Dragon's Pet

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Chapter 31

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24 hours later

Bezzel limps around me, placing linen flowers in my hair. She eats a few as well, burping out the ash. I kneel in a corner of Bezzel’s families little home, in a cozy cavern, where they all offer me servings of their best beef jerky.

I take it all and relish every flavour, complimenting each, before standing and watching Bezzel stand back and snoot flames at my ankles in delight.

She likes my white dress.

Bezzel’s mother also gives me some helpful advice, as she grabs my hands and looks up into my eyes, “Smile, Queen of Venom, you are beautiful.”

“I am as beautiful as a rat,” I reply, chuckling a little and almost choking on a rogue piece of unchewed beek jerking, hiding in the back of my mouth - as I accidentally breathe it in.

I cough hard and thwack my chest as I spit it out and Bezzel immediately targets the food. Silly Snoot lowers her head, wiggles her butt and pounces for the beef. She twists to her side and squawks in pain from her injuries, but even as she’s felled to her side, she wriggles over on her back until she can snap it up in her upside down jaws - she swallows the meal hole and smiles up at me.

“I am still a lady,” I tell Bezzel and then I thank the mother, who stands back and has her hands clasped, worried about that little display, “Thank you for the dress.”

“Thank you for taming our Lords.”

I am farewelled as I look to the door and I put on a brave face.

I decided to do this.

Me - I did.

I told my mates I wanted to gift them with a gentle surprise. Emphasis on gentle.

“I am a lady,” I whisper, I am a lady, “I am a Queen,” I correct myself, indeed, a Queen.

A Queen.

A Queen!

So I can do this.

Rawk and Zoraul have spent the night and most of today ensuring everything is okay in their Horde of Venom. Our. Our Horde. I had to get used to this; feeling. Home. This was home now.

I... I am a little bundle of energy - a new energy. I’ll admit.

It’s still heavy respect.

For my Twin Dragon Lords.

And I would gift them with my gentle surprise now, linen flowers placed in my hair, white dress flowing around my small form, dragging a little, I try not to trip on the long ends by holding up the material from my feet.

“I am a Bellum Minima Dominus, Queen, Lady and...” I gulp as I eventually make it to Rawk and Zoraul’s bed chamber, “...a sweet lady,” I almost choke on the word sweet.

Oh, pathetic, but - I must do this.

I knock on the door and without waiting, I kick it open a little aggressively.

I smile at the floor and then look up - to see Rawk patching a hole in his grey leather pants, sitting on a chest, while Zoraul lies back on the bed, one wrist against his bent knee, while he looks on at me in boredom.

They’re here - waiting for me at my request.

“She came, brother,” Zoraul murmurs, almost in shock, “Welcome... are you a bride, Minx?”

“Oh, no,” I whisper, trying to sound very sweet, “I just look pretty in white.”

Rawk finally looks up, and I’m a little offended with how long it took him to witness me.

“Huh,” Rawk glances at me once and then focuses back on his pants, “What’s the surprise Minx?”

“The gentle surprise!” I remind them both, using my wispy feminine tone, sultry and sweet, “Are you ready?”

“Did you tell the carpenters to re-enforce the new bed frame with iron?” Rawk murmurs to Zoraul, casually.

“Indeed,” Zoraul bites on his thumb, looking me up and down, “...Minx... what’s the surprise?”

I was going to slip the dress off and be naked for them - in a pretty fashion.

Instead, I feel embarrassed that they expect to still receive aggression from me.

Little do they know I only did that to make sure they were indeed worthy of me.

And now they truly were.

Truly. Truly so!

But I am humiliated now, and I know soon they will sense it as the emotion grows, so I change tactic.

I reach up to my head and I take out two linen flowers as I walk forward and I silently place one on Rawk’s lap, he freezes at the gift - almost as if it’s vermin. I brave the reaction by walking up to Zoraul and placing one in his outstretched hand without hesitation.

“Trinkets?” Zoraul drawls, amused.

“Are they poisoned?” Rawk looks over at me, his eyes genuinely curious, “Why are you so quiet, brat...?”

“I am here to declare, um,” I blink and I smile with gritted teeth, “My - my,” I almost choke, “Love? I am here to declare my love. I like you, and, I like you,” I nod at one brother and then the other, while my hands grab the dress and I rip it from my body with my bare strength.

Easy. I declared love and I was now naked.

I do it slowly too, one half and then the other half of the dress, torn elegantly. They watch my every move as I sexily step out of the torn material and I present my naked body to my mates, jutting out one hip in a curvaceous mating display, I was as straight as a stick but I didn’t care, I could still be sexy as any seducer! “We have already fucked, but, now, I, Minx...!” Queen, lady and Bellum Minima Dominus, I whisper it so quietly and swiftly it’s one long murmur of gibberish, before I speak more clearly once more, “I will make love to you both, to prove my love! My respect!" I almost snarl, but I keep it in with a forced strain.

Rawk places the flower aside gently, and glances over his shoulder to Zoraul once.

“Sincere?” Rawk questions.

“Aye, sincere,” Zoraul and Rawk both judge my aura together, “Are you okay, Minx? We understand you only respond to the big bad monster within us... and we do not enjoy gentle sex anyway,” Zoraul adds, “You don’t have to pretend.”

“I’m willing to see it,” Rawk is the first to respond, standing up and setting aside his pants, abruptly naked. He holds up both arms to his sides, welcoming me forward, “Will you finally serve your Lord and Master with obedience?” he watches me without blinking.

I lick my pursed lips and I take a step forward, noticing Rawk’s muscles coiling in case of a last minute attack. I take another step toward him, and another, until I am almost flush with his torso.

I place my hands on his abs and I look up into Rawk’s alight gaze.

“I am yours,” I whisper, dropping to my knees so I can kiss his cock, which slaps against my face with how fast it rises, from flaccid to fully hard shaft in a mere moment. I smile into the side of it and I kiss the base, then I run my tongue along the length to the top, where I can suckle the head, my hand gently rising to play with Rawk’s balls too, caressing their heat and taking his shaft in deeper into the back of my mouth. I carefully keep my fangs out of the way, using my lips and tongue as the primary tools of pleasure.

“...that’s good...” Rawk murmurs his approval, and I hear Zoraul jump up and over to see.

“...my Sky Gods... what dream is this?” Zoraul adds, as he steps down to stand with Rawk, also naked and ready to share me as I am.

I pull off Rawk’s cock with a pop and I smile up at Zoraul, while drool dribbles out of the corners of my mouth.

“May I?” I pick up Zoraul’s shaft, growling politely.

Zoraul looks offended as he growls back, “Never in this eternal life, will you ask me again for permission for this... you adorable idiot,” Zoraul pets a hand through one half of my hair, while Rawk pets through the other half.

As they stroke me, I open my lips and suck Zoraul in and down my throat, willingly gagging on his length almost straight away. I roll my eyes back and close my sight. I drown myself on his cock and Zoraul begins to thrust for me, “You beautiful vixen, don’t forget the other half,” with a forced hand, Zoraul jerks me off his cock and hands me to his brother.

My lips collide with Rawks waiting cock head, and I take him in next, bobbing my head up and down - once, twice, three times - then switching to Zoraul, then switching to Rawk, then switching to Zoraul, then switching to R -!

I love this, but -!

“Enough!” Rawk at some point grabs the back of my neck and hauls me up to my feet, “You’ll make yourself dizzy, you lunatic,” Rawk is both impressed and worried, “No more effort, Minx, time to bend over.”

Before I can complain, Rawk passes me toward Zoraul, who shoves me toward the bed.

They both place a hand on my back and force me down, while my thighs are lifted, and I’m effectively face down ass up, while my pussy feels the heat of their gaze.

“Can we fit in her together?” Zoraul drawls to Rawk, who hums his reply through a sound of mutual agreement.

My hips are clasped, in one hand from Rawk and one from Zoraul.

I feel one cock slip into the entrance of my wet pussy, and the other soon joins - causing a moan of pain, shock and pleasure to burst from the back of my throat as I gasp in air from the intense stretch.

“Still, now, little beast,” Zoraul firmly holds me tight, while Rawk reaches around me easily to toy with my clit.

“Oh, yes, oh no, no, no, ye - noooo,” I growl into the sheets as Rawk heats my clit with bursts of fire. It doesn’t burn but I feel warm - and extremely sensitive, fuck pretending! “MORE!” I let out a guttural scream.

"There she is,” Rawk chuckles - and I feel a slap as they both ram into me, deep and as hard as they can. I get pushed so far forward from their weight and brutal thrusts, that I’m locked down as my first orgasm tears through me.

I can’t form words, only a combination of screams and pants while clawing my hands into the sheets.

Fear not, forlorn pipsqueak, Rawk caresses my mind with a dark kiss, we’ll not stop pounding until you forget how to speak simple sense - this is the first climax of many which we will use to abuse you. Yes - you heard me. You will be abused by our cocks, on a regular and lengthy basis.

“Say you love me!” I beg them from the sheets, in a girly whine, “Please, oh please -”

“Does love matter to a beast?” Rawk pauses half way in, giving my throbbing pussy a break, while Zoraul continues to slide in and out. Rawk leans over and grabs a fistful of my hair, ”Say it again,” his own guttural roar is formidable, “Prove you mean it! Words are empty!”

“I beg you to love me too!” I choke on my want - I even leak tears spontaneously from the frustration. Rawk laughs and chuckles as he lets me go and I face plant into the sheets from the force of pulling away, “ARGH! I HATE YOU!” I change tactic for a moment as I squeal into the covers.

“Make her cum again, as hard as you can,” Rawk advises Zoraul, as they both pump in and out - forcing me to another climax, this one ruthless.

It’s longer and harder, but they don’t slow, they keep pace, hoping to shred me clearly.

No - fuck - my body is weakening as shock wave after shock wave rattles my bones and my womb.

“She’s almost lost her gentle mind,” Zoraul is deeply amused, “Her mouth and ass need screwing,” he spits onto my ass, while Rawk mists in front of me. I feel his hand in my hair, winding it tight as he lifts me from the sheets - and he looks down to observe my tears and spit and drool.

I want to be sweet.

But I’m deeply annoyed.

I need one moment of violence, so I spit in his face.

How dare Rawk say he not love me straight away!

The spit hits his cheek but Rawk doesn’t flinch from the attack.

“I love you, you stupid little cow,” Rawk lowers his tone to an almost whisper, and I hitch my breath as I see... swirling... in his golden gaze, as his eyes flash red. Brutal red. The deepish hue of rage, he offers it to me in a different display... of dark seduction, “Do you want this side of me to prove it to you? What I’ll do to you? What I feel for you?” Rawk is too curious.

I smile a little - before wiping it away and shaking my head, “No,” I whisper, a lie, but it is because I might want that side of him, but it doesn’t mean I’m not scared of it.

The blood lust known no bounds - it knows no restriction in my Twin Leading Breeds.

Rawk leans in further, twists his head to the side and kisses my lips, looking into my eyes, “Is that a yes?”

“N -” -ooo, I shake my head and moan, but it comes out as a direct hell yes.

“Brother?” Rawk looks over my head, “She wants blood.”

“She can’t handle it,” Zoraul murmurs his thoughts.

I am triggered into my own defiance.

“OF COURSE I CAN!” I scream it out, in a fury of passion, only to immediately whimper as Rawk pulls my hair back and catches my wide innocent eyes in his corrupted soul.

You got it... cry baby. Rawk’s eyes solidify with that crimson colour, it’s a direct promise of disturbing and deep control.

I’m so fucked.

“What will you do to me?” I whisper, terrified.

Love you harder, Zoraul answers so ferociously, Rawk can only smile at me with his red eyes as a smile upon his lips is now void of purpose and so does not present itself.

Be a good girl, Rawk warns me.

“Yes, Master,” I whisper out loud, even more terrified.

“That’s a good pet,” Rawk approves of me, then abruptly lets me go - as does Zoraul.

I collapse onto the bed with my shock as I wonder where they’ve gone.

They consult near the cage, Rawk advises Zoraul, “Chains and a spreader for her ankles - that’s all, fetch them, brother.”

That’s all? It should sound reassuring.

So why am I now curled on my back, feeling submission consume me - as if I’m about to get the life fucked out of me.

I feel imminent doom.

Zoraul heads off with a hard look of appreciation for the plan, and Rawk turns to see me curled up and awaiting my further debasement.

“Regret,” Rawk reads my aura, and he is still emotionless with nothing but a violent lust, simmering for me alone, “...we love you Minx - let us show you just how much that is the case.”

“Will it hurt?” I ask, my bottom lip trembles.

“...only if you disobey me...” Rawk is dead serious, his crimson eyes promise me coming pain.

“Then I will obey you,” I answer weakly, nodding, politely.

Rawk’s lips spontaneously lift in one corner, only a little, “If you meet our expectations in submission for what comes next, Minx, I will be very surprised.”

“I’ll try,” I whisper.

“No,” Rawk shakes his head but his eyes remain focused on mine, “You will scream until your hoarse.”

“No -” I whimper pathetically for my freedom.

"That’s an order," Rawk ferociously cuts me down, his snarl is potent and true with the venom of hardcore and ingrained dominance. He is designed to win. He is made to conquer everything.

I just remain still, my pussy throbbing, awaiting - patiently enough.

This was going to be the most terrifying night of my life, and anticipating the punishments from Zoraul and Rawk combined, made it all the worse for my brain to function on normal.

Where was my fearlessness? Extinct.

Where was my impossible strength? Somewhere else.

Where was my fire and where was my fight? In my fucking loins! That was the fucking problem!

I was looking forward to this!

It was a ravishment designed to conquer a Bellum Minima Dominus... once and for all, to bring her to her knees.

Always and forever, to be their pet.

Their pet.

An honour.

Their Queen of Venom.

My destiny.

True submission starts now.

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