! Don’t touch my titty!” I glare at Rawk, who holds his bleeding arm with raging eyes, red cheeks and a scowl plastered on his face.

“The cage,” Rawk snarls, “Is where you belong until we work out what happened to you – ”

“The problem is, I don’t think there is anything amiss here,” Zoraul murmurs, “She’s completely innocent – no curse or magic taints her aura.”

“Unhand me and explain to me what is going on,” I growl back at Zoraul and he hesitates.

“...do you really want to know?” he asks me, holding me tighter... and as I nod... his arms become even tighter. I watch as Zoraul nods to Rawk and then leans into my ear, “...Minx...little Lady... we both fucked you last night. All night. Until you fell asleep snoring on my balls and – ”

"Whaaaaat?!" I almost screech the denial.


I did not remember a single thing of that nature!

“It is true, mate,” Rawk snarls over the top of my hysteria, “We both claimed you as ours – and you’ve woken up with no memory of it ever happening!”

“But... but...” I try to calm my raging breathing, “...but...but...if... if it is true... it... how can you prove it to me?”

“Why don’t you feel between your legs how tender you are?” Rawk asks me, raising a brow, “Nothing funny about it – just feel.”

“Okay,” I jerk away from a surprised Zoraul and crawl to the other side of the bed, at the footboard, “Both of you close your eyes.”

Zoraul rolls his eyes and shuts them while Rawk just growls and shuts his.

I stick a hand down the front of my pants – I feel my private warm flesh... and everything feels... sore and very much tender. Very odd.

I take my hand out and I smell my juices.

A mixture of Rawk and Zoraul.


Oh, Sky Gods...was it true?

I keep sniffing my hand as Rawk and Zoraul both peek at me, then open their eyes when they know it is safe.

“So?” Rawk enquires, confused.

“Nothing amiss,” I squeak out the lie, dropping my hand, “Nothing at all!”

“You do not believe us?” Zoraul asks next, “Or you do not believe yourself? How does your Breed of Dragon work... little sweety?”

“The only time we may experience memory loss is if we black out into a haze of violent emotion – usually aggression,” I explain, “But it can be any emotion. Any emotion at all.”

“Lust...?” Rawk asks me, “Would lust cause you to drool after cocks and squeal with it pounding into you?”

“Don’t scare me!” I scramble to my feet on the bed covers, ready to pounce again, my fingers turning into claws, “Rawk! Don’t put lies into my head about what happened last night!”

“Sex. Happened,” Zoraul shrugs, casually, “Deal with it.”

“So you both had sex with each other –?”

“Oh, for fucks sake,” Rawk cuts me off with a hand to his forehead.

I jump off the bed and walk to a pile of treasure, kicking a few runaway coins back into the pile.

I had sex with my mates. The slightest, faintest memories were filtering through. Feelings. The orgasms. Nothing much else. My different brain was wired via emotion. The images of what happened weren’t registering. But how I felt was.

It was all true.

I had felt unspeakable pleasure, vulnerability and pain.

But it was the kind of emotions that were freaking me out.

I wouldn’t speak of it again or let them think I was changed by it.

“Perhaps we should go on an adventure today?” I ask, without turning around, “To bond?”

I bite my bottom lip then I slowly look over my shoulder to see Rawk and Zoraul silently communicating with one another, their eyes glazed as they look into each other’s eyes.

A few seconds pass before they turn to me, their gazes focus on me and my sly look.

“Sounds... like a great... idea,” Zoraul forces the words out, his mouth twitching at the corners – into a slight smile. It was forced and fake. But it was a smile never the less.

I look to Rawk next.

He would be harder to convince, no doubt, but –

“...if you are lying to us, pet... about what you remember last night...” Rawk chooses his words very carefully, “You will be severely punished.”

“...how so?” I can’t help but ask.

“It is insulting to have you completely oblivious to our cocks,” Rawk shamelessly states, “You will be fucked for days on end continuously until you remember – and never forget – who owns your body, mind and soul, Minx. Zoraul and I command you. You are ours. You. Will. Not. Forget. It. Ever. Again.”

“Sounds like you need some beef jerky to calm down, or some food – let me get you some,” I turn to the door, eager to get away from his intense eyes, his intense words.

I am no longer upset that I ate all the breakfast.

At least now I had a reason to gather some more food while getting space – before I worked out my next plan.

My mates had hurt egos. We had an adventure to go on. And a sexual argument to work out when we returned home. I just hoped I would retain my sanity and my respect.

I knew, if I was indeed in a frenzy of lust last night, what I could have done, could be unspeakable. Unmentionable.

I was a violent killer.

Only my hormone, frenzy driven self knew what kind of lover I could have been last night.

I was terrified to remember – and I hoped to forget.

If I had been anything less than a Lady... oh, Sky Gods – what had I done?

I try not to think about it too much.

I would grab more breakfast – try not to eat it – and I would search for precious Snoot-Snoot as well.

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