Dragon's Pet

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Chapter 29

18+ | Sexual & Adult Content

I’ve just been laughing hysterically as Zoraul and Rawk squish me between their naked andinvisiblebodies, their hardened shafts were pressing against my stomach and back. As I tried to move my arms, I was incapable of achieving any space to make even the slightest of movements.

My loud laughter turns to awkward, haphazard breaths of desire and confusion as we stand in the middle of nowhere in Tempest Territory, in a field of snow... in total privacy... which did mean... total freedom to do unspeakable things.

Although Rawk had snuck in from behind and Zoraul from my front... I did not trust who was who... they were fast and deadly in the Shadow Realm, they could have switched to mock me if I assumed Zoraul was in front. I wouldn’t put such petty teasing past my mates.

“I can see... yet I am blind,” I hiss out a complaint to both Rawk and Zoraul, right before I hiccup in fright - by the tongue that rolls across my cheek. I pause and I feel a kiss at the same time on my neck... hmmm... who was who?... and not long after the warm tongue caresses my cheek, lips move down to hover just inches off my own pert and stressed mouth.

I can feel the hot breath of... I can taste the breath... of burnt wisdom and a hint of control?

Without saying a word, I think it’s Rawk in front of me... I gulp as he slowly presses his cruel and thick lips in... and then lightly he kisses me. I close my eyes, as it was strange having lips that I couldn’t see, softly moving against my own.

“...mm.. -etter...” I try to say better, to approve of this kind of sweetness. The moment I try to talk, I feel Rawk press in and deepen my kiss, moving my mouth apart with his lips. I gasp in air as his tongue runs along my teeth, the roof of my mouth... everywhere.

He was delicious.

My womb flutters and then the lips on my neck change from sweet moments of pressure, to the scraping of sharp teeth.

Hmm... a nip, perhaps?


I scream into Rawk’s mouth as Zoraul viscously tears into my shoulder - his canines pierce me deeply and he growls loudly as his invisible form comes back to this realm and I can see him slowly pulling out of my shoulder.

“Payback, lil’ beast. How do you like it?” Zoraul drawls, leaning down... pretending he’s going to bite me again. I wince away and he pauses, pouting at me in that horribly condescending way.

Rawk chuckles over my nose and I turn back to see him, visible as well.

“Just don’t do it again,” I growl at Zoraul while I look at Rawk, who’s eyes are flicking over my face. Mine flick over his in return, admiring his beauty and handsome new face. His Broken Fire, although a sign of great trauma for what I accidentally pushed them all into... it somewhat suits him... he looks even more fearsome.

“You like my scars?” Rawk asks, his hands sliding to my waist... casually at first.

“...mmm... maybe...” I whisper, leaning up towards him... I bite my bottom lip, “Kiss me again?”

“Hmmm, let me think,” Rawk raises a brow and glances to Zoraul, “Kisses... or some... exercise for our little lady?”

“Let me make it an easier decision for both of you,” Zoraul licks away the blood on my shoulder and my spine shivers with strange pleasure as the pain is replaced with a soft tongue, “I’ll just do this...”

“Do what -?” I whisper it, in excitement, but it’s the death of me standing.

Zoraul grabs the front of my thighs while he is behind me... he drags me away from Rawk and then lifts both of my legs right off the ground. I scream out as my face falls towards the snow and I flail my hands in front of me, uselessly, because it’s already too late!

I go neck deep into the snow and I can hear both their mocking laughter. I scream my rage into the white fluff... but as they laugh and I kick and try to rebel - Zoraul grabs both my ankles and spreads me wide open... cold air strikes across me, right before he jumps forward and I feel the hard length of his shaft slap along my clenched butt cheeks. His balls are warm and heavy along my pussy as he stands right between me... his palms hold me steady while he murmurs something to Rawk... what... what is he saying?! I couldn’t hear!

A moment passes where I think I’ll be had... then and there, like a freakin root or dead tree poking out of the ground... until Zoraul grabs my hips and he spins me violently around.

My head twists out of the snow and I’m pulled up as Zoraul pushes his cock to the front of my pussy and teases me with the head of it.

Was he about to fuck me like this instead?

"Argh... no... you b-....but... stop... nn... wait... I mean wait...!" I yell incomprehensibly when I see Rawk closing the distance quickly towards my front, leaning down... I blush after I sound like an imbecile, but Rawk isn’t fazed. His large cock hangs heavy and full already as he scoops up my neck. While I gasp at how close it is - Rawk dares place his cock past my lips... just a teeny weeny bit.

“Shhh,” Rawk uses one hand to grab one breast, palming it softly before he twists one of my nipples cruelly; it causes me to gasp a bit more - in other words, my mouth pops open wider - and he shoves his shaft into the back of my mouth, “Ready?”

I think he’s speaking to me.

But no.

“Of course, brother,” Zoraul pulls me forward away from his cock, positions my hips a bit better... and then he finds my entrance and starts prodding into me once more.

Rawk also pushes into my mouth hole at the same time, going down my throat... excruciatingly slow.

My head is pulled right back, while Zoraul holds my hips above the ground, so I’m suspended between them, basically held up by a cock in either end of my body.

Rawk’s balls brush my forehead and I growl in both embarrassment and pleasure as his cock hits deep and I swallow on his delicious length.

When they pull out, it’s the smallest thrust before they push right back in. Rawk is trying to get me to gag, Zoraul is trying to fill me to the brim.

I try to ignore the signs of my body submitting... but as they pull out and push back in once more, grinding slow and deep... I start to respond.

A cock lodged into my throat, rubbing in and out.

A cock lodged into my pussy, causing it to flood out welcoming cream.



My eyes roll into the back of my head and my pussy starts sucking in Zoraul, my throat gobbles down Rawk... again and again... more.

Now... yes... they start to speed up.

More, more, more, give me more! I snarl at both of them through my head, faster, I said faster!

“Quiet. You’ll take this how we give it,” Rawk disapproves of me and slows down some more, “Even though you’re perfect like this... your attitude is still rubbish. How about you just suck harder, Minxy? Harder. More.”

I hit his thigh and Rawk blows fire over my body. It sizzles past any sweat that burns off and my skin tingles and shivers.

That... that was actually amazing.

I sigh in delight around his shaft while Zoraul enjoys the slow pace as much as Rawk.

“You know... Minx,” Zoraul’s tone is husky, as he thrusts in and out of my pussy that was already wet and dripping to the point it was hitting the snow and melting through it, “You nearly killed us... you left us and you still... for the most part, disobey us... and while we’ve found a middle ground... between your freedom and duty... I... kind of want... to hurt you... part of me wants to hear you scream in more ways than one... oh, there is a whole world of insane sexual desires waiting for you, Minx... wh- Rawk...?”

“What?” Rawk nearly snarls it.

“A cart and travellers,” Zoraul murmurs, “I need you to hold her down,” he pauses... and then he suddenly hisses, “...while I humiliate her... I do not want to finish her this way... not until she pays... at least a little... at least a little for her impulses...” he’s becoming ravenous with his new idea.

“Are you sure you want to do this - ?” Rawk pulls out of my throat and slaps my cheek with his shaft, ”Don’t. Speak.”

I, in fact, roll my eyes to the side... and I do see people travelling far down near the tree line of this field.

“Humiliate... how?” I ask, without thinking.

"Minx,” Rawk snaps and Zoraul pulls out of my pussy, dropping me.

I fall on my butt and look up at Rawk, who squats down in front of me and grabs a bunch of my purple hair, pulling me back as he looks over me, assessing me coldly.

“...he’s told me... and I agree... if anything, it’ll be... hilarious,” Rawk smirks and I don’t appreciate it.

When I look for Zoraul...

I see mist?



Oh, no.

In a collision of power, I watch every particle fuse back together in a dangerous dance... not far away... but... right in front of me.

I squeal in fright... until I see what appears before me.

Thank the Sky gods... it’s not a... actual monster cock.

Just... just... just Zoraul’s beastly Dragon head. Silver and sleek, with fangs sharp and drooling as he grins down at me.

I can already hear the mortals screaming... but Zoraul isn’t focused on them.

And the screams do die off quick - when his tongue flits out past his teeth and rolls under my legs, over my stomach, my breasts... my face.

He avoids Rawk, but Rawk does continue smirking wider and wider when he sees I’m covered in Zoraul’s slobber.

I’ve gone white in the face when I turn and I see the people watching in both fear and curiosity.

Zoraul’s Dragon tongue... it dips down... and its vibrating, hot edge, finds its way into the middle of my legs.

It’s rough enough to cause a crazy sensation as he flicks it and my thighs are thrust up and out of the way. He starts licking me, with a satisfied growling laugh rumbling from his throat while I look like an idiot trying to kick his tongue... only to hear him snarl, in a lethal warning, so I have to avoid his teeth by squeaking out a humiliating apology and bending them back again.

I start to cry spontaneously, in both total embarrassment and forced pleasure as his Dragon tongue is covered with a burst of fire that licks out and drools past my body, melting the snow until I can feel dirt and grass on my butt.

I’m completely speechless and I can’t even talk while Rawk watches every twitch I make, assessing my attempt at trying to deny the growing orgasm.

Zoraul presses his massive tongue inwards, with enough force that my hips raise a bit... and he starts massaging the huge muscle across me, causing my legs, including my clit and my whole entire pussy area to pulse and warm and gush right out onto his Dragon taste buds.

My stomach clenches and I quickly look at Rawk.

It felt too good... and it was happening too fast. The rough tongue was just boiling my blood.

“...oh no,” I whisper, terrified - right before my climax starts to build to its last point real quick... and then Zoraul breathes a whole cloud of fire over both of us.

The warm sensation, the Dragon tongue returning to flick over my pussy and the ground shaking with a rumble from Zoraul’s throat has me done for.

I cum hard... on his monster sized tongue.

I go to scream and Rawk slaps a hand over my mouth... helping me... somewhat.

His other half does not approve.

Zoraul raises his head and snarls at Rawk furiously.

“Calm down, Zoraul...” Rawk drawls past my head, to Zoraul’s teeth, totally calm and in control, “You made her cry...”


The bastards both made me do this!

When my body slumps and trembles and I glance to the tree line... the mortals are gone, thank the Sky gods.

Be thankful we can’t fuck in our other form, little lady, Zoraul threatens me while he drools above me with his smug Dragon smile.

I growl out and kick my foot into his lower jaw, hurting my toes in the process.

“Ow!” I roll around and Rawk stands after releasing my hair, giving me a moment of space while he faces his brother.

While I’m staggering to my feet with weakened knees... there is a sudden wisp... and a vibration in the air... and a... a feeling that one is startled by when you’re called over the stars by someone who needs you desperately in that moment.

The feeling was of terror.

And vulnerability.

A baby crying to its mother.

“Did you hear that?” I ask, same time as Rawk asks it as well.

Zoraul tilts his Dragon head up to the sky, his nostrils flair and a growl starts to build... right before he lurches forward and takes off into the Tempest air.

No hesitation.

I transform same time as Rawk once we realise what it is.

Snoot Snoot.

Precious Bezzel.

She was in trouble!

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