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Why I Paused Updates [Good News]

Dragon’s Pet is ON HOLD for the moment and maybe indefinitely but the reason why is crazy exciting!!! ;) The entire TWIN DRAGONS SERIES is signed and contracted to Galatea - Addictive Stories, an app by Inkitt [basically a publishing deal, which also means the series may be released as paperbacks in the future or even other formats as well]. Right now, the current series adaption is re-written by Hollywood screenwriters to an immersive fiction app. To read Dragon’s Princess and Requiem City, the first books in the series so far to be adapted, please head on over to your app or playstore to download ‘Galatea - Addictive Stories’ for free to experience the series with immersive special effects like music, vibrations and more. It’s totally unique and a one of a kind reading experience and SO COOL! I highly recommend checking it out!

I’m sorry it took this long to update you all on why chapters were paused, I’ve been inundated with the release of the adaptions including writing a lot of my new content, such as The Mermaid That’s Sweetest, Chyronex, A.R.M.Y, ULTIMA [18+], Randsom [18+], Kitten, Reigning Shadows and more. Yep, I’m a bit insane but I also write full time so it’s my only job haha! Last but not least, my social media for IG | FB | Twitter is @ authorcswallow. I’m also on Wattpad @ CSW1995. Please follow me on Inkitt and/or Wattpad for ALL writing updates!

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