Dragon's Pet

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Chapter 32

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Zoraul mists to my side, dwarfing me as he’s looking down, engulfing me with his delighted golden glare, “I’ll be the moderator of Rawk’s impatience,” Zoraul smirks at my little whimper as he swiftly loops the chain around my neck, then connects it to an iron eye in the headboard.

Rawk simply lifts one ankle, distracting me as he suckles on my toes - a growl in the back of his throat, as his own glare is focused on my heaving chest and small tits.

It’s not a look of love from Rawk - but of deep promise, to explore this lust between us as he pleases.

The Master of Feeling that he is, grants him the power to guide my emotions to the surface. I wish I could convince them both I was finally willing to bend tonight, but clearly I had cried I was the wolf too many times!

I was determined to break them - but now they were determined to break me.

Zoraul is deceivingly nice, as he jerks on the chain and chokes me a bit, while grabbing my chin and forcing my face up to his as he reads my aura.

“Tonight you’ll bleed - and we shall taste our Queen’s lust in the sweetness of her blood,” Zoraul speaks of me in third person, while Rawk tightens his hold on my ankle until it hurts. I hold in a scream as I look down while I like the feel of his hot tongue across my toes, then the scrape of his sharp teeth - until Rawk starts to bite down. I freeze as his canine drags to tear my skin a little, drawing out the first few drops of blood. I feel the wound sting, and it bleeds blood into his mouth as he continues to suck and his expression doesn’t change.

Rawk’s an unstoppable nightmare.


My pussy squeezes over nothing, and I feel it leak more fluid as Zoraul now kneels by my head and flicks my cheek lightly with a finger, “Look at me,” he drawls, distracting me again.

“-ye?” I choke on the word, I’m already losing my mind again as Zoraul leans down, his long and brilliant silver hair, soft to the touch, tickles my cheeks as he hovers his nose from mine, his lips breathing in my exhale of submission, “Are you going to be a good girl for your Dragon Lords, little beast? Are you ready for your fight to become obsolete - at least and always while you pleasure both your Masters of Feeling?” Zoraul isn’t mucking around, as I feel his hand embrace one breast and slowly squeeze.

My answer is a weak smile.

In truth I do not trust myself to speak at this point - and I feel a cold iron circle clamping around one ankle next. I look down with silent wide eyes of distress as Rawk finally locks in the spreader, one shackle pinches my ankle - the other is soon clamped in place on the other leg - spreading me open. Half of me is now unable to fight, nor resist.

I strangely love this too.

I test the strength of the heavy iron and the firm restriction pleases me in a vile secretive way. Especially as Rawk stares between my legs, satisfied, until he mists... and then that mist goes between, his head appearing by my mound, his eyes catch me as he breaths fire over my pussy, leaning down to lick me open and breathe fire inside my body.

Always, I do not burn, but my pussy flutters as if I’m tickled with sharp dark magic, and I giggle hysterically and squirm a bit until Rawk commands me.

Move again and you’ll be branded again, Rawk’s warning his final, and not a joke.

“Zorawk?” I gulp, “I mean -”

“We expected you to be confused at this point,” Zoraul twists one of my nipples while I’m not looking, and I hiss, while his fingers dare to lay across my lips, prodding towards my teeth, “Be gentle now, little Lady,” Zoraul forces his fingers into my mouth, confidence in his knowing of my aura.

I almost want to feel anger, to secrete venom and bite his damn fingers off - but he’s so tasty. A salty warm snack to suck on while Rawk is eating my pussy, his tongue and fire slowly building me up again.

“Remain still for us,” Zoraul warns me as he keeps his fingers across my tongue, as he leans down to my ear, and he pushes my face to the side. Zoraul is greedy for blood too, as he nips on my lobe and tastes a trickle drawn from a small tear. Satisfied with his taste, he soon delivers his message, while I’m trying to remain still, and it is a struggle, “Not a word until we’re done with you - if you fail, you will be fucked near the end of your petite life, beautiful Queen. So will you surrender to us?”

My answer this time is a firm sucking of his fingers, my thighs straining to pull over Rawk’s head, but stuck from the spreader.

I must say one insult, though, to protect my reputation.

Because he did lightly threaten me with death.

Whatever, slow fat reptile Lords - do not play with me further, fuck me until I scream! Violate me now with your slugs!

"Fat?" Zoraul pulls back, trying to appear angry but genuinely amused, while holding his fat long cock, “Open up then, you little terror,” he hops over and straddles my chest, blocking in my head to the pillow as he jerks on the chain and I gasp open. Removing his fingers from my mouth, Zoraul places his throbbing shaft over my tongue and plugs me shut, sitting down all the way, heavy and immovable. He watches me close as the cock strains into my throat - and he pulls on the chain again.

Fuckin -!

Rawk simultaneously puts a fucking fat fist to my opening, and forces his way in.

I’m a wet tunnel and my body is aching to pull him in, but his whole fist and whole arm is bound to make me feel like three different Dragon Lords are stretching me.

It’s too much, even though I can take it - my body can not delay another second.

I’m going to explode again!

I gag hard around Zoraul as I cum, my body thrashing around Rawk’s hand, his arm isn’t even in yet.

"Still,” Rawk slaps my thigh and slowly edges in, “Bruise her throat.” No mercy.

“Hold on, Minx,” Zoraul pulls out of my throat and thrusts back in, rough. I adjust to accomodate his thick size, while Rawk manages to fist me as far as he can go, and then he starts to twist his wrist and lengthen his fingers into my poor pussy.

It’s pure fucking torture at this point, it’s not fair.

It feels amazing... b-but my main desire is not being met.

I want them both in my pussy, or one in my ass, one in my pussy. Or both in my pussy.

Zoraul keeps fucking my face, until he unexpectedly shoves in all the way and cums deep in my throat early, for the first round, “Too tight for me, sweety,” Zoraul pinches my nose in punishment as he scowls. As Zoraul pulls out, I both gag and nearly die taking in my first breath for awhile.

Zoraul finally pulls off my chest and shoulders, while I’m still chained down - soon my spread legs are the only target.


Rawk is still fisting me, watching the tears squeeze out of my eyes.

“Beautiful,” Rawk slow-blinks at me.

I nearly die again.

It’s a gentle look - even though his eyes are blazing crimson red and he’s tuned to be a killer right now, and nothing more but cruel... that gentle admission has me stuck. My heart almost fucking stops.

Is this what kills a Bellum Minima Dominus?


Zoraul scrapes his own sharp teeth across the sensitive nook under my knee as he passes - and I start to scream.

I expect that scream to stop, but once I start letting loose - Rawk and Zoraul suddenly change.

They don’t want the release of my control to stop.

Rawk pumps my pussy with his fist until he’s fucking me with his arm up to his elbow, while Zoraul mists under me, shoving me up from the sheets and finding my unused ass ready and dripping with excess cum.

As Zoraul fills my tight asshole, plunging in, Rawk finally takes his arm out of me, only to lean down and bite my inner thigh. He doesn’t break skin but he triggers nerves into firing. I don’t know if I’m cumming or not, but my body is straining so hard and Zoraul is keeping me still as he fucks my ass with an arm locked around my waist, while Rawk finally rises up to fill my trembling pussy with his waiting cock.

I think this will be it, while I’m screaming, they can pound me, and it’ll be a perfect way to go.

I don’t even care if I die anymore.

But Rawk is at his most evil tendency - and he’s looking at me with a sadistic intent.

Does he want to eat me whole?

I almost wouldn’t mind.

Rawk leans over as he starts to thrust slow and deep, while Zoraul fucks my ass slow but deep as well.

Maybe he’ll slap my tits, or bite my shoulder?

Rawk confuses me, however, as he encases my whole body with his, holding me between Zoraul and him as he silences my screams with a kiss.

A reward.

I almost lose my breath, and I’m panting into him.

We’ll be done when you cum a thousand times tonight, or every few minutes, Rawk’s drawl through my mind is true intent, If you think I’m joking, and if you insult me again, I’m going to have to spank your abused pussy, until it’s a swollen red, before we both fuck it apart. I doubt it’ll be useable again for weeks, it’ll punish all of us but you’ll learn to keep your tongue silent. You will be silent.

Love me, I ask it back naturally, almost whimpering through my mind, just love me.

Rawk swiftly twists my hair, pulls my head back taught with the chain and his red impatient eyes pierce mine.

“If I didn’t feel love you, you would’ve have been dead months ago,” Rawk is dead serious, “You’re a bane, but you’re my bane. Destined.”

“She’s our sweet venom,” Zoraul murmurs to Rawk, and into my ear.

“Exactly, well said. Say thank you, Minx,” Rawk’s broken fire leaks across my face, warm and comforting, despite his harsh and disciplinary tone.

The only problem now is the rough fucking has slowed too much... and my sense, seeps back into poison my mind.

“Thank you? Why. Thank you, my sweet twin slaves,” I flitter my eye lids at Rawk, as I explain, “Both slaves to this PUSSY!” I scream it and giggle, and end up choking on my own husky sore throat.

Rawk’s eyes flicker from red to golden, while Zoraul has snorted and is trying to keep in his own chuckle.

I go swiftly silent as Rawk keeps his cock lodged deep, while staring down into my wide and confused eyes, “I’m slave to nothing,” Rawk speaks with a monotone.

“Yes you are, to your Queen,” I whisper, winking slow and strange, “Me, Minx,” I had to clarify that..

“To your heart,” Rawk narrows his eyes, before he scowls, “That’s all you’ll ever hear about it, you little cunt.”

“I do have a little cunt!” I try to screech laughing, but Rawk abruptly pulls on the chain again until I’m wheezing. He lets go and he leans up, grabbing my hips and thrusting lazily, rolling his eyes to the ceiling and trying to remain stoic.

"I can’t really deny that statement,” Rawk blinks slow and then simply keeps my eyes on him, while Zoraul decides to slap a hand over my mouth while I’m briefly distracted.

The moment I’m silent, they share a common smirk - and then I’m back to being pounded to dust.


This is the best.

“Easy. We’ll have a baby in you and you’ll be a slow fat cow in no time,” Rawk has to joke, still butthurt about being called a slave, but I also know he only says it to get me riled up.

It does fucking infuriate me.

How dare he?

You fucking liar! I scream through their minds, Give me a baby! I want a second Snoot Snoot!

I’m being dead fucking series!

"Hmmm,” Rawk rumbles, glances at Zoraul and pretends to consider it, before looking back to me with his answer, ”No fucking way.”

“You’d be a terrible mother,” Zoraul teases.

“More screaming, less...” Rawk waves his hand over my body, indicating all of me, “We’ll fuck you until we’re satiated, and then maybe we’ll talk about a family. I’m not sharing my time with anyone but you, ugly beast, for at least a long eternity.”

“I’m beautiful ugly,” I whisper past Zoraul’s fingers, while my face starts to screw up, as Rawk now lazily rubs his thumb over my clit directly.

Zoraul chokes me with his hand instead.

This time when I cum, my eyes roll right back and my thoughts really do cease.

You see, it’s a simple life as a terrific little War Lord!

I just want them to fuck me!

And I want to fuck them.

And eventually kill them.

One day.

When they start to bore me, of course.

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