Dragon's Pet

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Chapter 4

It was time for me to face my destiny. However, I was determined to hold the reigns while it happened.

Rawk stands back, gazing upon me after I’ve offered my suggestion. Zoraul growls in approval from the other side of the cage and as I turn to him, his forehead is against the bars as he looks down at me like I’m a beloved pet.

“She wants to see us naked,” Zoraul murmurs, “...I’m curious, Minx... how many men have you had in your short lifetime?”

“I have slaughtered many,” I proclaim, raising my chin while I faze Zoraul, gazing over his formidable size. The more I assess he’s stature and Rawk’s stature, the more I start to believe they are truely identical, besides the hair colour and obvious rivalry.

“He wasn’t talking about slaughter, silly beast,” Rawk approaches the cage also as I turn back to see him holding his hand through the cage.

“If he does not mean slaughter what could he mean?” I ask, completely daft because my mind is mostly focused on technique in how to kill others. My Breed was a warrior. I was a warrior, “...and do not call me a beast.”

Rawk slowly smirks, scoffing as he holds his hand out some more. Eventually, he also leans his forehead and his scar against the bars while gazing over me, “Your aura is always white. Do you know why?” Rawk asks me.

“I have heard this before - I have been told it is a dangerous thing,” I proclaim, proudly.

“It’s dangerous for you,” Rawk points to me while his hand is still outstretched towards me in the cage, like he expects me to come inspect it... perhaps to sniff it.

“How so?” I ask, wondering if I should sniff his hand while I see movement at the corner of my eye, as Zoraul slowly stalks the perimeter of the cage... coming closer to his brother.

“White...” Zoraul speaks before Rawk can, which means Rawk is immediately not happy with the takeover of the conversation.

“...honesty,” they both snarl it in unison while glaring at one another.

“Another step closer and I will take you down, brother,” Rawk warns Zoraul not to approach further and Zoraul just laughs in his face, but he stops to the left of me.

“Honesty?” I ask, turning to Rawk.

“You are incapable of lying,” Rawk explains, “Ever.”

“I have lied plenty,” I snap, “How can you tell-”

“Don’t believe me, little beast... but you can never lie to me... your white aura is tinged with purple. You’re excited for this date and the prospect of romance,” Rawk’s smooth statements and stern expression are somewhat comforting. I decide I like his confidence, “Take my hand, Minx,” Rawk’s mouth lifts in a little smile, curling as my thoughts of him turn to the positive, “Let me show you a special trick.”

“I do not trust you,” I answer slowly.

“You shouldn’t,” Zoraul goads me against his twin and Rawk’s cheek twitches but he contains himself.

“Do you want to get out of that cage?” Rawk asks, “You can see me naked - I have no qualms about that, I assure you... since you will also be in the same state of nature.”

“My brother thinks he is a poet,” Zoraul laughs to himself.

“I wish to be out of this cage,” I glance at Zoraul and then quickly approach Rawk, reaching out and placing my smaller hand in his gigantic one. Rawk grasps my hand back tightly.

I feel my brand on my lower back warm with heat at our contact. Then, an unexpected and raw power from Rawk seems to flow from his hand into my skin. It feels incredible and all encompassing.

While the shift in my soul seems to be light... it is actually massive as my vision changes... and my feet are now wet.

I gasp as Rawk let’s me go and I spin around, looking at blue stones, a cavern and steam rising from the water.

“No need for a bath in your cage when we have hot springs here...” Rawk speaks to me as I slowly look around at this amazing place, my Fire-Spitter senses happy with my surroundings. I felt safe here. As I turn back to face and question Rawk about his insane power, my eyes widen when I see... his clothes are now gone, “Minxy?” he asks, raising a brow, “Are you happy now?”

I stumble back into the water, my leather pants drenched as I dramatically slip and fall into the natural pool. As I come up for air, I’ve manoeuvred around to face the other way so my back is to him. I gulp as I swim forward...

Wow... Rawk was intimidating up close.

I had been faced with perfect muscle tone and a giant body, at least four times my size. Maybe that was a bit of an overstatement... but I certainly felt miniature now.

Maybe I wasn’t so ready to see them naked as I had once thought. Maybe I had been wrong about what I wanted and -

“Being shy is normal,” Rawk says from behind me as I hear him take a step into the water, “Since this is a date, you may ask whatever questions you like. I will allow it.”

I purse my lips and furrow my brows as I reach the end of the natural pool. It was like a big spa bath, just big enough for a party of five. As I turn around and sit on a natural seat in the water, I decide to keep my clothes on... and I decide the size of the bath isn’t big enough as I face my mate.

To calm me, Rawk is now neck deep and he keeps to his side of the pool while his scared face and golden eyes do not break from my position.

He was totally focused upon my presence and he wasn’t going to allow me to escape.

I could tell from the stern golden gaze that he was aware of my intentions to run eventually.

He would be weary.

“You stole me away. I wanted Zoraul to be here,” I murmur.

“He will not find this place,” Rawk explains, arrogantly while clearly so proud of his trick, “I will not agree to share you with him.”

“You used to be joined at the hip, from my memory. Why do you hate one another now?” I ask.

“Fights over you,” Rawk explains, honestly as he slowly tilts his head, “I wanted to reel you in sooner. Zoraul wanted to give you time but he wanted to tame you differently. We discussed at great length how to tame you eventually... little beast... because you are not a regular mate. You are a powerful little demoness, we’ve studied your ways. Violent. Cruel. Like a pest to most. Often contradictorily kind if you like your company... which you often kill, especially when they displease you,” I open my mouth to respond but I close it multiple times. I want to refute him but most of what he was saying was correct. I was just unhappy about the beast and pet comments, “Therefore I believe you will need far harsher training.”

“You speak of me like I am a dog or a horse,” I murmur, my venom already strengthening in potency.

"I speak of you like you are a formidable foe. To mortal, mage or Dragon...” Rawk has snarled at me unexpectedly and my eyes widen as I focus upon his rage. He was not happy. Perhaps he was aggressive because he needed to eat. It is the only way I can reconcile his sudden fury - I was often the same when I was hungry, “You are formidable," he repeats, a little more quietly, “But not to me. You can’t beat me.”

“You should try chewing on jerky, it will calm your hungry temper. I have one too, you should trust my advice on this,” I respond with complete honesty and I see Rawk look taken aback as he pauses, before raising a slow brow.

“I am not hungry,” Rawk states, his eyes not leaving my face as I slowly place an arm on either side of the rock behind me.

“Well then,” I try to think, “If you are not hungry than you must be tired.”

“You are clearly still nothing but a child. You do not understand my simple anger,” Rawk mocks me, leaning back against his side of the pool with natural arrogance.

I thought it had been attractive but in this moment it simply infuriates me.

“Let us continue this chat,” I snarl out my frustration, “What do you mean by tame or train? Because I will have no master, I refuse.”

Rawk’s silence is heavy and intimidating.

As I sit in the hot water, I just wait.

“I don’t believe we have much in common,” Rawk answers eventually, “I will see that we meet a middle ground.”

“Compromise and meat are always favoured in my eyes,” I respond, quickly, “This was an interesting date, I would like it to end now so I may think. I would also like to check on Snoot-Snoot... sorry, Bezzle... and I would like to sleep on that bed. You may sleep in the cage. Like a gentleman should.”

“Careful, Minx,” Rawk’s eyes harden, “One thing I don’t like is a smart tongue. Honesty is all I need.”

“I do not wish to continue our chat as I just proclaimed the date is over," as I snarl this, Rawk stands up to his full height.

I watch the water gush down over his body as he now looks down upon me.

I also stand, to match him, even though my head surely only reaches his mid torso.

“You will refrain from commanding me, mouse,” Rawk snaps the word, “You are a child that needs to be taught respect under my hand. You will obey.”

“I will bathe in your blood before I submit to you or your brother,” I answer, quietly, “If you try to touch me - I will bite... I will tear you apart. Piece. By. Piece. I will make an artwork of your death and sing a song about your downfall.”

Rawk smiles at this, clearly amused when that was not my intention at all.

“You remind me of when you were prancing about like a tiny cat trying to scare the mountain lions that had trapped you in the snow... arching your back, lowering your snout...” as Rawk speaks this he slowly closes the distance, “....thrashing your tail...” I stand my ground in the natural pool, the water at my breasts as Rawk stops inches from me. I’m entranced by the intent in his eyes as he slowly leans down. I also, slowly raise my head... unsure of his intentions.

If he kissed me, I’d perhaps indulge for a spare moment in time to simply feel what it was like to kiss another.

However, I certainly don’t expect Rawk to raise his hand to cover my small neck. His thumb slides across my carotid artery, precisely feeling my pulse before he forces his thumb under my chin so I’m looking up all the way into his eyes, not just half heartedly.

“Do. Not. Forget. What Breed I am," as Rawk warns me quietly, I feel the force of his meaning, I do not just hear it.

His golden piercing eyes, his black jagged scar... his lip curled back, showing sharper than normal teeth and a hot, flaming breath.

It wasn’t often you had encounters with Twin Leading Breeds, but when you did - you knew their power.

Like me, he commanded respect. It was in his nature and pheromones.

I had not come into contact with a Twin Leading Breed in years.

Now, I was quickly reminded of the difference between a regular Dragon and his Breed. According to the Sky Gods and our ancient beliefs, his power was on the same level as a Sprite. However... so was mine. It meant we were well matched... the only issue was his size compared to mine.

Also, his strength compared to mine.

Rawk would outmatch me in these areas... he was making a point of it now by belittling me, holding my neck and staring down at me like I’m a little pipsqueak.

I sure as hell felt like one too, but only for about a total of three seconds.

For three seconds, I bask in his power and his glory.

After that, the blood rushes to my head, my heart beats faster and I know he feels my rising violent intentions.

As I try to strike in to bite his arm with a sudden attack, his hand simply holds my neck and therefore my head back... but not before I smile and jam my fist through the water... right between his legs.

Just as Rawk thinks he has the control, I turn the tables.

“Tempest scum... you still have weak balls,” I chuckle as Rawk bends forward in pain and I dare to press my lips to his ear, “I know what Breed you are... and you’ve met your match.”

I step back and I mist before he can touch me.

However, I do not run.

In fact, I mist until I reach the chamber I was once in.

It is empty as I look around. The cage is still here but Zoraul is gone.

I know Rawk will think I have attempted to escape, but the time was not right.

I wanted to have some fun first.

But before that, I was claiming my new territory.

Now, I needed sleep, so I head towards the bed, where I see Snoot-Snoot’s yellow head resting out of a random hole in the pillow she already tore to shreds. While Snoot-Snoot rests her yellow head, she blinks open one eye... growling in a warning... until she sees that it’s just me.

“Sleep,” I command her as I strip from my leather clothes.

The moment I am naked, I pull back the covers on Rawk’s bed and I slip inside the covers, grabbing a fresh pillow, unharmed. I rest my head on the material and I watch Snoot-Snoot close her eyes and breathe out a big smokey exhale as she relaxes once more.

“It’s okay, Bezzle,” I speak, quietly, “Tomorrow... we will wreck havoc. Just you wait. We will have a tremendous amount of fun.”

I lean over and place a kiss on her tiny head before collapsing against my own pillow.

I close my eyes.

Feeling completely at ease - I fall right asleep.

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