Dragon's Pet

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Chapter 28

I fly above my mates, Tempest Territory was just below us while we flew above the thick cloud line.

Before we left on my suggested adventure, I had found Snoot-Snoot sleeping in Gwen’s house, on a couch, wrapped in ten carefully hand knitted blankets. While she snooted away, I retrieved breakfast and handed it to my quiet and disgruntled mates back in my apartment.

I had practically run from them when I had passed the breakfast over, explaining I needed to say hello to my fellow neighbours.

In truth, I yelled at one, bit another - I was angry, okay?

Then, ignoring the blood drops on the stairs as we descended the steps of the apartment to walk through the streets before take off, now, our adventure was finally well underway.

However, my chances at avoiding conversation were becoming rarer. I couldn’t avoid the discussion about... about... it... forever.

Flying across the snow covered land was somewhat peaceful and I liked to gaze at the white rocky territory, the mountains that were often plentiful with canyons of snow and frozen lakes. I knew it was only a small distraction from last night. By this stage, selected parts of my memory I had forgotten had come leaking back into my logical mind, one at a time, slither by slither of feeling, until I remembered most of what occurred. At least the parts that were not so connected to the sex... rather what was said...

The most important points were that I was allowed freedom to do whatever I wanted as long as we all made... that thing... love... made love... argh, gross, you know, occasionally. The other point was that we would also hunt down Sassy after we made... love. Ew!

And here we were, sailing over the Tempest Territory gazing at the brutal landscape, mostly uninhibited. So much snow, ice and wind. It was death for most out here except for the Silver Dragons that played in the landscape. Most of the Blood Ravens and mortals stuck together in villages or mountain caves. Rawk, Zoraul and I were safe as three... but truthfully, I was safe as one. I roll my eyes as I think that.

Lost in deep thought, I snort out in surprise at an oncoming blizzard that pushes me slightly off balance. I look down to see Rawk and Zoraul start to fly higher and I panic and start to ascend quickly too. I do a few accidental summersaults as I try to fight past the gusts of wind and I’m barely making progress. They would pass me soon.

No! I couldn’t let them overtake me -!

I feel a vibrating growl travel through the air behind me before Rawk’s snout collides with my flailing little purple Dragon form. He kicks up his snout and I go tumbling down his neck. I land between his shoulder blades as he levels out and I sit suddenly in the sky, balancing easy on his far more humongous form flying rather steadily through the tough wind.

The specialised curve and sharp cutting edges to his wings helps him fly easy. Though Rawk and Zoraul were not adorned with the horns along their spine like their father, I do see little budding spikes growing from his scales.

I grin when I see it.

Baby growth.

They were so old yet so young.

...why the constant condescending aura? Zoraul hisses through my mind as I see him snarling at me from the right of Rawk, his eyes focused on me, were slowly narrowing.

He sounded far more angry than I had given them credit for.

I had assumed our flight so far would calm them.

Have you remembered anything yet? Rawk asks as I tap my talons nervously along his metallic silver scales, scarred darker in far more places than he was previously.

I remember feelings but not many images, actions or phrases , unless there was a moment out of lust. As for the activity we all participated in, I do not remember anything except how it felt. A horrible desire to... to... give in... I sound just as disgusted as I intend to come across, I remember the willingness to submit. I am disturbed by it. I am confused by it. Most of all, I am scared you will both use it against me and torment me and not in a kind way -

Would you remember us making love to you if we slowed it down? Rawk suggests, carefully.

Ew, did he have to say it like that?

I actually see Zoraul roll his eyes and I hiss spits of venomous fire at him through the blizzard. They splash across his scales and he winces and blows fire in my direction, first a slow cloud... until I arch my back and he suddenly swerves in to fly above Rawk and I.

I lower my head as Zoraul snaps his jaws above my form. I hear the jaw crushing strength and almost feel it too by the way the air seems to shudder around me. Zoraul bares his teeth as he flies on the left side now - but I know that look in his eye.


Zoraul wanted to fight!

Brother, calm your temper, do not tempt her - Rawk warns Zoraul to calm down, but I’ve already taken the bait.

You will lose! I screech through the mind link at both of them as I launch at Zoraul, holding my wings close to my body but not in all the way so I can dive quickly into his side.

Zoraul arches one wing heavily, attempting to show his quick speed - but I am smaller, more skilled and faster.

I’ve managed to dive under his wing and latch onto his side, my talons digging into his scales as I nip my fangs over the sensitive nerves that connect his wings to his body.

Roaring in pain, Zoraul starts to loose flight as he crumples one wing inwards. I push off him and fly with my wings spread wide, gliding and cruising on a smoother air current as Zoraul quickly regains his balance.

I do not even look at him as I pretend nothing happened.

I do peek upwards, however, to see Rawk... gone... where had he -?

I dare to glance down - to see Zoraul shooting up towards me with incredible speed. He’s about to snatch me up in his jaws no doubt - until Rawk flies in from no where and head butts his head into Zoraul’s neck.

Leave her be, Rawk snaps at Zoraul, let’s give Minx an opportunity to sort out her thoughts before you choose to battle her!

Oh, brother, Zoraul banks to the left and smooths out his flying as Rawk positions himself between me and his twin, she practically gurgles down all of your seed, does it again and again, begs for it, then forgets she’s succumbed to her position so then you feel a need to take her slow? She was ravaged by lust when we threatened to dominate her without mercy. Do not forget her switch.

What in the realm are you speaking about? I ask, confused, snorting in defence.

You experience lust for sex the same way you go into a frenzy when it involves blood lust. You admitted this, this morning. Let me explain it better since I’ve worked out the switch in your aura last night, Zoraul seems proud of himself as he continues, if someone challenges you, you lose yourself into violence. When Rawk and I discuss making love to you, you don’t care and resist until we both agreed to take you without any means of mercy. I have connected it to your purple aura, shimmering with lust when you’ve seen Rawk and I fight. You enjoy violence. To an unhealthy degree. Little Minx, our father was correct, your small petite brain is geared to extreme but simple emotion. Complex needs and thoughts paired with one dimensional expression and action. You are intelligent, inside. On the outside, you are a simple beast who must be fucked when horny, caged when full of rage, calmed if anxious and fed when hungry. The way you ate that breakfast for three. The way you rip into anyone who disagrees with you. Your protective nature to your own breed - to Bezzel. Minx. If you want to fight, we will fight now.

Zoraul, wait- Rawk tries to cut him off, but fails to do so.

Heed me brother. We should fight her now. I’m still not satisfied with last night. We just begun the mating of our disaster magnet Bellum Minima Dominus - in my opinion she still needs to be punished and done so without hesitation. And by punishment, little beast, I mean guidance. By the time we’ve taught you what is acceptable and what is not... you will thank us while servicing us as you should. As we should service you. This is our gift to you, Minx, as Twin Leading Breeds, Zoraul pauses to gaze at me, reading my frightened aura which is layered with levels of incomprehensible anger, Little Lady. If you want to be our Queen, I suggest you prove yourself. Actions seem to speak far louder than words when it comes to your one layered mind - it is your weakness. It if your fault as a Breed.

How dare you -

...so how do you like condescending? Rawk asks, his tone flipping. Rawk agrees with Zoraul and when I look at Rawk glaring at me with actual passion for Zoraul’s statement, glaring with pride and acceptance - I start to feel humiliated.

Did they have to state the truth so boldly while making me feel so small?

And Rawk’s words, ‘how do you like condescending?’ Bah!

A taste of your own medicine, have you heard that phrase before, Minx? Zoraul drawls, now flying with arched wings and head held high, refusing to look at me... mimicking me... this bastard... they were both playing a new game... this must be something they had been planning! No doubt you have not heard that saying before. Considering how simply bred you are...

Again. Explicitly provoking.



Rawk lets out a burst of snorting chuckles and shakes his head, calming his fire, he tries to hide the fact he just laughed at me. Mocking me. Both of them were mocking me!

How dare they!

I was not... I was...

I am flabbergasted and I’m not sure what to think.

Zoraul is teasing me towards emotion. Blinding emotion.

First passionate blood lust... which could, at their manipulation, turn into a different kind of lust and frenzy.

And now all I want to do, as I watch them both fly arrogantly below me, not looking at me, but waiting... I dive downward.

I dive down between them, to reach the landscape first.

Logic. Keep logical. I wanted to win. No emotion. Just... just...

Oh Sky Gods this was so hard!

I find a snowy field and I mist into my naked human form, tumbling into the snow, I bury my head in the white fluff - breathe.

But I’m panting with the beginning of rage. No one humiliated me or spoke to me in that way! I -


I bury my human head deeper into the snow.




Stay calm!

It feels like eternity, but after seven or eight seconds, or maybe it was three, I rip my head from the snow and jump to my feet.

I turn, licking my lips, licking my teeth, curling my fingers.

I pivot fully towards my mates - now human and clothed in their leather pants.

Bulging in the middle.

I pause and try to contain myself as I stare too long at their hardening cocks. Unrelenting. They just kept cumming last night. Staying hard.



Calm... stay calm.

Rawk has regained a neutral look, simply patient for the outcome.

Zoraul was broadly smirking, the complete opposite, blatantly provoking me. Trying to tease me into breaking. Into proving him right.

I focus on Zoraul’s smirk.

Bad move.

“Pity party, little Lady?” Zoraul asks, daring to lean forward, his long silver hair is unbound, swaying in the wind, wishing to be ripped from his head, as his hands rest on his knees and he leans down even further - to exaggerate and focus on the fact I’m tiny and he is huge.

I take one step toward him.

And another.

Rawk starts to tense up, but Zoraul stays at ease, leaning down, looking into my eyes. His burnt golden gaze is twinkling.

“...you want to fight me...?” I whisper, so quietly, while forcing on a logical tone.

“...oh, Minxy... actually... I want to hear you squeal... again... and again... and again,” Zoraul drawls the words and I suddenly remember.

“...like... a... piglet?” I ask, slowly raising a brow.

“Did your slow mouth finally catch up with your brain?” Zoraul loses his smile and his lower lip jutts out, pouting at me, tilting his head, still waiting, “...what a cutie you are, so focused on me, while my brother stalks behind you...”



I don’t have time to think anymore.

Rawk is no longer where he was.



If Rawk really was behind me - !

"Take this!" I scream as I jump forward onto my palms, kicking out my legs behind me, my feet go to smack into Rawk, to push him back.


My feet flail upwards - my feet finding thin air.

Zoraul watches me as I end up doing a hand stand, twirling around slowly, I land on my feet and stand up, looking behind me.

Rawk wasn’t there.

But he was, somewhere, he was just invisible.

A mirage.

“So you want to play tricks?” I ask, gritting my teeth.

I turn to Zoraul.

And he’s... he’s gone too.

In fact, he does it while I watch. Shifting from reality to a shimmering, shaking shape, slowly morphing into empty air.

“No!” I jump forward, swiping my hand through the air.


“Face me!” I swipe my arms, dancing in a circle, “Come at me! I will tear you both apart!”

I stop twirling around when nothing happens.

“...mates -?”

And then I get the breath knocked out of me.

They catch me. In a move I would later call the mouse trap - for the way their bodies slam into either side of mine. I feel like the pipsqueak stuck in a place where I kind of desired that meat... so close... so close... but I was close to death.

The death of my freedom! No! Never!

I wouldn’t allow it!

I would fight. I would fight and whatever happened, I would win!

At least that’s what I’d end up telling myself, every single time before they... they...

Let’s just call it Monster Time.


But even though I enjoyed it, I wouldn’t tell them that either!

I would rip their faces off before I admitted to that!


And that’s how I start laughing randomly between the two of them as they trap me between them - just another sign I’m slowly going insane.

All because of their stupid, needy, delicious, gorgeous, fat, wholesome, marble, velvet, awesome, scary, monster cocks.



Damn it!





I close my eyes. Stop laughing. Stop panting. Stop thinking about their...

I feel them. Their pants gone.





I feel them grow...

And then I start to drool.

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